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QuillBot Review 2023 – Is this The Best Article Rewriter?

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The QuillBot Review Is

What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is the best article rewriter device since it doesn't just replace your words with equivalents like different synonyms. AI is utilized to save the setting of your expressions while holding formal language and design.

QuillBot Review 2023 - Is this The Best Article Rewriter? 1

QuillBot is a minimal expense summarizing tool that utilizes extraordinary AI to reword any piece of material. The tool's main objective is to revamp input by altering the sentences and replacing words with equivalents with their content's significance to keep up with the first.

Rohit Gupta, Anil Jason, and David Silin, three software engineering understudies, sent off it in 2017. They've been continually adding new highlights and further developing the item's quality from that point forward.

QuillBot joins a rewording, summing up, and language structure registering tool with one good bundle.

QuillBot is used by 10 million individuals worldwide, including understudies, experts, and scholars, which might astound you.

QuillBot used to have five different substance quilling modes. However, they've since added two more and Summarizer highlights.

Highlights of QuillBot

QuillBot accompanies many features that make the creative cycle a breeze. 

  • Clean and Neat Editor: It gives you a perfect, clean workplace that any novice might use with no technical information.
  • Quillbot is an electronic application, and that implies you might get to it from any place whenever and complete your occupation helpfully.
  • Working Modes: There are seven unique working modes for quilling content that you can browse contingent upon your requirements. Remember that these modes are answerable for the nature of your work.
  • Expansions and additional items: It likewise has Google Chrome augmentations, Microsoft Word other items, and Google Docs additional items to assist you with your work.
  • Incredible Summarizing: This device will help you sum up any piece of text.
  • Word Flipper: You can change the number of equivalents filled in for terms in your turning material. You can do as such by changing the comparing slider.
  • Quillbot API: Quillbot has an API also. You might integrate its elements into your applications through its API.

What are the Different Modes Available in QuillBot?

QuillBot has seven different writing modes. Let's take a quick look at each of them:

Standard Mode: This is the most common setting. This option attempts to maintain the paraphrased information as natural-sounding as possible while preserving the text's context.

Fluency Mode: This mode focuses on keeping the paraphrased content grammatically correct while making the fewest alterations possible. The word flipper (also known as the synonym slider) is turned off when you utilize this option. You can, however, increase the number of synonyms at any time.

Formal Approach: This mode is best for paraphrasing academic or business content. It employs a formal vocabulary commonly used in corporate and educational settings.

Simple Mode: This mode was previously known as Creative Mode. This mode is similar to Fluency Mode in its current incarnation, except that the text's tone gets a little more creative.

This was the name for this mode. It's perfect for blogging or novel writing. This mode should not be used for formal papers.

How to Use QuillBot For Your Content Needs?

As the best article rewriter, Quillbot helps in satisfying all your content requirements. In that case, how you can use the QuillBot that helps in meeting your content requirements. Let us unveil that here. 

Quillbot For Website

The QuillBot website can be accessed from any web browser to help you improve your writing. All you have to do now is paste your content to begin paraphrasing the text once it's opened.

You can use it to summarize, paraphrase, alter words, learn about synonyms, and play around with QuillBot's different capabilities. QuillBot's website is incredibly convenient because it can be accessed from any device, including your phone or computer.

Because they are ignorant of other options, such as Text editor plugins, most users use the QuillBot Website.

QuillBot For Word

You can use QuillBot's Add-in in Microsoft Word to make using this software much more accessible.

If you're not sure how to do it in Word, just follow the steps below:

  • Start Microsoft Word on your computer.
  • Locate the “Insert” option on the top left, then pick “Add-ins” on the top right.
  • Select the “Office Store” button next.
  • QuillBot Add-in is now easily accessible by putting “Quillbot” into the search field.
  • You can download QuillBot Add-on.

QuillBot For Extension

Here are a few steps to get you started with the QuillBot browser extension if you're unsure how to use it.

  • Open your web browser on your computer.
  • To learn more, see the QuillBot website.
  • From the Primary menu, select Extensions > Google Chrome -> New Tab
  • A button that says “Add to Chrome” will appear. 
  • Confirm by clicking the Add extension button in the pop-up box that appears.
  • Once installed, you may immediately access this extension on your browser.
  • Simply click the QuillBot icon on the extension bar to enable the QuillBot sidebar once complete installation.

Quillbot for Docs Extension

QuillBot, a Google Docs plugin, includes an option to add it to Google Docs. Thus it could be helpful.

Steps to add QuillBot to your Google Docs:

  • Go to Google Chrome -> Extensions > Google Docs from the Primary menu.
  • Install it
  • You must be logged in to your Google account to use this extension.
  • “Allow” should be selected.
  • You can access QuillBot in your Google Docs now

QuillBot’s Summarizer Tool

The Summarizer, a QuillBot rapid text summary tool, helps you keep track of your reading list.

QuillBot Review 2023 - Is this The Best Article Rewriter? 2

Allow QuillBot's AI to sift through research papers, news articles, or extensive emails for critical points and a high-level overview of the topic.

The Summarizer Tool's interface or editor appears to be relatively similar to the Paraphraser Tool. However, there are several significant differences.

Let's take a closer look at the possibilities that have been highlighted:

1. You can get two modes available to choose from:

  • Key Sentences Mode
  • Paragraph Mode

The “Key Sentences Mode,” for example, extracts only the most important sentences from the text.

The “Paragraph Mode,” the second mode, summarises the entire text and presents it in the form of a paragraph.

2. Summary Length

You'll notice a slider here where you can set the length of the summary you desire.

3. Choose Keywords

This option is only available while you're in “Paragraph Mode.” You must select essential keywords from the content you want to summarise in this mode. QuillBot will then generate a summary based on the keywords you've chosen.

QuillBot Grammar Checking Tool

The QuillBot group continually adds new highlights to their platform, as I recently demonstrated. You'll be satisfied to find that the QuillBot Grammar Checking Tool is currently accessible for download for nothing. Like the QuillBot rework apparatus, you might use its linguistic checker without pursuing the product.

QuillBot Review 2023 - Is this The Best Article Rewriter? 3

The proofreader will start featuring any syntactic, accentuation, or spelling mistakes it distinguishes when you glue the text into it. The red lAs the outline underneath features the red line the issues as a whole. You can fix every one of them without a moment's delay by choosing the “Fix All Errors” choice.

QuillBot Co-Writer Tool

You can perform your internet research, take notes, and use AI-assisted autocompletes all in one place with the Co-Writer, so you never have to leave the page you're working on.

QuillBot Review 2023 - Is this The Best Article Rewriter? 4

Even though the Grammar Checker and other features are integrated into the Co-Writer, it is a stand-alone application. It can successfully write alongside you by generating sentences from what you've written and input. You can also use the Co-Writer interface to do an internet search for sources.

There's an Ideas tab that you can use for anything; after all, it's a blank slate. It's great for making notes and outlines, making bulleted lists, and scribbling information on post-it notes. The concept tab's sole aim is to give you a place to think and explore without having to leave the website.

QuillBot’s Citation Generator

Citation generators are tools that automatically mention external sources in another text to support an argument or concept. They allow authors to credit other authors and researchers if their work is used.

QuillBot Review 2023 - Is this The Best Article Rewriter? 5

Plagiarism occurs when sources cited in an essay or article are not properly credited or when the author attempts to pass off another's ideas as their own. Plagiarism can lead to failure, suspension, expulsion, or long-term legal consequences. Citation generators are beneficial.

QuillBot's Citation Generator follows the APA, MLA, and Chicago citation styles for print and web sources. For connected References, Works Cited, and Bibliography pages, in-text, and complete citations are generated.

QuillBot Customer Support

QuillBot provides varying levels of support to customers depending on the issue. The service is explained in detail on a Student Resources page, including videos and blog entries on using each feature.

Another option is to take a free online course that covers the fundamentals of academic writing.

There are also answers to frequently asked questions and information on managing user and premium accounts and troubleshooting issue messages.

A website contact form can also be used to make a request or ask a question. However, other users have reported that getting a response can take up to a minute.

QuillBot’s User Interface

QuillBot's UI is straightforward. Most of what you require is promptly accessible, so you will not need to sit around searching for it. This applies to every three essential instruments and the Citation work.

QuillBot Review 2023 - Is this The Best Article Rewriter? 6

Just glue or transfer your substance into the unfilled information area and press the green button.

QuillBot gives you a ton of command over the AI's way of behaving. You can likewise freeze individual words or expressions, notwithstanding the apparent modes and the Synonym bar.

QuillBot won't change things, citations, or other non-replaceable components of your text if you do this. Albeit this is a paid assistance, free records can freeze a single word.

To utilize the capacity click the snow symbol to raise the point of interaction. Then press enters to embed the word or expression you need to freeze.

You can likewise choose the Freeze button that shows up over the featured word or expression in the text.

A Hotkeys button is one more UI choice for the people who incline toward console-accessible routes. At the point when you click the button, a rundown of alternate ways for chipping away at the stage shows up.

All changes are likewise variety-coded in the result field. This simplifies it to recognize and address blunders in the text if fundamental.

QuillBot Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

QuillBot, unlike other premium software, is affordably priced and available to everybody.

QuillBot Review 2023 - Is this The Best Article Rewriter? 7

It provides a choice of payment alternatives to meet all customers' demands. Whether you want to use QuillBot for a month or a year, it has a subscription option for you.

Highlights of  Quillbot's paid plans

  • For $9.95 per month, you can get a monthly package.
  • Semi-annual billing is $39.95 every six months.
  • You will be charged $49.95 per year if you choose the yearly plan.

Even while the Free plan will suffice for most of us, the Premium plans' features are well worth the money.

Highlights of premium features:

  • Max 25000 characters for Summarizer and 10000 for paragraph
  • 15 Sentences are evaluated at once, with four alternatives for synonyms.
  • Seven different types of writing modes
  • Unlimited Freeze Phrases and words
  • Modes to Compare (only on Desktop)
  • See the most extended terms that haven't changed.
  • Extensions for Google Chrome and Docs

QuillBot’s money-back guarantee for three days is a boom. You can refund your money whenever you wish to get relieved from its premium services.


Billing Pause: If you don't need QuillBot for a while but want to keep your membership, you can pause billing when you aren't using the tool. This is a one-of-a-kind feature that you won't find in any other tool. 

Benefits of Using QuillBot (Pricing)

Benefits of the QuillBot Free Version

You may either layout a free account or use QuillBot without signing in by opening it in your program.

QuillBot Review 2023 - Is this The Best Article Rewriter? 8

QuillBot isn't one of those apparatuses that give you nothing free of charge. In truth, your free record permits you to achieve an incredible arrangement.

Three modes are allowed to use out of the seven accessible.

You likewise approach the accompanying:

Three unique equivalent designs

In one go, you can summarize up to 700 characters.

Augmentations with up to 5000 characters of the outline are allowed to utilize.

Benefits of QuillBot Premium

There are expenses related to premium records. The estimating for premium records has proactively been shrouded here.

QuillBot Review 2023 - Is this The Best Article Rewriter? 9

Each of the seven rewording modes is accessible for nothing.

Coming up next are extra advantages that are solely accessible to premium individuals:

  • In one go, you can reword up to 10,000 characters.
  • A sum of 25,000 characters can be summed up simultaneously.
  • With a superior record, you might utilize the imaginative also, abbreviate, grow, and formal modes.
  • The paid variant is quicker than the free form.
  • It has a correlation mode joined to it.
  • Different attributes incorporate Freeze words and the longest words that have stayed unaltered.

Pros of Quillbot

  • The interface is simple and straightforward to use. Because all tools are fairly comparable and intuitive, you won't have to waste time figuring out how to use them. Furthermore, it is free of advertisements and pop-ups, making your workstation fully distraction-free.
  • Tools that are available for free. Although some capabilities are only available to premium customers, QuillBot offers all users a wide range of tools.
  • Research statistics and a citation generator are two very cool features.
  • I'm open to suggestions. At all times, QuillBot has a comment symbol visible. You can click it to send them feedback or enter their Discord channel to speak.

Cons of QuillBot

  • There isn't a dashboard to be found. When you select “Home,” you will be sent to the Parameters tool. This also means that unless you use the Co-Writer, you won't be able to work on many projects simultaneously.
  • There is no variety in terms of language. The tool strongly emphasizes assisting pupils, but it is only valuable for those who can communicate in English.


QuillBot is a fantastic AI writing tool with enough capabilities to appeal to many users, including students, content writers, community managers, and others.

Although the language constraint is a significant disadvantage, they appear to be receptive to suggestions and may consider providing some variation.

Meanwhile, I hope you find this review and helpful lesson and begin using QuillBot's existing tools in your everyday writing practice. They're well worth it.

Good luck!

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