SEMrush Alternatives

10 Best SEMRush Alternatives in 2023 – Which is Affordable?

SEMRush is one of the most popular tools among digital marketers and SEO specialists for the purpose of working on search engine optimization. However, that’s not the only tool that you can use.

There are many other tools that pose as SEMRush alternatives. If you are indeed looking for the same, here are some of the best options for your consideration and exploration.

SEMrush Alternatives

The SEMRush Alternative Is

1. Serpstat

In my honest opinion, Serpstat is the overall best SEMRush alternative. Serpstat initially started as a keyword research tool. However, over time, it kept coming with new updates and upgrades and presently claims to be an end-to-end growth hacking tool.

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The tool has excellent features and functionalities for all digital marketing processes. Be it search engine optimization, PPC advertising, or Google ads management, Serpstat has got tools for all these purposes.

You can easily perform competitor analysis and track the activities of your competitors to get insights into how they are working and ranking over the search engines. With these insights, it’s easier for you to plan your website SEO.

The keyword research tool of Serpstat makes it even easier to find the right keywords for optimizing your content and ranking higher on the search engine results pages. Additionally, you can check how your web pages and blog posts are ranking on the search engines by using the rank checker tool in Serpstat. Furthermore, you can compare it all with the competitor rankings too.

Another highlight of the rank checker tool is that you can constantly and regularly track the rankings for your web pages and posts and ensure that the ranks don’t go down.

Besides that, Serpstat is also equipped with many tools and solutions for helping you with your PPC advertisement campaigns. You can look into the competitor keywords and other ranking keywords in Google AdWords. This would help you plan your campaigns better and achieve more successful results from them.

In addition to all these features and functionalities, using this platform is extremely easy. The platform has almost the same user interface as SEMRush, and that makes it easier for you to make the shift.

Moreover, the support functionality of Serpstat is also great. You need not go fishing for any support emails or keep waiting for replies. Serpstat Support comes with a live chat feature using which you can get instant replies to your questions and queries.

So, the tool is pretty great in all its features and functionalities, which makes it a SEMRush alternative that you should definitely try and explore.

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2. Mangools

The next overall best SEMRush Alternative is Mangools. The platform is equipped with a range of different tools that support multiple SEO functionalities and processes. The entire platform works with five different sets of tools to help with keyword research, competitor analysis, and other search engine optimization processes.

10 Best SEMRush Alternatives in 2023 - Which is Affordable? 1

The keyword research is supported by the KWFinder tool in the Mangools toolset. With this tool, you can easily find the most competitive keywords along with their search volumes and build your keyword lists to start working on your SEO content and other SEO processes.

In addition to finding keywords through the KWFinder Keyword Research Tool, you can further enhance your research by finding the keyword difficulty, competition, search volume, and other such details about the keywords by using the SERPChecker Keyword Difficulty Finder tool on the platform.

With this, it becomes much easier for you to decide the keywords that you want to target to get the desired ranking for your web pages. Moreover, you can constantly track the rankings and work on them by using the SERPWatcher Rank Checker tool of Mangools.

You can easily check the rankings for every single keyword that you are targeting and constantly track them to be consistently aware of your position on the search engines.

Additionally, the platform also has tools for backlink analysis and mining. With the LinkMiner tool, you can easily check the different links you are getting from other websites and web pages. This also helps in competitor analysis as you can check the backlinks that your competitors are creating too.

Another great solution for competitor analysis available on Mangools is its SiteProfiler tool that helps with a seamless website audit. This tool shows a complete breakdown of the different SEO metrics on a site. With those insights, you can know how your competitors are working and then plan your strategies accordingly.

With all this toolset, Mangools is a robust platform, much similar to SEMRush and definitely a great alternative to explore.

3. SEO PowerSuite

The affordable SEMRush alternative is SEO PowerSuite. This platform is no less than a one-stop SEO solution, just like SEMRush. Be it keyword research, competitor analysis, website audits, rank tracking, backlink creation, or any other SEO activity; you can do it all using the excellent tools available on SEO PowerSuite.

The platform is equipped with tools for keyword research, backlink analysis, content editing, PPC ads creation, management, and optimization, and every other thing that you shall ever need to enhance the ranking of your website on search engine results pages.

But the availability of all kinds of tools for search engine optimization is not the best part of this tool. What makes SEO PowerSuite unique is the fact that the platform offers custom SEO solutions. As such, you have complete flexibility and control over the maintenance of the SEO data and insights you get from this platform.

Another great thing about SEO PowerSuite is its automation features. The platform has a very intuitive user interface that’s easy to understand and set up. Additionally, you can automate different SEO activities within the platform set up to further ease out your tasks and jobs.

Furthermore, you even get detailed SEO reports based on all the keyword research, backlink analysis, and rank tracking performed by different tools packed within this tool.

Another major highlight of the tool is that you get many solutions over it free of cost, and even with the paid plans, there are not many limits or restrictions, as is the case with other SEO tools.

Given all these features and functionalities, SEO PowerSuite is a great solution in your hands, especially when you are looking for some budget-friendly options.

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4. SERanking

Another all-in-one SEO SEMRush alternative, SERanking, has a simple and intuitive interface and exemplary features to make your search engine optimization tasks simple. The solution is packed with all kinds of SEO and marketing tools.

10 Best SEMRush Alternatives in 2023 - Which is Affordable? 2

You will ever need to enhance the web presence of your website by getting it to rank higher over the SERPs.

The platform has an excellent tool for keyword research and analysis that helps build exhaustive keyword lists based on their search volumes and competition. The building of these keywords lists is further aided by the different competitor analysis and website audit tools available on the platform.

Additionally, the platform has an intuitive tool for backlink analysis and rank tracking that helps check how your backlinks are performing and how your website is ranking for different keywords.

Furthermore, you can even use the platform for social media management with its different tools that allow you to schedule your posts for social media and also provide detailed analytics on the performance of those posts. 

Besides that, the platform also has multiple SEO reporting tools that help you generate quick and detailed SEO reports to track your activities and performance and plan further actions based on the analysis of the reports.

With all of this, the tool definitely has excellent potential as a search engine optimization and overall digital marketing solution, which makes it a competitive alternative to SEMRush or any other SEO tool for that matter.

5. Spyfu

Spyfu, the next SEMRush alternative, although not an end-to-end SEO solution, can be a great catch if you wish to track the activities of your competitors and plan your SEO strategy based on the analysis and insights from those activities.

10 Best SEMRush Alternatives in 2023 - Which is Affordable? 3

Spyfu is more oriented towards competitor research, and when it comes to that, the platform has excellent tools to look into the activities of the competitors, be it for SEO or for PPC advertisements.

The platform is equipped with multiple tools and solutions that help analyze competitor keywords, backlinks, and rankings as regards their PPC advertisements, as well as SEO for the websites.

In addition to helping with this seamless competitor research, Spyfu also offers suggestions on planning your own SEO and PPC ads strategies. 

As such, the entire toolkit of Spyfu can help you attain your SEO goals and objectives by helping with processes like competitor research and analysis, keyword research and analysis, rank tracking and analysis, backlink creation, and a lot more, thereby proving to be an equally good SEO solution like SEMRush, if not better.

6. Ahrefs

The popular SEMRush Alternative, Ahrefs, is one SEO solution that is more popular among digital marketers than SEMRUsh. Ahrefs has been relied upon by digital marketers and SEO specialists big time to meet their purposes, needs, and requirements.

10 Best SEMRush Alternatives in 2023 - Which is Affordable? 4

And why not? After all, this platform has every single tool, feature, and functionality that anyone seeking out to enhance the SEO of their website shall ever need.

From starting with the initial website audit to getting the end-to-end SEO reports, Ahrefs supports everything. It has a robust and functional site audit tool that not only helps you analyze your own website for on-page SEO, but you can even look into the competitor websites to determine the strength of their SEO processes and activities.

In addition to the site audit tool for website analysis, you can even use the Site Explorer tool of the platform to look into the websites and activities of the competitors. With this tool, you can explore every small detail about your competitors, and then taking inspiration from the insights of your analysis; you can plan your SEO strategy.

Other tools such as Keyword Explorer, Content Explorer, and Rank Tracker further help in strengthening your SEO strategies as well as the results that you get from them.

In addition to having this strong toolkit for meeting your end-to-end SEO needs and requirements, Ahrefs is also equipped with phenomenal learning guides and resources, and you can access all of them without paying a dime.

The learning is further supported by the strong community of SEO and digital marketing experts who are ever ready to discuss different SEO concepts and strategies. Besides that, even Ahrefs has a strong support team to help with all your queries and questions.

With all of this, Ahrefs is much similar to SEMRush, and some may even say that it’s a better solution. The only possible problem due to which people may drift from Ahrefs is its cost. However, a little more price for an excellent solution in your hands only seems fair. So, you might as well explore the tool, and who knows, it might really serve you better than any other SEO tool that you have used until now.

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7. AccuRanker

The fastest SEMRush alternative, Accuranker, helps you in tracking the rankings of your website and web pages for different keywords. It claims to be the fastest keywords rank tracker, and the claims are absolutely true. 

10 Best SEMRush Alternatives in 2023 - Which is Affordable? 5

AccuRanker is designed with excellent features and functionalities to analyze data and metrics across multiple landing pages and websites and present detailed reports on the rankings of your website for different targeted keywords.

Be it keywords based on locations, search volumes, competition, competitor keywords, or any other keywords at all, AccuRanker is equipped with functionalities to track them, analyze them, and show you where you stand on the search engine results pages.

Additionally, the tool can easily integrate with other third-party applications, tools, and solutions so as to extend the functionalities that it offers.

Moreover, if you have any queries or questions in relation to the tool and its use, you can find your answers within the resources available in the help center, or you can contact the support team through live chat features.

Moreover, the tool also offers one-to-one practice sessions with its support team experts to help you better understand its working and use.

With all these features, although the tool is not an end-to-end SEO solution, neither is it as extensive, exhaustive, functional and feature-rich as SEMRush, it still poses as a good solution that you can use as an alternative, especially when tracking rankings is your major focus for using a tool like this.

8. MarketMuse

MarketMuse, the AI-based SEMRush alternative, is essentially a content creation tool packed with features and functionalities that help you generate better quality content in higher quantity in a faster time.

10 Best SEMRush Alternatives in 2023 - Which is Affordable? 6

The tool has an AI content writer using which you can easily create any type of content you like. Be it website content, SEO content, blogs, articles, product reviews, product descriptions, affiliate content, or any other form of content at all, the AI assistant in MarketMuse shall help you generate it all in no time at all.

The tool essentially helps you with content research, content planning and provides you with content briefs that you can use to create your copies and content.

In addition to helping you generate content from scratch, the tool even helps you edit your already written content with its excellent AI text editor.

With all of this, MarketMuse is an excellent content planning solution in the hands of any content writer or content marketer.

Now, this is definitely much different than what SEMRush offers; however, it still makes its way in this list of SEMRush alternatives, given the fact that content is one of the most important aspects of any SEO process.

So, while not as exhaustive in meeting your SEO requirements as SEMRush, MarketMuse meets one of the major requirements for search engine optimization, which in turn makes it a good tool to explore and use as an alternative to SEMRush, or at least in tandem with it.

9. Web CEO

Another great platform like SEMRush with all essential SEO and digital marketing tools is Web CEO. The platform is equipped with more than 23 different pro tools to support different SEO processes, including keyword research and analysis, competitor research, and analysis.

10 Best SEMRush Alternatives in 2023 - Which is Affordable? 7

It helps you enhance the SEO of your website and rank it higher over the search engine results pages. In addition to solutions and tools for SEO, Web CEO is also equipped with tools for social media management and optimization. So, not only can you leverage the power of websites to grow your business by generating leads, but you can equally tap into the power of social media too for lead generation and business growth.

Additionally, the processes become easier with Web CEO as it helps your entire SEO team to collaborate for working, even from remote locations.

Besides that, the platform also has solutions for SEO report creation so that you have detailed insights into how your SEO efforts and strategies are working out for you.

Another excellent highlight of Web CEO is that you can use it to offer SEO services too. So, not only do you benefit by strengthening the search engine optimization for your own website, but you also get a chance to earn some additional profits by building a clientele for SEO services.

With all of this, Web CEO goes a long way towards meeting your SEO needs and requirements and can even do things better than what SEMRush can do, which makes it a must-try SEO solution.

10. Majestic

The next affordable SEMRush alternative, Majestic, is essentially software that has an end-to-end focus on link building for SEO. It has tools for backlink analysis and tracking to help you check the links.

10 Best SEMRush Alternatives in 2023 - Which is Affordable? 8

You have been building as a part of your SEO strategy and see how they are ranking for different targeted keywords.

Additionally, the solution has an end-to-end link-building toolset that helps you create the backlinks that you need for getting your website to rank higher over the search engine results pages.

In addition to these tools for link-building and analysis, Majestic SEO also has a site explorer that gives you insights into the competitor's website so that you can analyze their link-building process and plan your SEO strategies based on the insights you get.

So, Majestic is not as robust a tool as SEMRush, and rather than meeting your end-to-end SEO, and digital marketing needs like SEMRush does, Majestic keeps its focus only on link-building and analysis features.

This particular inclination of the tool on one specific process makes it less good than SEMRush; however, it still is a good alternative for your consideration, and if your major focus is on link-building, then Majestic will surely serve you better than SEMRush.

Which is the Best SEMRush Alternative For You?

Among all, I would recommend Serpstat as the best SEMRush alternative for you. Next, you can go for an affordable SEMRush alternative like SEOPowerSuite. You can also try a few Robust platforms like Ahrefs, Mangools, and SERanking.

So, these are some of the best SEMRush Alternatives that you can try out. Not every alternative mentioned in the list is an end-to-end SEO solution, and many of them are nowhere close to SEMRush either. However, if your needs are limited, they can serve your purposes. The need for you is to analyze every tool for its features and functionalities and then decide where you wish to put your money.

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  1. Hi,
    The cheap plan for Serpstat doesn’t exist anymore. Is it still a good choice ?
    It is still cheaper than Semrush (10 projects with Serp v/s 3 with SemR.
    Tks for your advice

    1. Yeah, Serpstat still a good choice considering the pricing & data. You can try Serpstat for free and then move to paid plan if you love it.

  2. Adrash kumar says:

    Hi, Mohan raj
    I know that Ahrefs is best competitive to SEMrush. But can I go to Ahrefs tools? Present I am using SEMrush seo tools.

    1. If you are doing client SEO, Stay with SEMrush as it provides robust features. Ahrefs lacks in it.

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