Scalenut Review 2023 – Is It The Best Content Creation Tool?

Presenting my comprehensive Scalenut review.

Within this Scalenut review, you will find:

  • The strengths of Scalenut 
  • Areas where Scalenut falls short
  • My assessment of Scalenut functionalities
  • Determining the value of Scalenut subscription
  • And much more.

Let's commence our exploration.

What is Scalenut?

For those beginners out here! Let me explain to you what Scalenut is. Skip this if you are an expert waiting to know how I benefited from Scalenut. 

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 1

Scalenut is an AI-powered content creation and research platform that allows users to create high-ranking content. Scalenut helps marketing professionals globally to create exceptional content.

It also helps them harness technical advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). Scalenut's cutting-edge content production platform is developed to assist advanced content development if the content is in the future.

Scalenut makes creating content that meets your company goals scalable and straightforward. Hire professional artists and AI tools to help you stay ahead of the competition.

When it comes to developing long-form SEO content, Scalenut is a TRUE end-to-end solution that significantly reduces the time and effort usually required. Most other programs don't combine Keyword Reports with an intelligent in-built editor or one-click access to top expert creators in case you need help.

Who can use Scalenut?

Scalenut may be used by anyone, from a novice to a seasoned pro. It is inexpensive and well worth your money! Not only that, but it also relies on the type of content produced.

Scalenut's numerous content categories may be readily developed while maintaining complete efficiency. By driving potential traffic to your website, the content will produce leads for your company. 

Scalenut should be used by both professionals and those new to the industry to better understand how SEO-friendly content works and gradually avoid mistakes. Scalenut is a must-have for anyone who belongs to one of the following groups:

Though Scalenut is a user-friendly content creation interface, it suits best certain professionals, including us. Let me show you the list of professionals getting benefits out of Scalenut. 

  • Content Strategists
  • Content Creators
  • Founders
  • Agencies

Content Strategists

As a Content Strategist, you can effortlessly strategize content and produce copies at scale using our AI tools and bright professional workforce.

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 2

Plan and generate material that will assist you in reaching your objectives. Use the most cutting-edge technology tools to research content and collaborate with skilled content creators who can create content on the fly. Everything is in one convenient location.

Content Creators  

As a Content Creator, you can utilize Scalenut's AI capabilities and real-time editor to accelerate content creation and boost productivity.

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 3

With these superpowers, you can write and get paid handsomely. Use AI to improve your content. Push your content creation skills to new heights with cutting-edge technologies that will make you faster, wiser, and more powerful.


As a founder, you have the opportunity to make your brand prominent by telling beautiful stories that people want to hear while also climbing the search engine results. All of this may be done without burning a hole in your wallet. Scalenut on a single platform has a team of professional content creators and AI-powered tools that produce high-quality content. You need it for your business.


If you work for an agency, you may quickly scale content production to fulfill your client's content needs. Scalenut provides quality content at scale for any industry, saving you time and resources, thanks to its subject matter experts and innovative AI techniques.

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 4

Scalenut Features 

Scalenut will assist you in creating more than just blogs, but a specific engaging topic that will help you increase website traffic. Rather than ordinary case studies, it might assist you in highlighting your client's experience and epic success story in reaching their business goals.

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 5

Here are the Scalenut features that took me away with its fantastic content output. 

  • Easy Content Planning
  • Generates SEO-Friendly content
  • Write Content
  • Real-Time Content Evaluation
  • Collaborate with Professional Writers

Easy Content Planning

Scalenut can build content outlines that are SEO-friendly. Scalenut, in fact, generates full-fledged content reports (powered by industry-leading NLP) from a single targeted term, delivering you the winning SEO recipe every time.

Generates SEO-Friendly content

Scalenut can provide you with endless content ideas for blogs, product descriptions, ad copies, email headers, blog intros, and more at the stroke of a button.

Write Content

AI can be used to create long-form content. It can increase authority, improve SEO, and close more businesses. Scalenut's sophisticated AI technology makes long-form content pieces in a couple of seconds.

Real-Time Content Evaluation

Scalenut makes it easier to create high-quality content. It tells you how many NLP terms you used (and didn't) and the readability score and word count. You can obtain real-time feedback on the quality of your content with an SEO Assistant.

Collaborate with Professional Writers

Scalenut has professional creators with experience writing in your industry. A Scalenut Expert is there to help you if you need it.

How Does Scalenut Work?

I have come up with different content creation and AI Copywriting tools like Jasper, Rytr, etc., and now Scalenut. 

If you ask me how is Scalenut for you, I would prefer to tell you to try it once. Yes, I loved to make outputs from it. I have got all my content out of the tool in no time. 

The interface is user-friendly, and the outputs are seo-friendly. As discussed in the features, you can plan your content accordingly. 

Here is the list of things that I loved most in Scalenut while generating my output. 

Create content in a more efficient and effective manner

We've made the process insanely simple, from brainstorming concepts to producing complete briefs to creating content.

To plan content, rely on your own ideas. 

Start with a single phrase and receive comprehensive reports chock-full of valuable data. To help you plan content that will rank, SEO Assistant uses its knowledge of relevant phrases, h tags, readability, intent, and other aspects.

  • AI-powered reports 
  • Insights from the top 30 results
  • Quora and Reddit questions H tags with important terms

AI can provide you with winning content ideas and text

With AI Copywriter, you may get new and limitless content ideas at the touch of a button. Your unfair advantage extends to full blogs, email headers, ad copy, social media postings, and other content formats.

  • Ad copy
  • Email headers
  • Product descriptions
  • Blog introductions

Say, for example, let us see how a blog intro template works,

When I clicked on the respective template “Introduction Paragraph,” below is the screen where I was directed to.

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 6

Now, let me provide the necessary inputs for my blog intro.

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 7

Wow, I am completely impressed with the output; check out below, and hope you too will!

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 8

Create Google-friendly content

With our SEO Assistant's clever editor, make sure everything is in order, from key terms and image density to pertinent questions and h tags, and generate winning content every time.

  • AI copywriting for long-form content 
  • Real-time quality checks 
  • Royalty-free picture library

For instance, let us see how can you optimize your existing content using Scalenut. Click on Optimize Existing Content option from your dashboard.

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 9

When I clicked on the Optimize Existing Content, below is the screen that appeared.

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 10

Here is the output that helps me improve my content if it has a low score.

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 11

If you like to get more details, you can click on the Open Editor option available right next to your SEO score,

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 12

Outstanding Content Creators Copy

Behind the scenes, we pair you with seasoned industry professionals who subsequently produce outstanding content for you. Furthermore, our in-house editors perform thorough checks before the content reaches you.

  • Only 2% of professionals are in the top 2%.
  • Robust QA
  • Fast TAT

Now, let me give you a sample demo that helps you know how Scalenut works.

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 13

Step 1: Log in to your Scalenut account to see the Dashboard screen like the image. 

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 14

Here, you can see the features or the options that help you create your own content on the left side. 

SEO Assistant: Using this AI-Powered SEO Assistant, you can keep track of SEO for your content. 

AI Copywriter: Here, you can create Short-form content using the AI Copywriter tool

Managed Marketplace: This is mainly for businesses who seek an outstanding content quality

And rest includes the options that help you create or the editor look over the drafts you have saved earlier. 

Let me explain it with a live example. Let us consider the Product Description Template from AI Copywriting. 

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 15

After selecting the template, you will need to fill up the inputs. 

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 16
  1. Fill up the brand/product name for which you wish to create a product description. 
  2. Give a brief description of the product that helps the Scalenut bot to understand your requirement. 
  3. Once you have completed giving the inputs, it's time to “Generate” the output.

Using the “History” option, you can post-see your works that have been done earlier. You will get three outputs for a single input.

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 17

If you wish to edit or copy them, you can feel free to go ahead. And it is as simple as that. 

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 18

When we have discussed how Scalenut works, and now it's time to discuss its pricing. 

ScaleNut Pricing

Scalenut has you covered, whether you're an individual creator, a small business, or an agency. Choose a plan that best suits your requirements and build your business on winning content. Scalenut offers yearly and monthly subscriptions.

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 19

Here are the pricing Plans of Scalenut, 

  • Essential Plan
  • Growth Plan
  • Pro Plan

Essential plan – $39/month

Continue to create stuff for about 100,000 words. Free trial for 7 days.

  • 5 SEO articles per month 
  • SERP analysis
  • Chrome extension
  • 40+ AI tools
  • Email and chat support

Growth Plan 

The Growth plan costs $79 per month (Billed Monthly). The Plan costs $47 per month every year (Billed Annually). Respective creators and consultants will love it. Complete free access for 7 days.

Scalenut Review 2023 - Is It The Best Content Creation Tool? 20

Further the plan includes everything available in Essential plan, along with;

  • Unlimited words
  • Create Keyword clusters
  • 30 SEO articles for a month 
  • Audit and optimize your pages for free
  • Publish in WordPress using a single click 
  • Integrations across platforms

Pro Plan

The cost of this plan is $149 per month (Billed Monthly). This plan costs $89 per month on an annual basis (Billed Yearly). Large teams, corporations, and agencies will benefit from this tool. Complete free trial for 7 days option is availble.

The Pro plan includes all the features of the Growth plan, along with;

  • 75 SEO articles for a month
  • Unlimited AI words 
  • Can create 75 keyword clusters for a month
  • Can Audit and optimize 75 pages per month 
  • You will get a CS Manager
  • 1 user seat

If you wish add more user seats, it costs you separately. That is you have to pay $49 for a single additional user seat.


I have mentioned the Pros and Cons of the Scalenut live time users. 

  • “It collects data from Google and assists you in creating a content arrangement. But the best aspect is that it uses AI to assist you in writing the material.”
  • “Second, I like the report since it allows us to analyze competitors' content and SEO score. The report is particularly useful because it may be shared with clients and colleagues.”
  • “The nicest aspect is that it is accessible to everyone. This is something I strongly advise you to attempt.”
  • “The finest aspect is the Scalenut team's dedication to collecting input and connecting with consumers to create a fantastic product. We have the impression that we are a part of the development team.”


Scalenut's AI does not supply you with any customizable templates or a foundation.

Concluding Scalenut Review

Yes, I do. As I have revealed in my experience using Scalenut, it would be easier for you to take the next move. The best part of Scalenut is that you can use it as a Google Extension. 

Scalenut is far enough to go ahead compared to many AI content writing tools. If you wish to know its reviews, including Shortly AI Review, check it out and make the right decision. Try its free plan and re-confirm your decision before you get into the purchase. And the other Scalenut alternatives, in my opinion, are Jasper, Rytr, Copy AI, and Shortly AI. Cheers!