How To Get Millions Of Traffic From Google [New Research]

Update: The post was written on 2015 and not updated to 2018, please navigate to other contents at bloggingIO

Web Traffic.

That too millions of traffic from Google and its related products.

Who dislikes this?

That's what this post about. You are going to learn How to fetch millions of traffic from Google and its products. Have a cup of coffee and get ready to store knowledge on getting traffic from Google.

Often  I see some queries like

How to get traffic from Google ?

how to increase website traffic through Google?

How to get millions of traffic from Google?..etc.

This post is truly a Flagship post which I wrote back in 2014 and was the top post of the year. Today, I have updated the post for 2017 and beyond.

Getting millions of traffic from Google products alone. It's not just a statement and if you could dream it, you can do it.

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Yoast SEO Guide – Best Yoast SEO Settings Tutorial

Here comes the most advanced guide to Best Yoast SEO Guide for WordPress SEO.

Since SEO is the heart of any blog, I have taken extra care to write up this blog post to get maximum benefits from the Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO plugin ( Get list of 27 Plugins I use for my site) was used in more than 50% of WordPress sites over the world, and it's important for new bloggers as well as experienced bloggers to use Yoast WordPress Plugin in a proper way so that you can get

  • Increased CTR
  • Perfect on-page SEO
  • More affiliate sales
  • Increased blog traffic.

I have used Yoast SEO plugin for more than two years and based on it I have written these guide keeping affiliate marketers in my mind.

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