7 Best PayHip Alternatives (Free + Premium) 2022 – Which is the Right Tool For You?

PayHip has become a handy solution for many eCommerce and WooCommerce needs. But, not for all and all the time.

If you are looking for PayHip Alternatives, you are at the right place. This post lists the best alternatives to PayHip based on pricing, features, and more.

The Best PayHip Alternatives Are

1. ThriveCart

In my opinion, I would recommend ThriveCart as one of the most popular alternatives for Payhip. An eCommerce checkout platform urges your customer to complete the payment process by providing a high checkout template.


How is ThriveCart a good PayHip alternative?

ThriveCart offers its members various high-end services that will drastically improve their sales and increase the authenticity of their website. 

  • You can create coupons through ThriveCart in both percentages and fixed prices which are missing in PayHip. It allows you to add upsells and downsells that will increase the revenue of your online store. 

These are additional product suggestions that are higher-priced and lower-priced, respectively, value the main purchase. It appears as a pop-up mostly after the customer buys a product. 

  • Another great thing that you can provide your customers while using ThriveCart is bump offers. These are mainly special add-ons that you can add with a customer's chosen product that appears during checkout. 
  • ThriveCart is also accessible through mobile, which makes it efficient to check updates. The platform has integrated with various premium applications to help you in running your online store efficiently.
  • Moreover, ThriveCart offers a shopping cart that also helps in boosting revenue. These are embeddable carts that you can add to any of your websites. 
  • The services of ThriveCart are available 24×7 with the best customer support. You can also enable your custom domain here, which you cannot do while using PayHip.
  • Furthermore, as the ThriveCart team focuses on giving high-quality service to its users, they optimize the platform constantly as per the latest global trends. The experts update the eCommerce tools on it regularly. 


ThriveCart offers a one-time payment plan of $495, which will give lifetime access to all its services with no transaction fees. It may sound costlier than PayHip, but it is way cheaper than any other platform available in the long run.

ThriveCart is one of the best and cost-effective PayHip alternatives; so, you would not regret choosing this platform.

2. Podia

Podia, the next budget-friendly Payhip alternative, strikes our mind. It is an online platform that helps sell online courses, Digital products, Memberships, and Webinars. You can also create your website through Podia without paying anything extra to the platform.


How is Podia a good PayHip alternative?

  • Through Podia, you can create your email list and sell your offers, newsletters, drip campaign notifications through the in-built feature of email marketing in Podia.
  • If you are selling online courses, you can batch your course through Drip content and include monthly installments in your payment plan. 
  • Podia allows you to pre-sell orders and create coupons code in both amount and percentage, hence making its way to the list of PayHip Alternative.
  • It helps you increase your sales by creating an effective lead magnet, upsells, Bundle product, and you can also set your custom domain through this platform. 
  • Using your customer URL, you can create your personalized website and customize it as per your interest. You can easily add pages for the contact information, about page, the home page, and more. Plus, you can add icons, images, fonts, logos, etc., and control the overall layout easily.  
  • This platform partners with applications like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, etc.; you can connect to these integrations for optimized website performance. 
  • Moreover, there are 11 languages to choose from on this platform, and sellers can use 22 currencies. 
  • Under the memberships, users can set community discussions to give their input in the comments. There are many membership plans that you can create and then include specific prices, perks, and content into them. 
  • Next, Podia allows its users the chance to track the performance of their email marketing. This involves analyzing important metrics like click rates, open rates, and unsubscribe rates of the sent emails.


Podia offers you 2 paid plans:

  • Mover: $39 per month
  • Shaker: $79 per month

It charges no transaction fee, but you have to pay the payment gateway fee of 2.9% + 30 ¢.

3. Sellfy

The next all-in-one PayHip Alternative is Sellfy. It has been running beyond years as a perfect Payhip alternative, helping you sell your products (Digital and Physical) and subscription online.


You can also create your personalized store through Sellfy by adding your logo, choosing your customized color pallet, and the layout you want for your store. The store made through Sellfy can run on mobile devices as well.

How is Sellfy a good PayHip alternative?

  • You can sell your product through social media platforms like Youtube, Wix, WordPress, and Facebook. Sellfy allows you to add a customized “BUY NOW” tag on the product so that you can sell it through any medium.
  • Moreover, you can sell different products on your personalized store while using this eCommerce platform, like physical products and digital products. As for the subscription products, users can set particular periods to get their bills, like monthly, annual, or daily basis. 
  • Sellfy helps you market your product by applying discount codes (both in percentage and amount), creating your email lists, upselling your product, and creating your online store on Facebook and Twitter.
  • The analytics feature of Sellfy is highly effective as well; it allows the users to see which channels are getting the highest customer traffic. If you have more than one website on this platform, you can easily track which customers like more and which products most are viewing or buying. 
  • Sellers can contact their customers directly using the Facebook Live Chat widget that Sellfy allows them to add. Furthermore, users can embed products or eCommerce tools like buttons on their websites. The transaction feature is very secure as well, which both the sellers and buyers can appreciate. 
  • Sellfy can be accessed both on mobile and PC, and also it offers custom domains to its customer, making it to the list of PayHip alternatives.


Sellfy offers 3 paid plans:

  • Starter: $19 per month

(For sellers making $10k per year or less)

  • Business: $39/month

(For sellers making $39k per year)

  • Premium: $89 per month

(For sellers making $200k per year or more)

The platform charges no transaction fees, but the customer has to pay the Payment Gateway fees of (2.9% + 30¢) monthly based on your payment gateway selection.

4. SamCart

SamCart, a perfect Payhip alternative, is a drag-and-drop checkout platform that helps seamless process your buyer's payment. You can sell all kinds of products in SamCart, including all Physical, Digital Products, and Services.

samcart black friday

How is SamCart a good PayHip alternative?

  • SamCart offers bump offers, upsells, and downsells to maximize your sales. You can also perform A/B Testing to choose which combination of options works best for your online store. 
  • You can add its ‘one-touch’ payment feature for the customers to quickly buy your products, using the integrated digital wallets of Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. You can also sell subscriptions, and SamCart will take care of your store's timely payment through its Dunning features. 
  • The platform also lets you manage affiliates for your store so that you reward the people who have genuinely contributed to your store's revenue. You can handle your customers from many parts of the world using SamCart to support multiple currencies and languages. 
  • Sellers can easily customize their websites on this website, using features like the Drag and Drop builder. Those without a lot of technical knowledge can easily operate it to customize their pages. 
  • You can follow up with the people who have left the cart without paying for the products still in them by sending automated messages. It also handles your VAT for the proper maintenance of your tax. 
  • SamCart has integrated with many applications to give you the best from the market and help you increase your sales. This platform is beneficial for your customers as well due to its effective customer portal feature. 

Using this, they can handle your subscription to your service independently.

  • SamCart’s platform is also a mobile-friendly platform, offers coupon codes (both in percentage and fixed amount), and gives access to a custom domain; that’s why it is listed as one of the PayHip alternatives.


It offers you 3 paid plans:

  • Launch: $49 per month
  • Grow: $99 per month
  • Scale: $199 per month

SamCart charges you with no transaction fees, and a 14-day trial period is there to let you find out if you really want to switch PayHip.

5. Sendowl

As one of the PayHip alternatives, Sendowl is the cheapest among all, and if you have a constraining budget, you can go with Sendowl. Also, it charges no transaction fees from its customers. It offers you a response checkout for higher conversion for your online store and reduces cart abandonment.


How is Sendowl a good PayHip alternative?

  • Sendowl manages your online store and helps you maximize your sale through upsells, discounts, and coupon codes (both fixed price and percentage). It also provides an on-site checkout to increase the authentication of your product.
  • The interface of this platform and specifically the checkout page is straightforward to use and modernized. The elements on the checkout page have very to-the-point functions, and they integrate well with mobile devices as well. 
  • Sellers can use any mode on this platform to sell their products, like through their website, blog, social media page, etc. Plus, they can offer many payment mode options to their customers as well. They can pay with their credit cards, ApplePay, Bitcoin, or PayPal. 
  • Sendowl supports multiple languages on the checkout page so that the users can choose their native language. Thereafter, they can understand the data they see, like the terms and conditions, tax rate, offers, product information, etc. 

This would make many customers prefer your service over others in the market who only have one-language support. As a result, you would get more conversions and loyal customers. 

  • The platform allows you to sell subscriptions and release your course or product according to your schedule. Multiple people can use your Sendowl account, but you can limit the access of those people. It also handles VAT for your store, making it convenient to pay taxes.


Sendowl offers you 4 plans:

  • Basic: $9 per month
  • Standard: $15 per month
  • Premium: $24 per month
  • Business: $39 per month

6. Selz

The next on my list is Selz, the next affordable PayHip Alternative. It is an online platform that helps sell products through your eCommerce store, existing website, social networks, and marketplaces like google sharing.


How is Selz a good PayHip alternative?

  • Selz allows you to create a customized online store from the free themes provided in the dashboard. You can market your store through pay-per-click advertising campaigning, SEO optimization tools, promotions, and discount codes, all managed by Selz. 
  • While using the Selz dashboard, users can run targeted marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google. This grabs the attention of more people and can improve customer traffic on their online stores. You, as a seller, can set budgets daily and also get real-time insights on your campaigns.
  • It also helps you in managing your inventory and taking care of the timely delivery of the products. The platforms also handle the invoices and taxes of your store. 
  • Sellers using Selz can sell through multiple channels while operating mainly through the Selz dashboard. You can directly advertise your products on the Google Shopping marketplace while operating the dashboard. 
  • Similarly, you can integrate your store with the shopping feature on Facebook, and your products would appear on the Facebook Shop page thereafter. This would bring you a bigger audience, out of whom some would end up visiting your website or buying your products. 
  • As for hosting your blog or website on this platform, you can customize it with eCommerce tools to improve sales. Indeed, Selz allows its users to add a shopping cart, products, or on-page checkout directly to their websites. 
  • It is on this list of PayHip alternatives because Selz is mobile-friendly. You can offer coupons (both percentage and fixed price) and also set up your custom domain.

If you are too busy to handle your online store, you can appoint experts by choosing their premium plans.


Selz offers its customers 4 paid plans:

  • Basic: $26 per month
  • Standard: $53 per month
  • Advanced: $179 per month
  • Do it for me: $599 per month

It charges no transaction fees if the payment is made through Selz pay, but a transaction fee of 0.5-2% is set when the payment is made.

7. PayKickStart

The next Premium Payhip alternative is PayKickStart. It is an effective online platform that helps you sell your products and services by seamlessly processing the payment through PayKickStart.


How is PayKickStart a good PayHip alternative?

PayKickStart offers various effective and efficient methods to increase your store's revenue. 

  • It includes features like 1-click upsell, various customized checkout pages, order bumps, coupon codes (both fixed price and percentage), multiple integrations, etc., which makes it a great PayHip Alternative
  • PayKickStart offers an advanced affiliate system to manage your affiliates by giving instant commission, custom commission, 2-tier affiliate program, etc. Plus, the contest affiliate management is another commendable element of the affiliate system on this platform. 
  • Under this platform, the users can add a real-time widget on their website or affiliate pages that shows which affiliate brings the highest revenue and sales. This prompts other affiliates to work harder since the first ranker would earn the best incentives.
  • PayKickStart has integrated with various applications from payment to membership and subscriptions so that you can run your business on this reliable platform.
  • This platform integrates well with mobile devices and desktops and includes features like vendor notification and statistics, affiliate approval/request, etc. 
  • Another effective feature that PayKickStart allows its users is the in-app dunning notifications. Sellers can use the In-App Notification widget to send such important purchase-related information to the customers through their sites.  
  • PayKickStart has a robust analytics feature that allows users to get reports on different aspects of the operation. They can track the funnel-related metrics like earnings per click, conversion rate, etc., and notice subscription-related data like churns, monthly recurring revenue, etc. 

Furthermore, the users would get reports on how the affiliate programs are working, sales reports, and customer traffic data.  


You can join any of the 4 plans mentioned below:

  • Starter: $99 per month 

(If your total revenue is up to 10k per year)

  • Growth: $199 per month

(If your total revenue is up to $50k per year)

  • Scale: $299 per month

(If your total revenue is up to $200k per year)

  • Custom-If you earn more than $200k, then you can talk to them and get your custom pricing.

What is PayHip?

PayHip was launched in 2011 by Abs Farah and Kahin Farah to provide a source to sell Digital Products or Memberships. They have helped over 1.3 Lakhs sellers to launch their products and make sales online.

7 Best PayHip Alternatives (Free + Premium) 2022 - Which is the Right Tool For You? 1

Even though they have some impressive features and pricing, there are still many things for which PayHip might not be the ideal solution for businesses. This is the place where the aforementioned PayHip alternatives play.

Why are people looking for PayHip Alternatives?

  • The coupon is offered only in percentage
  • No mobile app available
  • It is pricier for a large scale seller
  • Cannot adjust your site according to your time zone
  • Do not offer custom domain
  • Cannot sell pre-order

To rescue you from these problems, here is a list of PayHip alternatives you can choose from if you want to switch PayHip.

Which PayHip Alternative is Good For You?

In my view, I would suggest ThriveCart as the overall best PayHip Alternative. When looking for budget-friendly alternatives, you can choose SendOwl, Podia, and Sellfy.

Switching to any other platform depends upon the feature and services you are missing at PayHip. You can choose any PayHip alternatives mentioned above according to your business requirement and budget.