Samcart Pricing 2023 – Is It Affordable To Choose?

Samcart is one of the most popular e-commerce store builders that you can use for creating your e-commerce website, sales pages, sales funnels, etc. However, it’s not a free platform, except that it comes with a 14-day free trial period.

This article has detailed all the pricing plans available for Samcart, along with the features that you can leverage with each plan.

Samcart Pricing 2023 - Is It Affordable To Choose? 1

Samcart Pricing – A Quick Overview

Samcart has spread its services over three different pricing/subscription plans. The features and functionalities of each of the plans are distributed as per the costs of these plans. Here is a quick look at all the pricing plans available for Samcart.

samcart pricing
  1. Launch Plan$49 per month comes with the most basic features for building sales pages.
  2. Pro Plan$99 per month, has all the Launch plan features and comes with some additional features that quite enhance the capabilities for sales page development along with the creation of funnels too; however, the features are not very advanced in this plan either. 
  3. Premium Plan$199 per month, the most robust plan with exemplary and impeccably advanced features and functionalities that equip you in every way to create the most functional and advanced sales pages that will grow your business exponentially.

So, that’s a brief look into all the plans with their monthly prices. The plans are available at annual subscription prices as well, and if you decide to pay annually, you can save some extra money considering that yearly plans come with quite some discount.

This was just a brief overview of the plans, but we understand that this information is not enough for anyone to decide. So, let’s take a deeper dive and get into more details about all these pricing plans of Samcart so that you shall exactly know what you get at what cost.

Every plan of Samcart equips its subscribers with different features and functionalities. These differences in the availability of the features and functionalities with other plans influence your decision on which one shall offer you the correct value with expected results.

So, you must know the ins and outs of every plan, and that’s what you shall get here. Let’s move on to a detailed overview of all the Samcart Pricing Plans without further ado.

Launch Plan – The Initial and Most Basic Plan

The first, most basic, and cheapest plan of Samcart is its Launch plan that costs $49 a month and more, so $39 only if you bear the subscription cost on an annual payment basis.

While basic, this plan comes as the perfect solution for budding enterprises and entrepreneurs because it will equip you with all the features and functionalities for creating the most functional sales pages to enhance your business's sales and profitability. 

Samcart Pricing 2023 - Is It Affordable To Choose? 2

The best thing about Samcart is its ease of use and the ability to quickly create shopping carts and sales pages using its vast and beautiful template library. The more amusing thing about the platform is that it gives its users access to the entire library in this basic plan itself.

So, you are in no manner limited or restricted regarding the use of themes and designs for your sales pages, even when you have subscribed to the most basic plan. Moreover, there are no limitations as regards customization of the templates either.

Additionally, you get other features such as customizing automated emails for order confirmation, delivery, product promotion, etc., adding functionalities like pay what you want, offering the customers the option to bid a price for products, and more.

Besides that, you can even have your custom domain name within this plan itself, and the plan even offers you a standard sales report for tracking and analytics.

However, there are some limitations to the plan. First of all, the URLs have a Samcart branding, and there is no way for you to add any personal branding to your URLs at this plan tier. Also, the plan lacks features such as sales funnel creation, and you will have to upgrade to higher plans for leveraging these features.

Basically, the plan is suitable if your goal is to make some sales. However, if you want to promote your products at a larger scale and your goals are more oriented towards marketing, advertising, and promotion, you should upgrade to the higher plans.

Pro Plan – The Most Economical Plan Oriented Towards Business Growth

If your goals and expectations from using a platform like Samcart are to promote and advertise your products and take your business to newer heights, the Pro plan can be more fruitful and advantageous for you.

The plan costs $99 a month, which further goes down to $79 a month if you take annual billing.

The plan is equipped with additional features, functionalities, and everything you get in the Launch plan.

First of all, this plan eliminates the Samcart branding on your URLs, so you can start creating your custom URL along with personal branding. This is a step ahead in building your brand name and identity.

Samcart Pricing 2023 - Is It Affordable To Choose? 3

Additionally, you can leverage features like sales funnel creation for upselling and cross-selling your products. You can even create order bumps. All these features are very helpful in helping you enhance the cart value of your customers, thereby adding up to your sales and profitability.

Besides that, the sales reports you get within this plan are much more detailed and give you better insights.

The support is also better with this plan, and you can expect more prompt responses to your queries and questions from the Samcart team.

Nonetheless, the plan still lacks features for managing cart abandonment and other advanced functionalities.

Premium Plan – The Most Advanced and Feature-Rich Plan

Although much costly than the other two plans at the price of $199 a month and $159 a month if you opt for a yearly subscription, this plan is the most advanced and feature-rich option offered by Samcart.

In addition to having all the features and functionalities available in the Launch Plan and Pro Plan, this plan is equipped with all additional advanced features that any business would ever need in the e-commerce space.

The plan provides you features like Cart Abandonment, A/B Testing, Self-Subscription, etc., that you use to leverage the best of your business sales pages and websites.

Samcart Pricing 2023 - Is It Affordable To Choose? 4

With the Cart Abandonment feature, you can have details about the people who started shopping on your site but didn’t complete the same. Then you can reach them out personally through email and texts and prompt them to complete their purchase, thereby ensuring higher sales turnout for your products.

With A/B testing features, you can quickly check your sales and marketing strategies, thereby constantly improving them and ensuring that you get the best results.

Besides this, this plan even comes with the feature to help the users set up affiliate pages which are an excellent strategy for seamlessly improving the sales and profitability as affiliate marketers promote your products at a whole different level and make sure that they sell the same, especially when you are offering them a hefty sales commission.

Besides that, you get better sales reports for enhanced analytics and tracking, better customer support from the Samcart team, and many things that are not quickly and conveniently available with the basic plans.

Do I Recommend Samcart For You?

Each plan is unique and valuable in its own way, and what suits you best depends on your personal and specific business needs and requirements. I would recommend Samcart for all professionals who wish to make their eCommerce platform more flexible and attractive.

The best way to find the perfect plan for you is to evaluate every plan, compare them against each other, and then subscribe to the one that serves the best results. If you are still confused, you can even take up the free trial for the plans to be more sure about your decision.

Before going to any Samcart alternative option, you need to start trying and seeing what works for you! Also, it’s possible to cancel the plans at any time or even upgrade or downgrade your plans as per needs and requirements. So, your money shall be in a safe place. Cheers!