5 SEO Link Building Strategies That Works in 2023

SEO Link Building Strategies

If you are looking for new Strategies to kickstart your SEO Link Building game, then you are in the right place.

If you want a dynamic website with maximum visibility, you should consider how your website will achieve that sweet, high PageRank

Not only does a high PageRank put you on top of search engine results pages (SERPs), but it also increases the chances that you get high-quality links. But first, let’s start with how humble beginnings can change and grow into a ranking above your competitor’s website.

There is no doubt that you need SEO for your website. And link building is an integral part of this process. Through link building, you can establish relationships within your niche.

As you continue to build links with other websites, your website becomes accessible through the links you’ve given them. This gives your website a lot of visibility through link building.

You gain increased organic traffic and a more substantial online presence through effective link-building strategies. This also expands your network and connections and helps you build relationships.

This will ultimately result in higher revenue. If you want to improve your link-building strategies, you’ll need to update your strategy from time to time. 

With the latest update of Google’s algorithm, you should recheck whether your link building strategy is considered either grey or black hat link building techniques. I know minimal this can be a lot of tasks to do, but this is important for your website’s credibility.

You can always outsource link building if you have the budget. These link-building services still earn you high-quality links the right way. But if you don’t have the budget for this, you can try out these up-to-date SEO link-building techniques.

Here are the link-building methods that are a sure win for your website. These techniques will gain you more backlinks for your website.

It’s annoying to see an error 404 when you click on a link. These links are considered broken links or dead links. If your website has many broken links, you should consider updating your website’s links.

You can lose links because a website has updated its URL and did not redirect or when a website is no longer available. This can also happen when a website rebrands or a major website redesign.

Thus, you should reclaim these broken links. These were yours before, so why not recycle them?

We can split broken links into two categories. There are broken internal links (those links from your website that redirect to another part of your website) and lost external backlinks (those links from another website that redirect to your website).

Fixing broken internal links are often disregarded, but this helps you in two ways. First, it improves the usability of your website by removing broken internal links. It also improves your website’s SEO.

Internal links help you distribute page authority and aids in the navigation of your website. If these links are broken, your website will perform poorly and not be as competitive as other websites.

5 SEO Link Building Strategies That Works in 2023 1

Find broken links using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a useful tool to keep tabs on your website’s performance. You can find your broken internal links using this tool. And the best part is, it’s easy and free to use!

External backlinks are the backlinks you gained but then lost because of some website upgrade. You should reclaim these links because otherwise, all those efforts will just go to waste. 

But recovering these high-quality backlinks can be challenging. Unlike dealing with internal backlinks, you don’t have full control over these situations. 

5 SEO Link Building Strategies That Works in 2023 2

Backlink checker for bloggingio.com showing the number of external backlinks for your website.

You can find these links using free backlink checkers online. After having a list of broken backlinks, send an email to the website owner. 

Update them on your website’s URL. They will be more than happy to hear from you because this is mutually beneficial. They get to fix their broken link as you fix your broken backlink.

Link reclamation benefits your SEO by improving your website. This also builds your linking profile, helping you build a relationship with other website owners. You gain new links without even building new ones. All you need is to update broken links.

4. Unlinked Brand Mentions

You can find some mentions of your brand without the appropriate link back to your website. For link building, this is an opportunity. 

5 SEO Link Building Strategies That Works in 2023 3

You can find brand mentions using brand monitoring tools.

After finding those mentions that did not link back to you, you should take action by sending out emails. Politely ask them to add a link back to your website. If you could explain how adding your website will benefit them, that’s even better. 

You can’t expect that every unlinked brand mentioned will get linked to you. However, whenever you get a link, it’s a big win because you’re only investing a minimal effort with this tactic. 

5. Guest Posts

Guest posting is still an effective strategy in 2022. Even though it is a bit traditional, doing guest posting the right way will gain you quality backlinks.

Don’t just recreate existing content and stuff it with links. This will get you in real trouble. Instead, use Content Optimization tools to provide high-quality content worth your readers’ time.

5 SEO Link Building Strategies That Works in 2023 4

Guest posting is still a competitive link-building technique if done the right way. Out of the professionals who took the link building survey, 22.86% said that guest posting is still a method.

Come up with valuable content intended for your host’s audience. If they have specific requirements for their guest posts, you should follow their guidelines. 

After submitting your content piece, take this opportunity to build a connection with your client. If you’re guest posting for an editor, you can ask them if you can be a regular contributor.

Once you’ve connected with them, ask them if they have any articles still in progress and if they need any help. This is another opportunity to add your links through statistics, tips, and other helpful data for that content.

6. Niche edits

Niche edits: this is a new yet promising link-building technique. It has similar goals to that of guest posting without writing an entire article.

5 SEO Link Building Strategies That Works in 2023 5

A more accessible form of guest posting is because you don’t need to write an article. You only have to add your link to a contextually relevant keyword in an existing article in your niche in niche edits. Simple as that.

Niche edits are significant because they increase your link’s exposure in your niche. However, you need to choose which articles you’d want your link to be associated with. It’s best to select websites with real traffic and domain authority for conversion in Niche Edits.

Make sure to choose articles that are relevant to your niche. In this way, people from your niche will see your website and potentially gain you more traffic and backlinks. 

Rather than writing an entire article, niche edits can have the same benefits as guest posting. 

I know links from Q&A platforms are nofollow, but that doesn’t mean that these platforms won’t help you at all. When used correctly, these platforms will drive traffic back to your website.

The key here is trust and relevance.

People nowadays are searching for long-tail queries more often than they are searching for generic keywords. Thus, Q&A platforms appear more often than other websites.

5 SEO Link Building Strategies That Works in 2023 6

You can upvote answers and even questions on Quora and Reddit. The more your posts are upvoted, the more your answers become visible. 

And the results here are not based on who answered the question but the answer to the question itself. The more relevant your answers are, the more credible your profile.

This is where link building comes in. After you establish your profile and prove that you’re a credible source, people will be curious about your profile. Make sure that you have a link to your website on your profile.

You can also add links to your website on your answers, but only if it helps. This way, you can drive more traffic back to your website and potentially increase backlinks. 

Quick-win strategies!

Now that you know the useful link-building methods for 2023, why not try them yourself. These strategies are easy to do yet produce promising results for your link-building campaign.