Samcart Review

Samcart Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Samcart is the most popular eCommerce platform. But is this popularity of the platform really worth it? Does the platform really give a lot of value to its users? Is it really a legit platform that can help with all your e-commerce development needs and requirements?

This article aims to answer all these questions with a detailed Samcart review.

Samcart Review

Samcart Review – What is Samcart?

As mentioned, Samcart is an e-commerce development software. However, it is nothing like those platforms that help create huge e-commerce stores with a number of products and listings. Instead, Samcart focuses on helping its users create sales pages and checkout pages that will directly lead the customers to conversions.


In more specific terms, Samcart is a shopping cart builder that you can use to quickly create sales pages for single products and lead the customers to make transactions directly.

In addition to creating sales pages and checkout pages, Samcart also helps develop sales funnels, thereby helping develop options for single-click upsells and bump offers which are great strategies to increase the cart values and thus the sales.

So, it’s basically a robust and functional interface to help you build, run, and scale your online business without getting into many technicalities or hassles.

Now that we have established what this software does, we move further with the review, evaluating all the features and functionalities of Samcart and looking at what it has got in store to offer to its users.

Features of Samcart

Samcart is a robust platform loaded with advanced features and functionalities to help you build your sales pages and funnels with tremendous ease of use and simplicity. Not only does it help make your sales pages, but it is also equipped with functionalities and features to optimize those pages and even help you analyze the results that you are getting out of each sales page and activity on Samcart.

Here is a more detailed look into all the features and functionalities you can leverage with Samcart.

Sales Page and Funnels Creation Tools and Functionalities

For a shopping cart creation software, its worth and value are most prominently established from the features, functionalities, and tools that it can offer for sales page and checkout page creation. When it comes to Samcart, the platform doesn’t lack in any area in this matter. 

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Samcart is equipped with very robust features and functionalities for sales page creation. The platform has a vast template library from which you can pick out templates based on your product specifications. Furthermore, the platform has excellent customization features using which you can customize and personalize the templates that you pick for their themes and designs based on your specific business requirements.

Additionally, the platform doesn’t require you to write any codes or go through any programming to create and customize these templates. The platform has a very intuitive drag-and-drop builder. So, all you have to do is pick your template and start placing your elements in it with the drag-and-drop builder.

In this way, you can have your sales pages and checkout pages created within minutes on the platform.

In addition to creating these sales pages, the platform is also equipped with features and functionalities to develop one-click upsells and sales funnels that further help you add offers on your sales page and promote related products.

With that, you can increase your sales by adding up to the cart value.

With all of these features and functionalities, it’s clear that Samcart is equipped in every manner to help you promote your products and even make sales.

Sales Pages Optimization Features

As we have already mentioned in this Samcart Review, Samcart is capable of helping you create sales funnels and order bumps as well. These are essentially the features to optimize your sales pages. In addition to these features, Samcart is also capable of features like A/B testing and Split testing.

This is possible with the in-built testing tools available in the software. With these features, you can easily track the performance of your different sales strategies and finally implement the one that gives the most productive results.

Additionally, the platform also has features like Pay What You Want. With this feature, you can provide your customers with an option to bid for your products. In this way, you can let the audience decide the price for your products, and that can work in your favor as people will put different prices on your products, and you can use it as a means to conduct auctions, thereby selling your products to the highest bidders.

Besides that, there are many more sales page optimization features such as pixel tracking, upsells creation, order bumps, discount creation, etc., that you can leverage to enhance the sales of your products exponentially.

Analytics and Tracking Features

When you create sales pages, your sole purpose is to bring and capture leads on them and make sure that they convert. However, how would you know how well your sales pages are furthering your goals and purposes? Well, this is where analytics and tracking come into the picture.

You constantly need to monitor the performance of your sales pages, and Samcart makes this easier for you with its in-built analytics dashboard. This dashboard offers you detailed insights into the performance of your sales pages with statistics on parameters like leads captured, leads converted, sales made, etc.

With these statistics, it’s easier for you to track your growth, plan your marketing and sales strategies, enhance them further, and increase your sales and profitability exponentially, thereby leading your online business towards success.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Support

This is one of the most valuable features that you can have in a shopping cart development software, and Samcart offers the same. 

Many times, it so happens that someone starts shopping at your store but doesn’t complete the transaction. With the shopping cart abandonment support feature of Samcart, you can have details about who abandoned your cart. These details include the email address of the prospective customer.

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So, you can use the details to personally communicate with such people and make sure that they get converted into your customers.

In fact, you can blend this shopping cart abandonment support feature with email automation functionalities and program your sales pages and carts to instantly remind a visitor about an abandoned cart through emails, thereby prompting them to complete their transaction.

Additionally, you can reach them out through emails to know the reasons for cart abandonment. Subsequently, you can work on those reasons so that whatever problem occurs doesn’t repeat in the future, and other prospects don’t abandon your page due to the same reasons.

So, the shopping cart abandonment support feature of the platform not only promises you more sales with higher rates of completed transactions and reduced cart abandonment, but it also helps enhance your platform and build a personal relationship with your leads and customers.

However, this feature is available only in the Premium plan of the platform, and you shall not be able to leverage it if you have subscribed to the lower plans. So, you need to consider this aspect when making your purchase decision.

Affiliate Marketing Support

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to grow your online business. Affiliate marketers shall promote your business and products to unimaginable lengths, especially if you pay them a hefty commission on sales. So, you might want to invest in getting affiliates and promoting your business through them.

Thanks to Samcart’s affiliate marketing support, this becomes much easier. With this feature, you can easily create affiliate pages and even track your affiliate activities and promotions. This makes the affiliates more interested in working with you as they get an easy way and platform to start promoting your products for good.

Nonetheless, this feature too is available only with the Premium plan of the platform.

Course Platform Creation Features

Samcart has recently come with a new course platform creation feature that you can use to create and sell courses online. This feature comes in very handy for educators and influencers trying to sell their digital courses, classes, lectures, sessions, webinars, and other online course materials.

With these course creation features, you can quickly build a course on Samcart and put it for sale. Additionally, you can even sell your digital learning resources and material online so that the students are better helped and guided as they take your courses.

Besides that, even this feature is equipped with other Samcart features for optimization. You can upsell your courses and even add order bumps wherein you can suggest some related courses or reference study materials to add up to the customer experience and cart value.

With all these features and functionalities, Samcart is not just a well-equipped software for selling physical products, but it’s also equally useful in selling digital products.

So, this was an overview of all the features and functionalities of Samcart, and with the looks of it, the software indeed looks a useful one, especially when all you plan is to build and grow your online business. However, that’s not all you see in a shopping cart builder.

There are many more things to consider in shopping cart software, such as its ease of use and ability to integrate. So, in the next parts of this article, we shall talk about all other parameters that you must consider checking and evaluating as you research for the perfect e-commerce development software for your business.

Functionalities Of Samcart

Integration Abilities of Samcart

A shopping cart builder needs to integrate with other tools and applications. The better software can integrate with third-party tools and applications, the better it seamlessly enhances its features and functionalities.

Samcart is equipped with seamless integration capabilities. For starters, it supports Zapier integration which is an excellent thing as using this integration, you can seamlessly automate your operations and workflows. As such, it shall be easier for you to automate the monotonous functions on your sales pages. As such, Samcart is highly reliable for the purpose.

In addition to Zapier integration, Samcart can make many other integrations with third-party applications, tools, and software like Hubspot, MailChimp, Kajabi, and many more.

With such integrations, you can easily leverage features and functionalities like email marketing, sales promotion, and a lot more that will seamlessly add to your abilities to grow your business and make it successful.

Ease of Use

Who would ever want to use a platform that takes years of practice and experience to get things right? While knowledge and practice make things better, you want to have software that can get you started in almost no time at all.

Well, fortunately enough, Samcart is one such software. In fact, one of the most prominent reasons for Samcart being so popular amongst marketers and entrepreneurs is its ease of use.

Samcart is extremely easy and convenient to use. It has got a simple interface that even a layman can understand. The setup of the software takes just a few minutes. Once you are done with the initial design, you can go about creating your sales pages and leveraging other features and functionalities of Samcart without falling into any more hassles.

The sales page creation is already quick and easy with the in-built template library and drag and drops editor of the platform. So, everything is pretty sleek, easy, and quick on Samcart, and you shall not run into any problems at all when it comes to an understanding the platform and putting it to use for the best of its capabilities.

Payment Support and Methods

What would a sales page ever be with proper payment gateway integration? When using shopping cart software, you need to look into the payment methods and options it supports.

As for Samcart, the support for the same is phenomenal. Since the platform easily integrates with third-party tools and applications, integrating a payment gateway in it is a breeze. Additionally, Samcart supports many payment methods, including cash on delivery, debit/credit card payments, net banking, and UPI payments.

So, you are at liberty to choose your options and ensure that you are never missing out on the payments.

Additionally, the platform provides secure channels to carry out the transactions so that the customers are not put to any security risks.

Customer Support

When using a platform as robust and functional as Samcart, you may sometimes run into technical issues and difficulties. In such a case, you would seek support from the technical team of the platform.

Samcart is great with this as well. The platform offers its support through live chats and emails, and you can reach out to the team during business hours to assist with any of your queries, issues, or questions.

In addition to direct support from the team, Samcart is also equipped with resources to help you. As such, the platform has a section called “Knowledge Base,” which you can access to find answers to your queries and problems. In fact, the section has detailed tutorials on everything about Samcart, and chances are you will find your solutions here itself without even needing to reach out to customer support.

Considering that, you must really explore this section of the platform, and as we say that, it also seems needless to mention that Samcart is indeed software that cares about giving and adding value to its users.

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Samcart Pricing

Now that we have evaluated Samcart on most of the important parameters, one that remains is its pricing. As such, Samcart doesn’t disappoint in this area either.

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Samcart is a very reasonably priced software, and with the features and functionalities that it offers, you shall only be happy to bear the costs.

As such, Samcart has three pricing plans. Here are brief details about each of them.

Launch Plan

This is the starter plan of Samcart, which comes at the cost of $49 per month, and the cost further decreases to $39 per month if you choose annual billing.

The plan comes with the basic features of the software that are good enough to start building the sales pages and work the best for beginners who only seek a kickstart in their business.

Grow Plan

The next plan in the tier with some more additional features, including those for sales page optimization, etc., is the Grow plan that comes at $99 a month and $79 a month when billed annually.

With this plan, you can access some additional features that help start your business and promote and grow it further.

Scale Plan

This is the most advanced plan of Samcart, and all the advanced features such as shopping cart abandonment support and affiliate marketing support become available at this tier only.

The plan costs $199 per month, and if you opt for annual billing, the cost stoops down to $179 per month.

Considering these pricing plans, the platform really seems affordable. However, what you choose to pay totally depends on your specific business needs and requirements.

Moreover, all the plans come with a 14-day free trial period. So, if you are confused, you can take the trial and then decide the plan you want to take. This way, you can be more assured that your money shall not go in vain.

Do I Recommend Samcart For You?

With everything discussed in the article, there seems to be no reason for you not to try Samcart for your e-commerce development needs and requirements. So, this was all about Samcart.

The platform is equipped with highly advanced features, and functionalities and even the pricing plans are reasonable and affordable.

We hope that this review helped guide you about this amazingly popular shopping cart development software, and you are much closer to your decision about investing your money into it.

Samcart Review 2023 - Is It Worth Trying?
Samcart Review 2023 - Is It Worth Trying? 4

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