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SEO Sprint Review: How Good is This 10-Day SEO Program?

The course is called SEO Sprint and has been created by Shane Melaugh. Before we get to the SEO Sprint Review and what it comprises, let us have a glimpse of Shane Melaugh’s life and work so far.

‘Thrive Themes’ has always surprised its users with excellent products from time to time, and it’s time for a brilliant course launch this time. 

SEO Sprint Review

For those who are wondering as what SEO Sprint is all about and how it is going to be different from any other SEO courses?

Shane Melaugh created this SEO Sprint course based on his own online marketing experiences, incorporating the best strategies for your business success.

What is SEO Sprint?

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SEO Sprint is a 10 days SEO course for busy entrepreneurs or Solopreneurs that teaches you the modern SEO to generate leads to your business based on the 80/20 approach.

The course is co-authored from Viola Eva from Flow SEO where they handle SEO for big global business.  

This one time investment along with lifetime access, 30 days money back guarantee, make this one of the best SEO course right now! 

Most importantly, the course has been designed for busy entrepreneurs and shall cover all the business models and their optimization. As far as the duration of the course is concerned, SEO Sprint is a 10-Day SEO program and launched in August 24, 2020. 

How will SEO Spirit Benefit the Entrepreneurs?

SEO Sprint Review: How Good is This 10-Day SEO Program? 1

Ever since the business has gone online, it has opened new doors to excellent opportunities and growth for the business. Every business can now have customers from all over the world. However, this also means every single product has vendors from all parts of the world.

The competition level is drastically high among these vendors. Even if you have the best product to offer, you will not succeed unless you have your site visible across the search engines. With more visibility, more traffic is directed to your website and increases the chances of getting more sales. This is where you need online marketing techniques such as SEO, SMO, etc.

While other vendors are striving their best to make it to the SERPs, your site will lag behind the others if you have not thought about its optimization as of yet. There are two ways you can go about it. You can either look for the right SEO agency to help you, or you may do it on your own if you think hiring an SEO agency can be expensive. 

This is where learning SEO can be most helpful. With SEO Sprint, you can learn the most effective SEO strategies in merely 10 days. Isn’t that amazing?

Shane Melaugh — The Man Behind SEO Sprint 

Shane Melaugh is a dedicated entrepreneur and online marketer. Ever since Shane quit university, he has been actively engaged in creating his own business. In 2010, he had significant success with his first online course wherein he sold more than 2000 copies. 

He is also one of the founder members of Thrive Themes. Apart from this, he also created much software around WordPress plugins such as Viral Quiz Builder, WP Sharely, etc. 

SEO Sprint Review: How Good is This 10-Day SEO Program? 2

Over the years, he has collaborated in many businesses of varying business models. Shane's perception of successful business revolves around skills development.

Shane Melaugh first started building computers and then, he worked on the micro-niche, liquid-cooled machines. However, at one point, he realized what he severely lacked in back then was online marketing.

He not only learned online marketing but also, ranked a couple of his websites pretty fast. This kept him going. Soon, a breakthrough came this way, and it was the SECockpit Partnership. It was his online marketing skills that changed everything to such a massive extent for Shane.
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  1. This SEO sprint is excellent process for entrepreneurs which would be helping him to generate multiple potential ideas and practices for his business site and it is the process of 10 days result oriented. I really liked it

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