Perfmatters Black Friday Deals 2022

Perfmatters is a light WordPress performance plugin that can drastically speed up your site to improve conversions and reduce bounce rates.

I am sure you are here to know what Perfmatters stores for you on the upcoming PerfMatters Black Friday. In this post, I will explain everything that you need to know to make the most out of the PerfMatters Black Friday deal this year.

Stick to the post till the end and you will have excellent clarity on the topic.

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Perfmatters Black Friday 2022

If you are planning to buy a Perfmatters plan, there isn't a better time than buying one on this Perfmatters Black Friday. This Perfmatters Black Friday is going to be huge and before I get to the deal details, let me get you the overview of Perfmatters pricing.

Perfmatters is available in three pricing and the lowest plan starts at $24.95 per year. Here are the details of all the Perfmatters plans:

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  • Personal: $24.95 per year, 1 Site
  • Unlimited Sites: $124.95 per year, Unlimited sites
  • Business: 3 Sites, $54.95 per year

All three plans include 1-year premium support and updates plus a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Deal Details

The Perfmatters Black Friday 2022 gives you a golden chance to buy any Perfmatters plan at a 30% OFF. This is going to make the Perfmatters plans much cheaper and affordable. The offer is going live on November 16th, 2022, and will continue till December 1st, 2022.

How to claim the Perfmatters Black Friday Deal?

Now that you know the details of the Perfmatters Black Friday Deal, it's time to look at how you can claim the deal. To claim the deal, you can click on our exclusive offer link and get to the official offer page.

After you get there, you will need to select a suitable plan for yourself and hit the Buy It Now button. This will take you to the checkout page wherein you will need to enter a few important details and most importantly, don't forget to enter our Promo code, BLACKFRIDAY to grab the deal.

Once you enter the Promo code and it's applied, you are good to complete your payment process. That way, you can have an amazing WordPress performance plugin at a discounted price.

Perfmatters Features

A lot of you must be wondering as to what makes Perfmatters so special. The plugin comes with better and advanced features than other performance plugins. Here are some of its advanced features:

  • The plugin comes with quick-toggle options to control various activities that may affect the performance
  • The Script Manager is a handy feature that allows you to disable scripts on a per post/page basis
  • Perfmatters comes with a database optimization option
  • The plugin comes with lazy loading
  • The plugin allows you to change your WordPress login URL
  • CDN rewrite is another handy feature to integrate and configure your CDN
  • Perfmatters allows you to host Google Analytics locally
  • The plugin allows you to easily add code to the header, body, and footer
  • Preloading resources is a powerful feature to speed up the loading of scripts
  • Defer and delay JavaScript helps in eliminating render-blocking resources

Perfmatters Black Friday 2022 Summary

Perfmatters is an extremely powerful plugin that you can use to speed up your site. The Perfmatters Black Friday 2022 is offering you 30% OFF on all Perfmatters plans. The offer will be starting on November 16, 2022. Claiming the deal is pretty simple and I have also explained the steps in simple words.

You should now be fully ready for the deal. Our Promo code is BLACKFRIDAY. If you had speed issues with your site, buying a Perfmatters plan this Perfmatters Black Friday can create a huge difference in your site's performance. This is the right time to buy one as you can enjoy a huge discount.