SERPWatcher Review: How To Guides & Tutorials

SERPWatcher is the new tool in the block from the developers of KWFinder. They operate under the brand Mangools and I already did KWFinder Review & Tutorials and I completely recommend them to my visitors.

Though the tool was launched a few days back, I participated in the Beta program since May 12th, 2017 and my SERPWatcher Review shows how well the tool worked in the past two months and find whether I recommend it?

What is SERPWatcher?

SERPWatcher is a part of Mangools suite of tools that offers an effective rank tracking tool focused on effectiveness rather than an old confusing tool to dominate your site in SERP results.

So I thought to give a try, though I'm using a variety of rank trackers for clients and our own sites.

SERPWatcher Review and Guides

Mangools tools are known for great UI. I personally know people who moved to KWFinder from Long Tail Pro just because of KWFinder's awesome UI.

SERPWatcher is no different, the UI is great with easy navigation and one can find the most needed information by just visiting with no further clicks required to check the results.

How to Start?

First, create an account with your desired plan. The great thing, you will get access to all the tools.

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While updating this SERPWatcher Review, the starter plan Mangools Basic costs $29/month while the Mangools premium costs $39/month, and the new Mangools Agency plan costs $79/month. Maybe if you wait for SERPWatcher Black Friday, you got a way to get 25% Off for a lifetime.

You can track 200,750 and 1500 keywords in the above respective plans.

Once you created an account, login using and setup new tracking like below

  • Enter the domain name to be tracked
  • Choose location. Even you can choose a country or a city i.e Chicago
  • Select whether – Desktop devices or Mobile devices.
  • On the right side, add keywords to track and click start tracking.
SERPWatcher Review: How To Guides & Tutorials 2

Pro Tip: You can simply import the keywords from KWFinder tool. If you check my SERPWatcher review, I create a list for a set of similar keywords. Here, you can simply click “Add from KWFinder”, choose the list, and the easy to rank keywords will be automatically imported and the tool will start monitoring the keywords and shows you keyword positions.

Once it's done, you will get a message like below. Though it says less than 30 mins, the data gets live in few seconds.

SERPWatcher Review: How To Guides & Tutorials 3


Once the keywords are added, the tool finds the position of the keyword and displays like below.​

SERPWatcher Review: How To Guides & Tutorials 4

The keywords are updated every 24 hours and thus you can get accurate positions. In fact, for this reason, I consider SERPWatcher to be the best SEMrush Alternatives.

If you click any keywords, it shows detailed data with positions history and other metrics. Under Indexed URL, there is an option SERP and it shows the cached pages of Google results by which you can further confirm the rankings.

Here is the below report where this page is ranking between the top 3 positions, as you too can search for SERPWatcher Review and find our site ranking the same.

SERPWatcher Review: How To Guides & Tutorials 5

Another great feature, I found exclusive is Share Reports.

How good sharing a URL to your client showing the ranking improvements you did for them? Clients can anytime visit the link, check the movements and you don't need to update them every week manually with screenshots.

SERPWatcher Review: How To Guides & Tutorials 6

Just select whether you need to share keywords ranking alone or the complete report and then share the URL​.

Till now, I share the ranking data to my clients every week ​but with this option, I can just share the URL once and clients can view the ranking data at any time.

Apart from it, there is also a Reports & Alerts Option which sends you weekly or monthly notification to your email account.​

SERPWatcher Review: How To Guides & Tutorials 6


Since all the three tools come under the Mangools brand, it's the best deal for the money. Mangools, the parent company launches new tools frequently, so its better to check our SERPWatcher Review before buying to know about current pricing.

SERPWatcher Review: How To Guides & Tutorials 1

You can open and enter the keyword. The tool finds the easy to rank long-tail keywords. Make a list of related keywords and export it to SERPWatcher.

Once your articles are published, start tracking the keywords. In most of the tools like Proranktracker, Serplab, Serpbook, etc, you need another SEO tool to find keywords and then you need a tool to track rankings.

But here you can simply use KWFinder and then SERPWatcher to manage your keywords.

Mangools team is known for bringing new features to KWFinder, so I expect SERPWatcher too gets many more features in the near future.​

You can check Ahrefs and SEMRush​ which costs a minimum of $99/month for similar features


If you're looking to buy a another rank tracker tool, drop the plan and get an account through this SERPWatcher Review, get access to KWFinder, the fastest SEO keyword research tool in the market for less than $13 per month.