SiteGround Startup Vs Growbig Vs GoGeek (2022)

If you are confused between SiteGround plans of Startup, Growbig, and GoGeek, then this post is for you.

Being an existing user and holding an account on all three SiteGround plans, I deployed three demo sites on each hosting plan for more than two months.

I monitored the performance of each site and thus shared my insights below.

By the end of the post, you will choose a plan based on your need.

Summary: If you are just getting started out, the SiteGround Startup plan is enough. If you plan to host more than one site in the next six months, choose SiteGround Growbig. If you have high traffic sites, for ex. For sites getting more than 1000 visits per day, select GoGeek SiteGround.

SiteGround Startup Vs Growbig Vs GoGeek

Here are the insights of three hosting plans categorized based on features, performance, and support.

GoGeek offers maximum uptime

SiteGround GoGeek recorded 100% uptime in the last 30 days, while Growbig & Startup plan scored 99.99% uptime with minutes of downtime.

SiteGround Startup Vs Growbig Vs GoGeek (2022) 1
SiteGround Startup Vs Growbig Vs GoGeek (2022) 2
SiteGround Startup Vs Growbig Vs GoGeek (2022) 3

It is just common the starter plan of any hosting company will be hosting a large number of sites compared to higher plans where a few sites per server will be added. Thus it impacts the uptime of all sites on the server.

If you are on a serious business, GoGeek should be one you should choose. Check out my GoGeek Review to know more about the plans TTFB, Cached visits performance, etc.

Growbig and GoGeek comes with similar response time

The average response time of all three plans in the last 30 days is

  • Startup: 692ms
  • Growbig: 584ms
  • GoGeek: 584ms

I was surprised that Growbig and GoGeek offer similar response times. The response time usually differs based on the plan, as the starter plan will be loaded with many sites. Thus, a slow loading time will occur. The below images shows how similar the load time in both the plans

SiteGround Startup Vs Growbig Vs GoGeek (2022) 4
Growbig Response Time
SiteGround Startup Vs Growbig Vs GoGeek (2022) 5
GoGeek response time

Thus I conclude, apart from the high traffic limits of GoGeek (~100,00) and Agency features, Growbig is good to choose if your site receives around ~25,000 visits.

You can check my Growbig Review for more detailed information about TTFB, cached visits performance.

GoGeek got priority support

If you are in the GoGeek plan, your live chat or tickets will skip the queue and be handled promptly when compared to Growbig and Startup plan.

In my experience of using SiteGround for more than five years, I never raised more than five tickets as there are no significant reasons as SiteGround has been the most reliable host since 2004.

Now, it is up to you to choose between any plans.

Startup plan suitable only for starters

The Startup plan (review) is best suited for someone just getting started with blogging. SiteGround comes with the most user-friendly setup, and that's why I even wrote a “How to Start a Blog” post with SiteGround as a base.

Even though there are a lot of cheap hosts available for less than $5 per month, it's highly saturated and doesn't offer the premium features of SiteGround.

I conclude this section by saying, SiteGround Startup is the best web hosting for beginners in 2022 to get started with blogging.

GoGeek is for advanced users

Based on performance reports and hosting more than ten sites on SiteGround plans, I don't usually see any difference between GoGeek and Growbig.

SiteGround Startup Vs Growbig Vs GoGeek (2022) 6

At any time, the GoGeek is a great WordPress hosting for Agencies, but a causal blogger doesn't need it unless one wants to use the GoGeek exclusive features like white label clients and high traffic limits.

It's not a surprise I got recommending this Growbig as SiteGround itself admits their Growbig plan is the best seller compared to GoGeek or Startup.

SiteGround Startup Vs Growbig Vs GoGeek (2022) 7
Paying customers to SiteGround Growbig since 2017

The Growbig is the ideal package for anyone to get started by adding new sites in the coming months.