What is Social Proof in Marketing? (+ Ideas to Improve It)

Are you trying to find out what is Social Proof?

You are on the right post at the moment and this post will give you a clear picture of Social Proof in Marketing.

Social Proof is an idea or a marketing technique that assumes that the buying decision among a certain target group about a certain product can be influenced by the others, recommending it or using it.

The most basic example of Social Proof is buying a product on someone's recommendation. Over the years, many companies have largely benefited from the use of Social Proof in Marketing.

Social Proof Marketing

Importance of Social Proof in Marketing

What makes it a better sale technique is the fact that people tend to get more convinced and think very genuine about a product when it is recommended by a real person or persons than other promotional methods.

As many as 61% of customers rely on online reviews for buying a product or service. Almost 70% of consumers look at a product review before buying a product.

5 Major Steps to Improve Social Proof

If you are like how to use Social Proof in marketing, there are various ways to improve Social Proof and you can choose whichever works best for your target group.

1. Expert's Recommendation

When an expert in the industry recommends a product either on his blog or on Twitter, it can largely persuade people to take it as a genuine recommendation and buy the product.

This has been prevalent for a long time now and shall continue to work in the future as well.

2. Celebrity Endorsement

When a Celebrity endorses your product, it can draw the attention of the audience faster than any other promotional method does.

Further, it can gradually persuade the audience to consider buying the product.

3. User Testimonials & Reviews

At times when a customer is on the sales page of any product and is a little unsure if one should buy it, the testimonials can largely help in boosting one's confidence.

As the customer goes through the positive reviews and testimonials, it creates a huge positive impact on one's mind and in most cases, one would at once buy the product.

4. Social Media Sharing

We are all pretty much aware of the engagement the Social Media networks stores in.

With the right Social Media posts alongside the important Social Media techniques such as likes, share, and commenting can reach a lot of people as well as influence their buying decision to a large extent.

5. Friends' Recommendation

Many people seek friends' advice for every important thing in their lives and this reflects how much they value their friends' opinions. This also holds true for product or service recommendation.

When a friend recommends a certain product or service, it has, by far, a better impact on one's buying decision than any other sales strategy. This is the reason that a lot of companies are encouraging a friend to friend marketing nowadays.

Importance of Social Proof

Social Proof Tools

1. Proof

Proof is a brilliant tool to boost conversions and add social proof notification on your site. The set up is pretty easy.

However, the tool comes with advanced features such as Live count of visitors, Buyer Flow, Custom rules, Recent activity notifications and more.

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is yet another powerful Social Proof tool.

OptinMonster allows you to create high-converting popups and quickly turn your visitors into subscribers. The lead generation tool is available as a WordPress plugin.

3. WP Fomify

WP Fomify is also a good Social Proof WordPress plugin that includes powerful features such as real-time activity, client reviews, and subscriber activity.

Apart from that, the plugin also allows you to track conversions. Further, It includes powerful targeting options and urgency marketing.


Even though there are many sales techniques and strategies to choose from, there is nothing like promotion using a real person or real persons.

This is where Social Proof has a leading edge over the other methods of sales promotion.

Social Proof can have a very fast and effective impact on the consumers’ minds.

This is the reason that more and more businesses have realized the importance of Social Proof marketing and they are making the most out of it using the right Social Proof tools.

Social Proof Marketing

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