Best Samcart Alternatives

7 Best SamCart Alternatives 2023 (Free + Premium) – Are the Alternatives Worth Trying?

Best Samcart Alternatives

SamCart is counted among the most premium checkout platforms, but sellers are now looking for better options because it has certain disadvantages that are not easy to ignore.

The SamCart Alternatives list shows you the best possible alternative solutions to SamCart. If you are looking for the best SamCart alternatives, then you are in the right place.

The Best SamCart Alternatives Are

1. ThriveCart 

In my view, ThriveCart is my overall recommendation for the best SamCart alternative. ThriveCart is a shopping cart software that provides a premium checkout template and urges the customer to complete your products’ payment process.


It has features, including:

  • Four checkout templates: The software offers four types of checkout templates to its sellers – 1-Step Checkout, Two-step Checkout, Popup Checkout, Embedded Checkout. These are all very easy to use and have a very user-friendly layout. 

Besides, shopping through their mobile phones can easily use these templates and choose exciting backgrounds. It should depend on the type of website you are building and the features you want to highlight.

  • Intelligent insights: You would get robust real-time metrics and forecasting that help increase your revenue while reducing refunds. These metrics include conversion rates, live traffic, subscription management, projected revenue and forecasts, auto-lifetime value, daily average revenue, and more. 
  • 1-click Upsells and High converting carts: Create high converting carts along with 1-click upsells, bump offers, recurring payments, trials, and other profit-focused functionalities in seconds. 

The 1-click upsells, in particular, are easier to handle for the users who do not have to put in their payment details over and over again. Thus, customers can quickly make their purchases. This easy usability increases the satisfaction of most consumers, and they would grow loyal to such a platform. 

  • Embeddable carts: Create embeddable carts and popups anywhere on your store within a click of a few buttons. Owing to the embedded cards, customers can simply purchase the item they want directly from your site. 

Popups and such carts would keep up the consistency of your service. After that, your site visitors would turn into loyal customers. It would reduce their activity, and they can quickly make their orders. 

  • Constant updates: ThriveCart is frequently updated according to current patterns and trends to make you achieve the highest possible conversions. 

So far, they provided 196 updates alone in 2020. As a result, your customers would experience the best of the latest technology and security transactions. 

  • Built-in tax calculation: Through ThriveCart, you can easily collect your VAT or sales tax, whereas, in SamCart, you require a 3rd party integration.
  • You would get extra flexibility by resting free trials, tripwires, split payments, subscriptions, discounts, “pay what you want” pricing and more. 
  • Built-in dunning: Notify customers for due payments, card expiry, subscriptions, and see revenue reports in detail. Thus, customers can depend on ThriveCart for a transparent shopping experience. 
  • A/B testing: Also known as Split testing, many websites use this feature of ThriveCart to increase their product conversion rates. To elaborate on what A/B testing does, a marketer analyses the response of two different sales pages simultaneously. 

Firstly, they test the sales pages to notice which ones get the highest customer traffic to the cart page. After that, you can check to see which particular cart version receives the greatest attention. 

Depending on this evaluation, you can choose a cart layout that works best for you. This setup is straightforward to organize on ThriveCart. 

  • Affiliate management: Much like SamCart, this alternate option also includes affiliate programs. In this, you can develop an entire channel of other marketers who would drive more customers to your business and offers.
  • MailChimp: Another usable feature of ThriveCart that improves the profitability of their users' digital stores is MailChimp integration. Using this, the users can add their customers to the mailing list. 

Indeed, ThriveCart users do not need to worry about connecting to their customers and mailing addresses. At ThriveCart, their email addresses would automatically get added to the correct lists. 

Plus, users do not have to wait for the customers to subscribe to the emails either. This ensures that the customers would not miss out on specific notifications and later buy more products.

Other features of ThriveCart include Webhook, Autoresponders, modal cart, video carts, retargeting, automatic receipts, seamless integration with HubSpot, and many more.


ThriveCart does not take any monthly payments like SamCart. It charges a one-time fee of $495 that will give you lifetime access to all its services.

2. Gumroad

The next budget-friendly SamCart Alternative is Gumroad. It helps you to sell products online. It is specially made for artists and creators who want to sell their work online.

Gumroad Home

When you sign in to the platform and create your portfolio account, Gumroad provides you with a link distributed on social media to get more clients.

  • Customer Service: The customer management of Gumroad is more comfortable than SamCart. 
  • Easier Download: If you want to download your portal’s CSV file, then SamCart will first transfer it to your email. Whereas in Gumroad, you can download the CSV file on the portal itself. 
  • Custom edits: Personalize your landing pages with beautiful colors, or you can use CSS that helps you style anything you desire. You can embed your follow form on a site and blog by copying and pasting codes. 

You can also import your email list, share content, update them, and engage more with your followers and audience. 

  • Robust analytics: Get powerful analytics to understand what is beneficial for you and improve specific areas. Gumroad provides better 3rd party integration than SamCart because of its incompetency to integrate with API and Zapier. 

Other features included are a library for customers, simple check out, lightweight DRM, choosing a release date, multiple currencies, sales tax support, address verification, and more. Due to the enhanced features, fewer people rarely prefer GumRoad alternatives 2022.


If you have budget constraints, you can go to Gumroad; whose paid plan starts at $10/month. 

3. ClickFunnels

Next, ClickFunnels is the premium alternative to SamCart. It holds expertise in creating a sales funnel that is effective and efficient, whereas SamCart provides a fundamental funnel option. It comes with a simple drag-and-drop editor to customize your sales funnels.

7 Best SamCart Alternatives 2023 (Free + Premium) - Are the Alternatives Worth Trying? 1

The features include,

  • Third-party integrations: Third-party integrations are way more in ClickFunnels as compared to SamCart. Some of the popular third-party services that ClickFunnels partners with Freshsales, Mindbody, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and more. 

Two that help gain sales traffic through proper promotions are Freshsales and MailChimp. The former is a sales CRM with usable features like activity capture, AI-based lead scoring, a build-in mail, phone feature, etc. 

With this integration, ClickFunnels users can handle all of their customers' databases on one platform. Plus, they can send targeted messages to customers more easily. 

As for MailChimp integration, ClickFunnels users can send automated campaigns to their customers. MailChimp takes the leads and imports their email addresses into a mailing list that syncs automatically with ClickFunnels. It would save both effort and time for you when using the ClickFunnels software for your store. 

  • A/B testing: The starter pack of SamCart does not include any significant function like A/B testing, present in the ClickFunnels. That helps you track what is working for your website and what needs further work. 

Indeed, you can test the carts page, product page and more efficiently and in a few steps. As a result, you would get a clearer view of each aspect of your sales process and make appropriate problem areas. 

  • Built-in Auto-responder: ClickFunnels comes with an inbuilt autoresponder, which will help you set automated messages according to the buyer’s behavior. This helps both you as a seller and your site visitors as potential customers. 

When the visitors subscribe to your service, they will get automatic messages with relevant information about your next offers or products. Plus, the customers would get a list of things that they might find interesting. They are more likely to purchase them later.  

  • Simplified dashboard: One of the most user-friendly features of ClicksFunnels is the easy-to-use dashboard. It gives easy access to most of the tools and features available, and the layout is visually simple. 

So, users can quickly find what they need, improving their speed in managing their sites and customer traffic. Plus, the easy structure is easily accessible for most beginners to adapt. 

  • 1-click upsells: This feature is highly usable in SamCart, and the same can be said about ClickFunnels as well. To elaborate, when a customer clicks on a product to buy it, they would notice additional products or services as suggestions. 

Such products may work well with the selected product. This excites the customers to buy the additional items, thereby spending more money on one purchase. Plus, customers do not have to put in their credit card data multiple times for buying these upsell products. 

The entire purchase would complete in one transaction, which motivates many people to add the second item to the cart.  

  • Email and Facebook marketing automation: Facebook and email are two of the most popular platforms with the general public. Therefore, these are also dependable regions to get more conversions since product promotions would reach broader audiences. 

With ClickFunnels, this service is automated. So, users can easily send promotional messages of offers, new launches, etc., on these platforms. Later, interested individuals would visit your store, which increases the chance of conversions. 

Besides these features, you can send targeted messages to follow up with your existing customers through text, emails, desktop notifications, etc. 


If you don't know how to use a funnel, just tell them and help you create a high-converting sales funnel. Their pricing starts at $97/month and includes a 14-day free trial. 

4. PayKickstart

Coming up next, PayKickstart is a subscription billing and affiliate management alternative to SamCart. Trusted by 1200+ businesses from 65 countries, PayKickstart will help you sell your products, services, and subscriptions, also seamlessly processing your buyer’s payment.

To attract more customers, sellers can use 1-click upsell, downsell and order bumps, autoresponders, affiliate management, etc., to their product’s page. 

It simplifies payment procedures by letting you accept credit and debit cards, SEPA and ACH bank wires, PayPal, and Apple Pay in 32 currencies.  

  • In-built tax management: PayKickstart has inbuilt functionality to collect sales tax or vat, and it will also manage your W9/W8 tax forms. But in SamCart, you need to take help from a 3rd party to get all of this done. 

In PayKickstart, the lack of third-party integration for managing taxes lessens the pressure on the users. They can focus more on managing their business activities and customer service instead.

  • In-app dunning: The platform provides a dunning feature that will notify the buyer of its upcoming and delayed payments. It will also offer a detailed real-time analysis of your portal to help the seller understand its products’ sales and affiliates. 

After that, you can manage your system well and keep a note of your conversion rates and any other issues. Later, this would help you plan how to improve the payment structure and delays. 

  • Affiliate management: If you are someone who wants to build a robust affiliate management system of their product or services, then PayKickstart is way better than SamCart. It has a high-performance affiliate management system and works with reportedly 50,000 and more affiliates. 

Through PayKickstart, affiliates can send the bonuses to the referred clients after visiting your link on their recommendation. Later, they earn a commission as well. The affiliate management at this platform also allows specialized zones for the affiliates. 

They can use their personalized login area to manage their unique promotional materials like banners, unique affiliate links, email swipes, etc. Affiliate contest management, in particular, is a very prominent feature under affiliate management. 

A leaderboard widget appears on an Affiliate's page or the main seller's page. This shows which affiliates are generating more revenue and sales, and it updates in real-time. The highest scorer would get the highest incentives, which brings about a sense of competition among the affiliates. 

Ultimately, that would bring the vendor organizing the contest more profit since the motive of the affiliate program is to sell, regardless of who wins. It provides instant commissions, bonuses, and many more, which are not present in SamCart. 

  • Integration: You will enjoy seamless integration with 60+ services for more productivity. Also, there are other features like revenue boosters and retention, detailed reporting, and analytics, along with high-level compliance and security. 


The starting plan of PayKickstart starts at $99/month.

5. Shopify

The next affordable SamCart Alternative is Shopify. A CMS (Content Management System) helps you establish an online store for your products and enables you to create unique sales funnels for you. 

7 Best SamCart Alternatives 2023 (Free + Premium) - Are the Alternatives Worth Trying? 2

Shopify can run on Mac, iPhone, and iPad, whereas SamCart can only run on SaaS. It can be used by all sellers, whether small, medium, or large enterprises.

  • Professional themes: Most people nowadays disapprove of too simple and monotone website designs, and it can put them off from a website. However, this is not a huge problem for Shopify users, who can use many interesting and attractive themes. 

70+ professional and mobile-responsive themes created by designers such as Clearleft, Happy Cog, Pixel Union, etc. The users can utilize them easily to make their pages more attractive to potential customers. 

  • Shopping cart: Every store in Shopify has a free SSL certificate, automatic shipping rates by leading carriers like FedEx, UPS, etc., including 100s of payment gateways and automated taxes. 

These factors make the transaction process easier for both the seller and the buyers. For example, the SSL certificates allow the HTTP protocol to turn into HTTPS. The latter is more secure; third parties cannot access your site or interfere with a purchase. 

  • This safeguards the information of the users, who feel more comfortable with the transaction. Plus, 50+ languages can work with this platform. Sellers with an international client base can add this feature to their cart page, which many customers would appreciate. 

Using the language selection option would make your service easier for people to understand, and they can shop without any confusion.

  • Shopify offers PCI Level 1 compliance, so your store never runs into trouble. Abandoned cart recovery is another handy feature that makes the selling process easier for the sellers. 
  • Also, Shopify would provide you with a list of all the email addresses that returned from checkout pages without making the payment. Hence, you can follow and target them again. This retargeting technique does drive in more customers. 

Those who left the checkout page and later forgot about it may return to complete the transaction after getting a reminder. 

  • Automate shipping and fulfillment: Shopify connects your store with Amazon services and other fulfillment services to ship and fill orders out of a warehouse with just a click. 

As a result, you can deliver your products without much delay and reach the customers correctly. This simplifies and finishes the entire selling process nicely for both long-time sellers and new vendors.


Shopify l can turn any website into a selling website by adding a buy button and accepting payment through credit cards. The Shopify lite starts at $9 per month. Starts at $79/month. 

6. OptimizePress

The next premium SamCart Alternative, OptimizePress, helps build marketing funnels for WordPress sites. It is an all-in-one platform that grabs genuine business leads and seamlessly processes the payment. The platform helps improve your sales by creating a page, checkout flows, and sales funnel.

  • Third-party integration: OptimizePress can build membership websites to easily make an email list on your membership site by integrating with any 3rd-party services. 
  • Easy customization: You can build pages for opt-ins, lead magnet, webinar registration, coming soon, thank you, popup overlay forms, email confirmations, waitlists, and more. 

The platform offers 40+ templates for landing pages that are easy to convert. You can customize your website with them, and the loading process is fast. 

  • Editing elements: With the help of the OptimizeBuilder feature, you can edit the look of your landing and sales pages better. You can edit the font, the icons, text, sizes, and others without much fuss.

They also provide templates for sales and offer pages like sales letters, entry points, video sales, affiliate reviews, bridge pages, and more. Users can add extra elements like progress bars, countdown timers, feature blocks, etc. 

These tools help you market your site to more customers and engage their interest. After that, you would receive more conversions.

  • Mobile-friendly interface: Furthermore, a lot of people are now browsing and buying through their mobile phones. So, it is important to use mobile-responsive templates that would translate well in the mobile device as much as on the desktop. 

These users are potential customers, and your mobile-friendly website using OptimizePress would aid in converting them into subscribers. 

  • Payment: Accept payments from 32 countries, create unlimited service/products and checkout forms, accept credit and debit cards, integrate with Stripe, add after-purchase files delivered, discount coupons, collect taxes, a comprehensive dashboard, etc. 
  • OptimizePress also offers 1-click upsells, order bumps, and down sells for a variety of different business niches. Create outstanding sales and marketing funnels like bridge funnels, coupon funnels, live webinar funnels, etc., from other designs with automated funnel-linking technology. 
  • You can create membership sites, secure content with chosen plugins, and flexible designs. They provide 250+ conversion-focused templates, including email marketing and powerful integrations. Not to mention, it works with WP themes, has regular updates, and fantastic customer support. 


The pricing starts at $99/month for one website and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. Payhip

Payhip is an affordable alternative to SamCart to sell digital downloads and memberships. It provides a platform that boosts digital products like eBooks, software, pdf, etc. You can sell two types of products on Payhip; one is a digital product, and another is membership. 

Payhip Home

Payhip helps build a responsive checkout and handles product delivery after the payment is made. The platform takes care of all the members and the membership content needed after every subsequent payment.

  • Digital Downloads: These delight customers and skyrocket your business with beautiful and responsive checkout. Sell your products and services across the globe on your site, blog, or social media., increase your conversion rates. 
  • It has powerful features such as affiliate systems, offer coupons, embedded shopping carts, checkouts, discounts, mailing lists, design freedom, and updates. Plus, when you sell the products or services digitally through Payhip, you can set download limits and limit PDF stamping. 
  • Sell memberships: You can sell multiple plans with different recurring intervals and prices. It is optimized for speed and conversion, so your customers can subscribe easily by entering an email address, anime, and card details. 
  • Multiple-device support: A good thing about the Payhip memberships is that it works well with all the devices. It integrates well with desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. 

Additionally, the design in each device looks attractive with an easy-to-use structure. Therefore, customers would not have a problem signing up from any device and experience good functionality in all of them. 

  • Member management: Payhip allows members the chance to have full control over their accounts. Therefore, your members can easily access their accounts and can monitor their subscriptions. 

They can keep a note of their payment history, downgrade or upgrade their chosen plans, and cancel a subscription on their own. Also, they can update the necessary details like their password, email, card details, and others. 

  • Email notifications: While Payhip does not include an email marketing system of its own, it does allow users to sync with other email platforms it collaborates with. 

After that, the users can organize a mailing list from the Marketplace page, under the Mailing Lists tab. Some of the notable mailing systems Payhip works with are CampaignMonitor, Aweber, MailChimp, Covertkit, and more. 

  • Custom billing: Users can customize the intervals of billing plans for their members. While using Payhip, you can choose to charge your members weekly, monthly, or at other intervals. 
  • Encrypted transactions: One of the main areas of worry for many people is if their transactions are safe or not. This is the same for your customers as well. So, giving them a secure system would make them want to continue the buyer-seller relationship. 

Using Payhip, this is suitable. The transactions are encrypted, so no other person can access and record customer payment data. 

  • Free trials: Payhip allows free trials service for its users. Indeed, you can easily set up a free preview of your services for the memberships you offer. Then, the customers would get an idea of what your services are like without paying a fee. 

It would give them a better idea of what to expect from the plans, and they can decide about continuing with the subscription.

  • Supported file formats: Payhip supports MP3, PDF, text, and videos as well. You can embed membership into your site. Thereafter, when the customers visit your site, they can log in as well, and they get full control of their account.  If you still wish to glance at the Payhip alternatives 2022, go ahead with your search.


Payhip offers a free version, or you can upgrade to their paid Plus plan starting at $29/month or PRO plan starting at $99/month.

What is SamCart?

SamCart is among the most popular checkout platforms that help to maximize revenue and reduce cart abandonment. It can be used by influencers, authors, course creators, product inventors, non-profits, amazon, or Esty sellers.


Why do you need a SamCart Alternative?

  • No inbuilt VAT calculations: If you want to collect your sales tax through SamCart, you must first integrate with a 3rd party VAT calculator. Unlike Thrivecart, which comes with an inbuilt sales tax collection software.
  • Starter pack lacks basic features: The lower plans of SamCart don’t include essential services like dunning features, A/B testing, and affiliate management. You will need to subscribe to their premium plans to access these themes' features.
  • Costlier than other platforms: SamCart pricing starts with a $49 per month charge, which is quite pricey compared to most of the alternatives discussed below.
  • No lifetime package: Another important thing that might be a drawback of SamCart is not launching a lifetime package that will be more cost-effective than its monthly plan.
  • No membership builder: Many platforms have started to provide membership builders to their sellers, which is still missing in SamCart. You cannot create a membership site or access any of its present features on other platforms.

When to Choose SamCart?

  • When you want to sell both digital and physical products: Through SamCart, you can sell any type of digital development, including eBooks, audio files, videos, pdfs, and physical effects.
  • For generous Customer support: The platform provides robust customer support to its sellers along with a Facebook group. It offers a live chat option and email facility, which takes a maximum of 24 hours to solve your queries. 
  • Premium features: The platform includes all the premium features that are needed for the market. So, if you are looking for an all-in-one solution, then SamCart should be on top of your list.
  • Build a responsive and high-selling website: SamCart lets you customize your website checkout page and add all the premium features like upselling, downselling, and bump offers. This helps in improving the sale of your product.

When Not to Choose SamCart?

  1. Budget constraints: SamCart is costlier than most of its competitors, providing almost the same number of features. If you have any budget constraints, you should go for ThriveCart, Gumroad, Payhip, or Shopify. These platforms contain both free and paid versions.
  2. No membership website: SamCart still doesn’t contain a membership builder on its list of features. You can go for any of the options discussed above to build a membership website, specially OptimizePress. 

Which is the Right SamCart Alternative For You?

In my view, I would recommend ThriveCart as the best SamCart Alternative. If you are looking for budget-friendly alternatives, go for Gumroad and Shopify. And, you can also go through ClickFunnels, PayKickStart, and OptimizePress if you need premium choices.

Each of these platforms mentioned above cuts down the negative aspect of SamCart. They hold user-friendly features, use customer-oriented marketing approaches, and successfully transform visitors into subscribers and buyers. 

So, you can choose any of these shopping cart software after analyzing and reviewing your business needs. 

7 Best SamCart Alternatives 2023 (Free + Premium) - Are the Alternatives Worth Trying? - Bloggingio
7 Best SamCart Alternatives 2023 (Free + Premium) - Are the Alternatives Worth Trying? 3

The SamCart Alternatives list shows you the best possible alternative solutions to SamCart. If you are looking for the best SamCart alternatives, then you are the right place.

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