SEnuke TNG Review – The SEO Automation Tool

SEnuke has come up with the most advanced SEO tool in 2016. I always wondered what SEnuke is going to bring in 2016 for SEO since there are no regular updates for SEnuke xcr in 2016.

Now my friends Joe Russell and Areeb Bajwa from SEnuke has come up with the most advanced automated SEO tool – SEnuke TNG.

This post brings you can find the best SEnuke TNG review you will find on the internet right now. I own a copy of SEnuke TNG and look how I use it for my SEO automation.

Welcome SEnuke TNG.

Introducing SEnuke TNG

SEnuke TNG review and tutorials

SEnuke TNG is the latest SEO software from the SEnuke family with a lot of upgradations. SEnuke TNG was considered as one of the most valuable and powerful SEO tools on the planet right now.

You can cancel all your expensive SEO tools subscriptions and try hands-on with SEnuke TNG with this discount.

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SEnuke TNG Review

SEnuke TNG Review and Tutorials

Most People knows the fact that Google considers nearly 200 factors to rank a web page where backlinks are still deemed to be the most important factor in 2016.

So More authority links = First page on Google.

You can do this works by link building. But what’s the catch with SEnuke TNG? It automates everything one need to take his page to Google page one.

SEnuke is taking link building to next level with this awesome tool.

Do you still doubt Senuke’s tool? I will explain how SEnuke works in a step by step guide.

There is only one step.

Enter the website URL and keywords you want to rank. That’s it you’re done.

With this simple step, SEnuke TNG does

  • Fully Optimized SEO Campaigns
  • High authority Social link profiles
  • Increased Keyword Search Clicks
  • High Authority Web Profiles
  • Media Rich Content
  • Press Releases and So Much More…

As per SEnuke,

Everything is professionally interlinked to create unique, strategically optimized and highly effective backlink profiles that use TODAYS ranking factors to get your websites moving towards that number one position in Google.

Though SEnuke claims they are the best SEO tool, I kept myself fixed to try this SEnuke TNG, and the results will be added at the end of this post.

My SEnuke TNG review post is going to help anyone who is looking for how to use SEnuke tutorials.

SEnuke TNG Features

In Short, SEnuke TNG does

  • All the Email Accounts You Need
  • Unlimited Verified Proxies
  • High Profile Site Lists
  • Quality Relevant Content
  • Advanced Captcha Solving (Solves Google Captchas others can’t)
  • Dozens of Strategic Link Building Campaign Templates
  • NEW Step-by-Step Expert TNG Training

Here I have mentioned some of the notable new features that I found using SEnuke

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Feature #1 – Wizard and Turbo Wizard

This one is the best thing I considered worth mentioning here. Even if you are new to SEO, wizard and Turbo wizard helps you to create SEO campaigns in a perfect way.

There is a new advanced wizard which creates SEO optimized niche related titles and tags. In the old version, we need to choose the campaign run time (which is an enormous headache), but this SEnuke TNG automatically recommends the optimal days for running a perfect campaign.

automatic wizard

Loop Mode – one of the best feature I found in SEnuke TNG. If you set your campaign in loop mode, the TNG automatically collect new links and put into the content and helps us to rank higher.

So if you site at Google 2nd page, the loop mode acquires additional links which are in a way moves your site to Google page one automatically.

Is this one awesome, right ?

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Wait Project – one of the biggest problems in automating SEO is penalization from Google. If Google thinks your site is doing black hat things, there it will be penalized. Here comes the Wait project.

Instead of running the campaign continuously, you can set different dates. By this way, search engine thinks your site acts naturally and gives you all the ranking your site needs.

While writing this SEnuke TNG review post, I thought people got an awesome tool for their SEO automations.

Premium social network


These sites are unlike regular Social Network sites in that they are not all built on the same platform but rather, they are unique to TNG. This means that the links created here will have much more value than any other links, AND they are considerably more unique in the SEO world.

Until now you would have to build such links by hands. However, SEnuke TNG will automate this entire process. Also, sites protected with the new Google “I am Not A Robot” (NoCaptcha) security, can be used in the new SEnuke TNG



Source: senuke.com

Feature #2- Article Manager

TNG’s new Article Manager gives you complete control over your SEO campaign content.

In previous versions of SEnuke, you setup the project/campaign and then you generated content for that project/campaign only. In SEnuke TNG, the direct link between content and the campaign is gone.

Now you setup your niche specific content once and then can use it many times over in multiple different campaigns. You can think of course add, remove or change the content anytime you like and this can now be done directly from within the Article Manager. You can also change all of the content in all the campaigns linked to it with just a click.

senuke article manager

Smart Link Placement – SEnuke TNG articles looks into the keywords in the article and automatically links it. The tool follows the proper linking guidance as suggested by Google and so the articles will look like naturally written by writers.

Automatic Authority Links – TNG can generate automated authority links and place them within your article, these are always placed contextually. This helps to give your article higher credibility, making it look totally authentic and natural. This is because your article is no longer just linking to you your website, but also linking out to other respected high authority sites.

See how you’re linking to authority sites in your niches. This, in turn, increases outreach and increases social signals.

Content Sources – As far as I saw TNG  integrates automated with Kontent Machine and now you can generate as many unique articles as needed.

IMPROVED Spinning – TNG is also integrated with spinners sites like The Best Spinner, Word AI, and Spin Rewriter, as well as their class-leading auto spinner built right into the software. Now with TNG, you can get your content from multiple sources and spin it on demand instantly.

Feature #3 – Crowd search


How about thousands of people searching your site for your keywords automatically and then clicks on your link. This process drastically improves

This is damn cool where you need to enter the site URL and the keywords which you need to rank. SEnuke TNG automatically makes Google queries for your keywords and clicks on your link.

Also with its indexing feature, you don’t need to worry about indexations problems. The tool works with top indexation services and makes sure that all your websites links are visited by Google.

Feature #4 – Inbuilt OCR

So you are paying hundreds of dollars for OCR services, right ? Dude, they come built in with SEnuke TNG.The tool is built in the way to solve most complicated captchas.

Fire Feature #5  – Inbuilt premium proxies.

Say Goodbye to external proxies.I think this is the first kind of software which comes with inbuilt premium proxies, and it too rotates the proxies for better performance.

Get SEnuke TNG free for now

Get SEnuke TNG free for now

SEnuke Results

I will update results once I started using it back. For now, check some of the results which were ranked using SEnuke.

crowdsearch results senuke

senuke ranking proofs crowdsearch results senuke

 crowdsearch results senuke

Final note

I bought a personal copy for my SEO campaigns, and I started loving it. I just tell my clients I’m doing SEO automation for your work and if they agree I do automation with SEnuke TNG. By doing so, it saves a lot of time for me giving me some more time for my personal life.

In case if you need any queries, please feel free to ask them here.

P.S.: This is our private link to grab SEnuke TNG with most discount.

Get SEnuke TNG free for now

SEnuke TNG

SEnuke TNG

Article manager




      Inbuilt proxies


        Captcha solver


          Inbuilt OCR



            • Windows 10 comaptiable
            • Premium proxies inbuilt
            • Works Faster
            • SEO Campaign templates
            • SERP results


            • Some bugs are found while working but it will be updated in further updates.
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