How To Recover Instagram Account If I Lost My Phone Number

How To Recover Instagram Account If I Lost My Phone Number?

Instagram account recovery can be challenging if you have deleted your account but don't lose hope. Instagram has provided multiple ways to recover your account recently.

  • Recover your Instagram account without using your phone number
  • Recover your Instagram account without using your email
  • Recover your Instagram account without using your phone number and email

Our post is updated regularly, so make sure to use the updated version of the Instagram app.

How To Recover Instagram Account If I Lost My Phone Number And Email?

Launch the Instagram app on your phone.

Open the Instagram App

Enter your username

Enter your username

(If you have forgotten your username, get help from your friend’s insta profile and type the username. Also, don't worry; forgetting the credentials is common if you have multiple accounts)

Click on Forgot password (appearing right below the password text box)

Click on forgot password

Next, you will find a “Trouble logging in” screen, where your username will be entered. 

Now in Trouble logging in

Here, find the option “Need more help” and click on it.

Click on need more help

Then Instagram will help you recover your account in the following way: You can select your phone number or email address linked with the Instagram account. 

Now you are in trouble login page

If you have forgotten your email address and lost the phone number associated with your Instagram account, click “I can't access this email and phone number.” 

Click on I can't access

On the next page, you will be asked to enter some essential information. So, enter them with patience. 

The first would be entering the email address that you are using currently (so that Instagram would contact you)

Enter new email id

Next, you have to enter the email address that you have linked to your Instagram account.

Enter email id liked with instagram

Lastly, you have to select the type of account you are trying to access  (whether it’s a personal or a business account). 

Select your account type

Then click on Request support.

Click on request support

That’s all. Instagram support will email you within three to four days with the necessary details. 


Then, you can sign in, start using your Instagram account and reset password.  

How To Recover An Instagram Account Without Using A Phone Number?

For Instagram followers vs following people who have lost their phone numbers or devices, recovering an Instagram account using an email ID is the quickest and best option.

So, Let's get started with the steps to access your account.  

Open the Instagram app on your phone.

Open the Instagram App

Click on “Get help logging in.” 

Click Forget password

Next, Instagram will help you with the “Find Your Account” recovery section.

Find your account

Here, enter your exact Instagram username in the respective field. 

Enter your username

Tap Next

Click Find account

Then choose “Send an email” (as you know the email address linked to your Instagram account) 

Select Email and click continue

Now, Instagram will notify you with the message, “We sent an email to (your email ID) with a link to get back your account.”

Email has been sent

Finally, you can use the link and sign in to your Instagram account. 

Click the link to login

How To Recover An Instagram Account Without Using An Email?

Are you wondering whether you can recover your Instagram account without using an email?  

Believe me, it is possible. But note that this is only a perfect decision if you have lost access to your email address but have access to the phone number.  

So, Don't worry if you have forgotten or lost your email address associated with your Instagram account.  

Below are the steps to recover your Instagram account without using the email instead of deleting an Instagram account

Go to your Instagram app on your mobile phone.

Open the Instagram App

Click on “Get help logging in”, which you can see below in the text fields.

Click Forget password

Instagram will take you to the “Find your account” recovery page.

Find your account

Enter your username for the Instagram account.

Enter your username

Click on Next

Click Find account

Here, select “Send an SMS.”

Select SMS method and click continue

Then Instagram will send you a recovery code to the registered mobile number.

Got code via SMS

Finally, you must provide the “security code” or “recovery codes” for verification.

Enter the code and click continue

Once you enter the code, you can reset your Instagram password and start using your Instagram account.

Enter new password and click continue

How Do You Recover Your Hacked Instagram Account?

There are many signs that you can be aware of that your Instagram account has been hacked or Instagram account was compromised, like; 

  • A photo has been posted recently which you have not crafted
  • Messages (Instagram DM) are sent to various profiles randomly by hackers or anonymous Instagram viewers
  • You have been logged out of your profile and lost access to your account because the hacker has changed your password or account data.  

Now, let us look into “how to recover your hacked account step by step.” 

Check your email

Have you been notified with any security email stating that you have logged in from a different device from Instagram? 

If yes, undo it by clicking the link “secure your account here” at the bottom of your email message.  

Also, if the hyperlink takes you to an error page, the link might be expired! In this case, just leave it and jump to our following method. 

If the above method does not work for your disabled Instagram account, here is a simple way to get a login link from Instagram to your phone number or email address.  

The steps are; 

  • Head towards the Instagram login screen
  • Click on “Get help signing in.” 
  • Enter your username, email account ID or phone number associated with your Instagram account.
  • Tap on “next.” 
  • Now, choose a location where you can access the link immediately. You can choose either email or phone number.
  • Then click on “Send login link.”
  • Now, Instagram will send you a link as a text message or an email.
  • Follow the instructions from the log in link.  

Even though Instagram offers ways to recover your Instagram account, we suggest Instagram user maintain their existing account safely by trying the following ways: Enable two factor authentication, regularly track login activities, use highly secured passwords and change password often.  

How Do You Log In To Instagram Without Using Your Phone Number?

Do you know you can use your social media, like a Facebook account, to access Instagram without using your phone number?  

But first, you have to link your Facebook account to your Instagram profile.  

  • Go to your Instagram app.
  • Tap on “Log in using Facebook” (you will see this option on the Instagram login page)
  • Now, type your login credentials on the Facebook page
  • That’s all you will be taken to your Instagram profile 

And when the next time you are on the login screen, you can simply tap on the “login using Facebook” option and start scrolling your ig account feed, post an Instagram story, or edit profile. 

Also, you can contact the Instagram team or Instagram help center if you have further doubts.  

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