7 Best Similarweb Alternatives (Free + Premium) 2023 – Are The Alternatives Worthy?

SimilarWeb Alternatives

Even though SimilarWeb provides adequate SEO tools to optimize your content, it has certain flaws, which is why entrepreneurs reach out for SimilarWeb alternatives. 

We have got you covered in this article with the list of SimilarWeb Alternatives. 

The Best Similarweb Alternatives Are

1. SEMRush  

In my opinion, SEMRush is the Best Similarweb Alternative For Traffic Analysis. It is a potent SEO tool for most content marketing specialists to optimize your website by analyzing your competitors’ performance. With SEMRush, you can search for keywords and stats of competitors in the market.


The Keyword Magic Tool is used to understand the volume, competition, and CPC of the keyword you wish to use. With the On-Page SEO Checker, you can visualize ways to optimize your content against your competitors. 

The site Audit feature in SEMRush will allow you to increase your website rankings by detecting the technical errors associated with your website and signals you through errors, notices, and warnings. You can then alter it accordingly. 

The Blog Monitoring Tool is essential to keep track of the mentions and featuring your content on other platforms. It filters out the sources so that you can have a detailed look. 

The social media tools allow you to post relevant materials and then review the stats for your posts almost immediately and guide you through optimizing the content you put to generate more traffic. 

If you are looking to feature in paid advertisements, SEMRush will provide you with the keywords your rival competitors have used to feature in ads. 

How is SEMRush better than SimilarWeb? 

SEMRush has a better SEO optimization strategy. Plus, SEMRush is an affordable alternative to SimilarWeb and provides accurate stats, not approximate ones. 

2. SEO PowerSuite 

If you are looking for a website covering all kinds of SEO tools and features, SEO PowerSuite is the affordable Alternative for SimilarWeb. This content optimizing website covers the four potent tools for content optimization. These are competitors, keywords, sites, and links. 

SEO PowerSuite Review

With the Competitor’s Ranking feature, you can check to analyze your competitor’s website rankings to get an idea about where they stand. You can check rankings of up to 10 competitors per project. 

Here, competitors' Backlink Strategies can be viewed to access the backlink sources, and a Profile Link Comparison can also be drawn with your website. 

With SEO quicker, you can save a lot of time optimizing content and have it done in a shorter period. You can produce White Label SEO reports on HTML and PDF to give your content a more professional look. 

With the On-Page SEO tracker, you can go through your content’s errors concerning links and keyword usage and optimize your content through extensive site auditing features. 

How is SEO PowerSuite better than SimilarWeb? 

SimilarWeb provides similar stats of competitors, but the SEO PowerSuite provides the same with a competitor strategy breakdown. It supports over 329 search engines, greater than SimilarWeb. Plus, it is more affordable. 

3. Mangools 

In my list, the next is Mangools, another Affordable Similarweb Alternative for Traffic analysis. The SEO Reporting Tool helps analyze competitors’ websites and data visualization and comparison. It contains useful tools to optimize your website’s content.

Mangools Home

With the KWFinder, which is a keyword research tool, Mangools provides keyword research optimization. This tool gives you keyword suggestions and examples of long keywords to know which keyword suits your content the best. 

With this tool, you can check the sources of the traffic of your competitors, their SERP links, as well as their backlinks.  

SERP Checker allows you to locate over 52k SERP locations with accurate data by using advanced SEO metrics to analyze the local competitors. Mangools is a local company promoter and has features suitable for both advanced and beginners. 

With Linkminer, locate and use powerful backlinks for content optimization. After locating your competitors’ backlinks that might be most useful to you, you can save them in a file for future reference. 

The SiteProfiler comes with the necessary SEO metrics and stats to analyze and optimize your web content. With this, you can access and explore the SEO sources of any website in depth.  

The Rank Tracker is a super quick device that allows you to review the rankings of your content and your competitors’ within 30 seconds.  

Why is Mangools better than Similarweb?  

Compared to SimilarWeb, Mangools is a more comprehensive platform for competitor site analysis. It’s great for startups and small businesses with easy-to-use features and extremely localized SERP features. 

4. Ahrefs 

If you are looking for an effective SEO alternative to Similarweb, Ahrefs is a good option. It provides you with the necessary features to determine how your web page will function. Go for Ahrefs. It is a trusted website on which your content can be optimized for SEO. 

Ahrefs Homepage

You can check your competitors’ websites and see where they generate the most organic traffic with the subfolders option. This is an effective strategy to create content for organic traffic for higher rankings. 

The Click Distribution feature with Ahrefs shows how many clicks are generated on one keyword. With this, if a keyword has more clicks, you can incorporate it into your content to optimize it. 

With the Site Audit feature, Ahrefs allows you to check over 100+ pre-defined SEO problems like content quality, tags(social and HTML), performance, and links. The site audit feature helps you fix these SEO problems. 

Its Keyword Research provides comprehensive keyword solutions from over 171 countries and an extensive search engine radius.  

Why is Ahrefs better than SimilarWeb?

Ahrefs provides an extensive analysis of organic traffic, which will help you increase your SEO performance better than SimilarWeb provides. 

5. Moz 

Moz, the free Similarweb alternative, can optimize your content with comprehensive SEO tools. Since the topic of SEO is extensive, tools at Moz remove any complexity you might have while understanding SEO. 


With Keyword Explorer, you can know about the optimized keywords and learn about the visitors to your website. If you come across essential keywords lists, you can save them and update them later as you proceed with the content on your website. 

The Rank Tracker and Auditing features allow you to check your website's ranks compared to your competitors. Adding to this, Moz helps you customize reports for your content and save them for reference. 

Moz Bar allows you to do a comprehensive analysis of any website's crucial social and page metrics that you type in the URL to understand your competitors in depth. Moz Cast provides daily statistics on your website's rankings compared to your competitors. 

Moz also comes with a Free Domain Analysis through which you can analyze any domain and understand its stats and backlinks, which might ultimately help you with your own SEO strategies. 

Why is Moz better than SimilarWeb? 

Moz has a few free tools that you can use without subscribing to the website. In contrast, SimilarWeb does not have free tools, and everything comes under its pricey plan. 

6. SerpStat 

The user-friendly alternative of Similarweb is SerpStat. It offers you the most essential SEO tools that you can effectively utilize to optimize your website content and get your business running like a well-oiled engine.  


For your PPC and SEO search campaigns, the Keyword Research feature on Serpstat is a great way to understand keywords and filter the important ones.  

With Keyword Backlink, SerpStat allows you to track your backlinks and formulate website optimization strategies accordingly. Backlinks will show how many followers you have or how many people have unfollowed you. 

With the competitor analysis, you can find out their organic crowd, traffic sources, and backlink generation to strategize your motives and work towards surpassing your competitors.

Rank Tracking feature allows for an extensive and regular track of the decline or increase of ranks and stats. Reports and Infographics of SerpStat are extremely detailed and allow for a more professional look to your content for more traffic. 

Why is SerpStat better than SimilarWeb? 

SerpStat has a perfect score of 96% regarding user satisfaction compared to SimilarWeb. SerpStat can support every kind of business and is applicable on all devices.

7. Accuranker  

Next in the list of fastest Similarweb Alternative is Accuranker. It is the quickest and the most effective keyword and SEO tracker that is there on the market. With a practical keyword performance analysis, you can track your content's success and decline rate.


It shows the density and volume of a keyword, its relevance on the market, and the competitors who have generated immense organic traffic while using those keywords. 

The main dashboard at Accuranker contains important notifications, potential competitors, and keyword research optimization tools. The SERP Checker on Accuranker is considered the world’s fastest and trusted rank checker. 

The Google Grump features a tiger whose expressions cater to the rankings on your website. If the ranks are constant, the tiger is in a chilled mood, and in case there are hysterical fluctuations in the rankings, the tiger roars. 

Why is Accuranker better than SimilarWeb? 

Accuranker provides better service for SEO ranking due to its fast-tracking services. It provides accurate ratings and rankings to prepare your SEO strategies better. 

What is SimilarWeb and Why you need alternative?

With SimilarWeb, you can easily have an in-depth idea about your rivals’ mechanics using the traffic overview feature, the engagement metrics, and the referential. 

Even though SimilarWeb contains the standard tools necessary for optimizing your website’s content, it is on the pricey end. Hence, startups and small businesses cannot afford this tool initially. 

Moreover, SimilarWeb only shows statistics based on close approximate assumptions and not definitive stats. For this purpose, entrepreneurs hunt for SimilarWeb alternatives. 

Which is the Best Similarweb Alternative For You?

In my opinion, I would recommend SEMRush as the overall best Similarweb alternative. If you wish to get affordable Similarweb alternatives, then try Mangools and Moz. Other Alternatives, including Ahrefs, SEO Powersuite, are good alternatives to be considered. Hopefully, this post might have helped you.