How to Setup StackPath CDN with WordPress

StackPath CDN WordPress Setup

In this guide, we are going to see how to configure StackPath CDN with WordPress in the simplest way.

If you are not aware, StackPath is our most recommended CDN for North American region because StackPath is fastest, econmical and comes with great support when compared to any other CDN providers in the market.

If you are facing Largest Contentful Paint issues in WordPress, then StackPath CDN will do wonders to fix the issue in your sites.

StackPath CDN Setup for WordPress

Before going into this setup guide, I can explain why StackPath is better choice.

Based on 300millions test per days, StackPath is the second fastest next to Google CDN. Remember, Google CDN is 10x pricer and requires your sites to be hosted on Google Cloud platform.

Sign up and add site to StackPath CDN

StackPath CDN is fixed at $10 per month for 1 TB Bandwidth and allows unlimited site usage. There is also higher plans that comes with DNS, WAF protections and much more.

Once you signed up, you will be landed into the StackPath portal and here click “Create Site”

Now, add an domain and then enter your server IP which you can find from your hosting control panel. The “Origin Authentication” can be chosen None.

Add Dedicated Free SSL

Once the above steps are completed, head over to EdgeSSL option and install the dedicated SSL for your site.

This SSL will be placed over your hosting SSL and placed over all their Edge POP locations to deliver fast loading pages.

Now click on “Generate” to install the free dedicated SSL.

Validate StackPath CDN via DNS

Once the SSL is generated, the next step is to validate the site via DNS. Select all the two domain variations and click “Continue to Validation”

Always choose DNS validation because it perform full page caching and improves the TTFB.

Open your DNS control panel to add the below value. select CNAME and enter the name and value mentioned below.

If your using hosting Nameservers, the DNS options will be available in their dashboard. In my case, I use SiteGround GoGeek, so I added the DNS records in my SiteGround panel.

Now wait for sometime and check the TTFB across multiple locations here. Here is the results before adding StackPath CDN.

Here StackPath CDN full page caching is done and here is TTFB values

The TTFB value is two fold reduced after folllowing above steps. I also foun StackPath CDN offers best support among CDN companies and why not, their support is even better compared to most hosting companies.

My ticket was responded in 7 minutes which is impressive.

You can also completely skip this options and use any plugins to use StackCDN on WordPress but its does caches only the images, CSS & JS only. Below is the way on how to configure StackPath CDN on WordPress with WP Rocket

Faced any hurdles during setup? Share it in comments and I'll try to reply as soon as possible.