Payhip vs Gumroad: Which is Better for Your Online Store?

Payhip Vs Gumroad

This post Payhip Vs Gumroad compares both Payhip and Gumroad in terms of features, charges, and the other essential metrics.

When it comes to online store selling, it is imperative to look for websites that have enough features to support it, and at the same time, are an affordable option. 

Payhip and Gumroad are popular online selling sites, not as feature-rich as WooCommerce or Shopify but are free domains with basic features. Hence, they are useful to small businesses and start-ups who require immediate exposure.

Here, we will compare the two of them based on their features, pricing, customer support, and pros and cons, to help you choose the better one. 

Let’s start!

Payhip vs Gumroad: Overview


Payhip Home

If you are a startup company and need exposure but are short on capital, Payhip will sort it out for you. It is an online store-builder that lets you sell products almost for free. 

The features of Payhip fulfill the basic requirements that an online store-building website must have to get started. 

Payhip is a hosted website, so you need to be aware of certain limitations to customize your online store. 


Gumroad Home

Gumroad is a similar app where you can set up your website by creating an account. Here, you can sell digital products, videos, etc., and get them delivered through the app itself. 

You will even get the payments from your clients through this app itself. Just like Payhip, Gumroad also has potent features that will allow you to showcase your products online, get some traffic on your website, and then turn it into a fully-fledged business. Their features are great and that's the reason I rate Gumroad as the best Payhip alternatives to get started.

Since this is a hosted website as well, there are a few limitations too for customization. However, in case you purchase a plan, customization is available here. 

Payhip vs. Gumroad: Features

To better understand which platform you should choose to build your most profitable online business, let us look at the core features of both Payhip and Gumroad before. 

Payhip Features: 

  • Easy Selling Process: 

Operating the Payhip selling app is an extremely elementary process, from the setting up of your account right to selling the products. Setting up an account is as simple as opening an account anywhere. 

You need to fill up the details, sign up for the products you wish to sell, upload your payment procedure, and get started. You can post the link to your products on your social media account, so your followers can have easy access to them. 

You can even add a push button on your website that directly leads the customers to your products. Limited customizations are also available. 

Payhip’s integration with other channels is seamless and allows for more exposure. Once the client clears the payment to your product, they can download your online products and access them. 

  • Customization: 

Since Payhip is a hosted domain, the customizations available for this website are minimal. 

You can change the color and logo of your website, the background color of your storefront, and add a profile picture. You can also write a short bio on the storefront page to sell yourself and add media links on it for customers to access your products. 

Payhip vs Gumroad: Which is Better for Your Online Store? 1

However, if you want to get more flexible customization permission, you need to be experienced in CSS. 

Customize your email templates and the messages you send to your buyers after they have purchased the products. 

  • Memberships

Payhip as an online store builder lets you sell memberships, digital products, and physical products. With Payhip, you can link your products on your social media sites to be easily accessible to your customers. 

Payhip allows you to sell memberships, so if you are planning on setting up exclusive plans for all your members, it will provide you with proper customizations to do so. 

What’s better? 

You can even sell limited edition products just to your members to keep them as your loyal consumers. 

  • Discounts and Coupons: 

An effective method to increase sales and traffic on your website is to give out regular discounts and coupon codes. With Payhip, you can do this very easily. 

You can set your discount code either by percentage or by amount. You can even limit the number of uses of such coupon codes in case they are perpetual. It can be one-time coupons as well. 

  • Affiliate Compartment:

The affiliate compartment is essential for you to sell your products well through influencers who are followed by thousands. It is good exposure for your website. 

Choose the amount you want to hand out to your affiliates and manage the payments and product allocation accordingly. 

Gumroad Features: 

  • Easy Account Creation:  

Gumroad offers an easy account creation process whereby all you need to do is enter the necessary details and then start selling. 

The best part? 

You can create a Gumroad account with an existing email id and a new password. You can also create an account with your existing social media account and start operating your site through it. 

  • Customization: 

If you sign up for the free plan on Gumroad, unfortunately, you will not gain access to customizable features for your storefront. In the free plan, all you can customize is the color and logo, your background picture, your biodata, and your email logo.  

However, on purchasing the available plan, you can customize your domain with a little more flexibility. However, you cannot customize the entire thing because it is not a self-hosting website. 

  • Selling digital products

With the paid or unpaid plan, you can sell digital products, physical products, subscriptions, and also pre-orders (which is not available in Payhip) 

You can even rent videos for 72 hours to consumers, who will not be able to access them after 72 hours. In addition to this, while selling physical products, you are responsible for labeling, shipping, and delivering the items. 

You can also allow subscriptions with your account. 

  • Customer Library : 

In case the consumers coming across your products love them and want to save them so that they can purchase them later, they can do so with the customer library feature on Gumroad.

It allows your consumers to save their products and track the pricing details regularly. They can always come back later and purchase them. In case they don’t, it is your responsibility to send them reminders on their emails regarding the same.

  • Track Your Progress: 

The Analytics feature on Gumroad allows you to track the progress and business stats of your website effectively. 

Gumroad Reports

You can view the number of followers that have visited your account in the past month, or check the sales stats, etc. This feature successfully gives you a concrete idea of where your website stands in the business world. 

  • Automated Email Marketing: 

With the automated email marketing feature on Gumroad, you sent interesting emails to your customers to keep them satisfied with your products. In case they have purchased one of your products, you can send an email to them regarding a slash in the price for that commodity or give them the link to similar products that they might like. 

This is an important tool to gain loyal customers by giving them regular discounts and coupon codes and sending them regular yet interesting emails. 

Payhip vs Gumroad: Customer Support 

On Payhip, you can contact the support team through their email id. However, the support team is not very prompt at responding, so it might lead to delays. 

Gumroad does not offer any phone support. The only way you can contact them is through their email id. This may fall as a valid reason why many people prefer the other Gumroad alternatives.

Payhip vs. Gumroad: Pricing 

Payhip Pricing 

It comes with a three-tier payment plan which is a simple and sorting process. 

  • The first is the free Payhip plan, where you are charged 5% on every transaction. 
  • Second is the intermediate plan, where you have to pay $29 per month and are charged a 2% on every transaction. 
  • Finally, the Payhip pro plan charges $99 per month, and no transaction fee is charged. 

Additionally, you have to 3.5% + 0.30 per transaction. 

Gumroad Pricing 

The Gumroad pricing comes with two plans. 

  • The perpetual free plan will charge you 5% for every transaction.  
  • If you upgrade to the creator plan, you will be charged $10 per month if you have 1000 or fewer customers. 

However, if you have more than 50,000 customers, you will be charged $250 per month. Additionally, you have to 3.5% + 0.30 per transaction. 

As compared to the Gumroad pricing plan, the Payhip pricing plan is more straightforward and easy to manage. 

Payhip vs. Gumroad: Pros and Cons 

Payhip Pros 

  • Payhip offers copyright infringement protection on your website content. 
  • It is a free online store-building site that has standard features to get you started. 
  • It allows you to create affiliate programs to generate sales and imbibe traffic on your website. 
  • It allows for selling memberships. 

Payhip Cons  

  • It lacks several features which are necessary for an online store builder.
  • The support team at Payhip is a little slow when it comes to response.                     

Gumroad Pros 

  • Extensive discount codes are available. 
  • Multiple payment gateways for a user-friendly checkout experience. 
  • Free plan with great features to get started. 
  • The user interface is simple to use. 

Gumroad Cons 

  • Lacks upsells, drop shipping, and bumper cars. 
  • No A/B split testing. 
  • No Apple Payment process. 

Payhip vs. Gumroad: What’s better?

The question of who is the better player here solely depends on your requirements. 

If you are looking for customizable domains to set up your website, you should go with Gumroad, but it gets expensive as the number of customers increases. 

However, if you want a simple plan, go for Payhip even though it has limited features. 

So, think about your budget and how many features you will actually be using, and then choose the one that fulfills your requirements.