Serpstat Anniversary Sale: Get 27.5% Discount on All Plans [Limited Time]

Serpstat Anniversary Sale

There can't be a better moment to celebrate than the Serpstat Anniversary Sales.

The Serpstat Anniversary Sale gives you an excellent chance to save 27.5% OFF if you opt for a yearly subscription. Customers can enjoy 17.5% OFF on 6 months subscription and 12.5% OFF on 3 months subscription.

Serpstat Anniversary Sale

Serpstat Features

Serpstat is an amazing SEO tool that comes with comprehensive features and once you start using this tool, you would not need any other SEO tool for sure since you can have all the SEO functionalities in a single tool. Let us look at its important features.

Serpstat lets you do the most efficient Competitor analysis to know the competitors' key SEO metrics and at the same time, compare the performance of your competitor's site with that of your website.

Serpstat provides you with expanded semantics for your website which means Serpstat will suggest the most profitable keywords and queries in just a few clicks.

With Serpstat's Site/Page Audit, you will know if your website has any malware or errors on it so that you can rectify them as soon as possible to ensure that those don't affect your ranking in any way.

Serpstat lets you find the Competitors' most popular pages to comprehend the amount of traffic the pages have. At the same time, Serpstat helps you know the high ranking and profitable keywords that you have not used so far and for which your domain is not ranked yet.

Serpstat lets you easily track your site's positions and your competitor’s site’s positions as well in the paid and organic search results daily to monitor your project's market share.

Serpstat allows you to control your site’s backlinks-quality and also help you find new sites for having your backlinks on them. However, it does it after analyzing the competitor's link mass.

Keyword Clustering is an advanced feature that allows you to have keyword groups for individual categories, products group, and page on your site.

Another cool feature that Serpstat offers is the text analysis of site content wherein Serpstat suggests the right amount of words for the title, H1, and Body depending on competitor analysis.

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