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How to Setup Passwordless Auth. in WordPress?

Not sure how to setup passwordless authentication in WordPress? I know, we all suffer from password fatigue! One way to streamline your creation is to enable passwordless authentication. 

It’s a feature that requires no input from users and replaces the traditional password fields with username and token snippets. This article will take you through the steps required for installing, configuring, and enabling this functionality on your WordPress site. 

Here, we’ll discuss a plugin named “Passwordless WP“, which is one of the best yet secured WordPress plugins for creating passwordless authentication on your website. This plugin is developed by Ilya Zolotov from the WP Busters team.

So let's get started…

How “Passwordless WP” Plugin Works?

As “Passwordless WP” is a WordPress plugin for passwordless authentication on websites, it requires a valid SSL certificate (HTTPS) on the website to work. Make sure your WordPress hosting is offering a free SSL to get started. But when you use this plugin in a local environment, you can use it without any SSL.

Not limited to this, the plugin also requires PHP version 7.2 or above. Alongside, the plugin is compatible with every WordPress version and seamlessly integrates with them.

💡 Keep Remember

  • Before activating passwordless authentication on your WordPress website, I recommend you moving from HTTP to HTTPS and change your website URL in Webmaster and Analytics for SEO purposes.
  • Once it is done, make sure you’re on PHP 7.2 or above else, you might face syntax error issues on your website or maybe it will be down completely.
  • Lastly, take a complete backup of your website using Updraft or AIO migration plugins. It will help you to move back if you messed with something.

How to Set up Passwordless Login in WordPress

It's easy to setup passwordless authentication on your WP website. Here I'm sharing the full step-by-step guide, which helps in setting up passwordless authentication for you.

First of all, you've to login to your WP-admin and then go to the “Plugins > Add New” plugin page. Here you've to search for the “Passwordless WP” plugin.

How to Setup Passwordless Auth. in WordPress? 1

Once the WP shows the “Passwordless WP” plugin, click on the “Install Now” button and then “Activate Plugin“. 

How to Setup Passwordless Auth. in WordPress? 2

Once the plugin is activated on your website, go to “Plugins > All Plugins” and then scroll down to “Passwordless WP” plugin options. Here you'll find an option to “Add Credentials“, click on it.

How to Setup Passwordless Auth. in WordPress? 3

Now, you'll be redirected to the authentication page where you've to register your authentication token. Click on the “Register Token” showing in the blue-colored button.

How to Setup Passwordless Auth. in WordPress? 4

Depending upon the device and browser you're using, it will show you various ways to enable passwordless authentication. As I'm using Google Chrome on my MacBook, it shows me the method to setup passwordless authentication using Face ID.

Now verify your authentication method using the methods you've. Once you're successfully verified, it will display a success message named “Passwordless credentials added“. Now go back to your website and next time whenever you try to login to your website, you can login using your FaceID, PIN, or any other method you've setup in the above step.

Frequently Asked Question 

Still have doubts? Here I'm sharing a few methods which may help you.

Q: Is “Passwordless WP” Plugin Safe to Use?

Yes, “Passwordless WP” is one of the best ways to setup passwordless authentication on your website. It is safe, secure and reliable to use and uses HTTP over a secure layer for security.

Q: How Many Authentication Can be Setup Using Passwordless WP?

You can setup as many authentication you want in your account and for unlimited users. It's really easy to use and to setup authentication, you've to go to Users > Profile > Passwordless Login Credentials, and click on “Register New Token“.


Passwords are one of the most important things for every website. It is the main strength in the security layer of WordPress, which helps you to login using different types of methods. The best way to avoid passwords is by using the “Passwordless WP” plugin. This plugin allows you to setup authentication without any trouble and helps you with a secure login on your website.

So, we've discussed the methods to setup passwordless authentication on your WordPress blog using a free plugin named “Passwordless WP”. 

I hope you like this article. If you do, please share your views and suggestions in the comment section below. We'll be happy to help you out.

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