5 Best SeedProd Alternatives in 2021

SeedProd, the best WordPress builder, has become a handy solution for many WordPress users and website builders. When you’re using a landing page builder, you often try to explore your options. Having alternatives to what you’ve been using for a long time has become normal now. 

Here, you get to know not one but five best SeedProd Alternatives to use.

The Best SeedProd Alternative in 2021 are

1. Divi

From my personal experience, I would love to recommend Divi as the best SeedProd Alternative. Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes due to its intuitive appeal, attractiveness, and ease of use.

But it goes much beyond being just a WordPress theme. It’s a complete WordPress Page Builder that you can use to create beautiful landing pages and even a complete website.

It goes beyond a simple WordPress Post Editor and replaces it with a visual editor wherein you can build the pages in real-time. With 40 plus website elements and more than 800 pre-designed templates for your landing pages, there are no limits to experimentation on this page builder.

Not only do you get pre-designed templates, but you even have the option to fully customize those pages. So, personalization is never an issue. Moreover, customization is easier with the drag and drop page editor. All you need to do is pick up the elements and place them in your designs and templates.

Even marketing is a breeze with Divi due to its seamless integration with multiple email marketing tools and software. With such integrations, you can easily connect your landing pages with tools for building your email lists and running email campaigns.

The page builder even supports responsive features, and you don’t have to worry about how the pages would look on different screens because they’ll all look the same and offer the same experiences as well.

Not only would the pages look great on different screens, but they’ll help people accessing from different global locations as well with the multilingual support.

With all of these things, Divi is a brilliant WordPress theme and website builder, as advanced as SeedProd, and thus a great alternative.


  1. Drag and drop customizable page builder.
  2. Visual page editor.
  3. 40+ website elements.
  4. 800+ pre-designed templates.
  5. Seamless integration with other marketing tools.
  6. Multilingual support.


  1. The pre-designed templates, customizable page builder, and visual editor all bring ease to create beautiful and personalized landing pages.
  2. The multilingual support makes it easier to reach a global audience.
  3. Integration with other email marketing tools brings pace to your email list building and campaigns.


  1. While there’s a lot of ease of use, understanding how to best leverage that ease takes time.


Divi Themes have very lucrative pricing plans. You need one license, and you can use the page builder for as many websites as you like. This license costs only $89 a year, and there’s even a lifetime access plan at just $249.

This is much better and affordable than SeedProd, which has multiple plans, each of which limits the number of websites you get access to unless you get the highest plan at $239 per year. That’s almost equal to the lifetime access for Divi.

With that, not only is Divi a better alternative, but it’s more affordable as well.

Readout how to use Divi builder in WordPress.

2. Beaver Builder

The Beaver Builder, another popular WordPress Page Builder, is the next SeedProd alternative in my list that made my landing page work easier. With its drag and drop visual page builder and editor, you can create, edit, and customize your landing pages in real-time.

Beaver Builder is a tool that gives you complete control of your website. Not only does Beaver Builder allows creating beautiful landing pages, but it also provides access to the Beaver Builder themes through which you can have any theme on your landing pages and even edit those themes as you may like.

Additionally, the theme add-on provides similar features like SeedProd in the sense that using it, you can create page layouts and customized templates for 404 redirects. Not only could you create such customized layouts and templates, but you can save them in your system as well.

Besides that, just like SeedProd, the Beaver Builder too helps create pages in blocks and sections, and you can have separate layouts and designs for every part of the landing pages, including the headers and footers.

Add to that other features like SEO-friendliness, responsiveness, ease of use, compatibility with codes, and it’s a complete package.


  1. Responsive, customizable, and easy-to-use drag and drop builder.
  2. Visual editor to create and edit pages in real-time.
  3. Themer add-on to help create and save customizable templates and layouts of your own.
  4. SEO-friendly.
  5. Developer-friendly.


  1. You have unlimited capabilities for creativity, personalization, and innovation with the drag and drop visual editor.
  2. You can easily rank your landing pages and website on top of the SERPs with SEO-friendly features.
  3. Compatibility with multiple codes makes it developer-friendly and opens up more capabilities for landing page creation.
  4. Customizable layouts and templates that you can save for future use bring ease and pace to working.


  1. Even with many useful features, the page builder lacks some important tools that you easily get in other WordPress Page Builders.


The standard plan comes at $99 a year, and there are two higher options for $199 and $399 a year.

Now, on the face, these plans look costlier than SeedProd, which offers its basic plan for $39 a year and the highest plan goes to $239 a year.

However, with Beaver Builder, one benefit is whatever plan you take, you get unlimited sites access. That’s not something available with SeedProd.

But again, SeedProd has more tools, features, and functionalities. All in all, both Beaver Builder and SeedProd are on almost equal standing and come as good alternatives to each other.

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3. Thrive Architect

From my usage, Thrive Architect, the popular SeedProd Alternative, includes all essential features in it.

The Thrive Suite is becoming a popular tool for WordPress websites with multiple plugins that are loaded with intuitive features and functionalities. The Thrive Architect is among these Thrive Suite plugins that come as a brilliant WordPress Page Builder and are an amazing alternative to SeedProd.

With a drag and drop visual page builder, the Thrive Architect helps see your actions in real-time, and you can easily edit and customize your landing pages from the big pre-designed template library that consists of more than 300 templates and themes.

What adds to the ease of creating landing pages on Thrive Architect is the customized buttons that you could add to the landing pages. These pages are designed to drive conversions. So, when you’re building landing pages over Thrive Architect, you can be rest assured that they will bring conversions.

Not only can you create highly convertible landing pages, but the plugin is great for designing your web pages, blog posts, etc., and seamlessly meets your end-to-end page building requirements.

Besides that, it easily integrates with all the Thrive Suite plugins, which help achieve extended functionalities.

With all such features, it’s a fantastic SeedProd plugin alternative in your hand because it does a lot more than what SeedProd can do and in the same easy to use, responsive, and customizable manner.


  1. Drag and drop, visual, customizable page builder and editor.
  2. Excellent template library.
  3. Customizable buttons for driving higher conversions.
  4. Seamless integration with other tools and APIs.


  1. The easily customizable templates and buttons without the need for any coding whatsoever make it a very handy and easy-to-understand easy-to-use tool.
  2. Integration with other Thrive Suite plugins and APIs help extend the functionalities of the landing pages.
  3. It’s good for not just landing page creation but supports with end to end website page building needs and requirements.


  1. It’s not a standalone plugin. You get it exclusively with the Thrive Suite.


Comparing the pricing plans of both SeedProd and Thrive Architect, the latter stands a better chance at affordability. Although not standalone, the Thrive Suite basic plan comes only at $19 a month if you pay for the annual subscription. Alternatively, you could take a quarterly subscription for $90.

At that price, you not only get the Thrive Suite page builder but a license for all of the Thrive Suite plugins.

But when you take SeedProd, it costs more or less the same, in fact, more, and all you get is a page builder, and that too the one that limits the number of sites you can access over it based on your plan.

Considering this factor and all the other features and functionalities that you can leverage with the Thrive Architect Page Builder, it’s a very good SeedpProd Alternative for your consideration.

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4. Elementor

After my trial, I would suggest Elementor as the best SeedProd alternative. Elementor is the most used WordPress Page Builder and Editor after Divi. The alternative saves you lots of costs in taking up hosting services.

It’s preferred mostly by non-technical people considering that you need not write even a single line of code when working with it, and you shall be ready with beautiful and attractive landing pages, web pages, and blog posts within minutes.

It has a live drag and drop editor that helps you easily customize your web pages and landing pages using more than 90 widgets available in the tool. All you have to do is pick the elements and place them in your design. What makes things easier further is the ability to create and edit in blocks.

With this block editing, you can easily place the website elements in the right places and maintain consistent margin and padding. Moreover, you can play with colors and designs too. With all that, you achieve pixel-perfect web pages, landing pages, and blog posts that bring in leads and conversions.

In addition to all these website-building features, Elementor is another step ahead as it helps you host your website and landing pages too.

Furthermore, Elementor has everything that SeedProd has, be it the readymade colors and designs, templates, customization ability, ease of use, or anything else. With that, it’s an ideal SeedProd Alternative.


  1. Drag and drop page builder and editor.
  2. 90+ website widgets.
  3. Highly customizable.
  4. Ready to build and design templates.
  5. Hosting for your landing pages and web pages.


  1. The ability to create the pages in blocks with a drag and drop editor, pre-designed templates, and customization ability helps achieve ease of use and a high level of personalization.
  2. The no-code requirements make this builder perfect even for non-technical people.
  3. The ability to host the pages saves a lot of costs.


  1. The widgets that you may use shall not always look good on your landing pages.


Elementor is costly if you look at the pricing plans. For starters, there’s no plan that gives you unlimited websites, as is the case with SeedProd highest plan that comes at $239 a year.

The basic plan at Elementor, which provides single site access, comes at $49 a year, while you can get the same at SeedProd for just $39 a year. The highest plan that provides access for up to 10k websites is $999 a year, far more than the highest plan at SeedProd.

So, as far as pricing is concerned, SeedProd takes the edge. But if you want a great page builder perfect to your likings, Elementor shall come off as a much better option.

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5. OptimizePress

OptimizePress, with its amazing feature, made me add in the best SeedProd Alternative list. OptimizePress is again a WordPress plugin with amazing features and functionalities.

With this WordPress page builder, you can easily create your landing pages with minimal coding and high customization. All you need to do is use the drag and drop editor. OptimizePress comes with a vast template library, and every pre-designed template in this directory is easily customizable, and you can add amazing personalization to your landing pages.

Moreover, it helps extend your abilities by helping your marketing goals and objectives too with simple and seamless integration with other tools, plugins, and APIs. 

Additionally, you need not look for separate hosting as the plugin itself shall provide the same. That saves you lots of costs as well. 

With all of this, OptimizePress, a pretty good alternative to SeedProd, even if it lacks most of the advanced features and functionalities.


  1. Drag and Drop page builder and editor.
  2. Highly customizable templates.
  3. Self-hosted plugin
  4. Seamless integration with other tools and APIs.


  1. Its drag and drop page editor helps design pages with minimal coding, and you get significant ease of use in creating landing pages.
  2. With the pre-designed templates, you don’t have to give much thought to the designs; however, you have full freedom to customize the pages as you like.
  3. Integration with other plugins helps benefit with added features and functionalities.
  4. The self-hosting feature helps save additional costs for hosting services.


  1. While it’s a good page builder, it failed to advance with time like its competitors.


While OptimizePress is known for its affordability, between SeedProd and OptimizePress, SeedProd takes the edge with the basic plan costing just $39 a year. The same at OptimizePress costs $99 a year.

However, the features are pretty good, not very advanced like SeedProd, though, but beneficial. With that, it’s a pretty good alternative for meeting your landing page creation requirements.

What is SeedProd?

SeedProd is the best WordPress Page Builder. With drag and drop page builder, customizable template library, email integration, built-in and ready to use color pallets, page sections, and blocks, and advanced features and functionalities like coming soon pages, maintenance pages, customizable 404 redirects, and a lot more; there’s no reason for anyone to not love this WordPress Page Builder.

However, SeedProd is not the only solution in your hands. There are many more WordPress Page Builders that are equally good, and they can very well serve as a great SeedProd Alternative. 

Which is the best SeedProd Alternative for you? 

Among these five best SeedProd Alternatives, Divi is the overall best SeedProd alternative. Each alternative comes with its own pros and cons, and what suits depend on your overall needs and requirements.

I hope this article has helped you know your options and you’d not hesitate to try them whenever you feel the need!