Best Social Proof Tools 2020 to Improve Sales

Best Social Proof Tools

Social Proof is the technique of persuading the target audience to buy a certain product or service with the help of recommendations by real persons that can be either friend, celebrities, or other users.

It can be testimonials, comments of others on social media platforms, or reviews of others relating to your products on their blogs or forums.

The technique tends to work better than any other marketing technique since people tend to think a certain product or service is pretty reliable when it is recommended by others.

Using Social Proof to promote your products or services is pretty simple with the best Social Proof tools around these days in the market. Many websites have already experienced an unimaginable extent of growth in sales with the help of the best Social Proof tools.

In this post, we shall look into the best Social Proof tools that you can try out for accelerating your sales. Most of these tools work seamlessly with WordPress and it does not take long to get the hang of these tools.

Best Social Proof Tools

1. Proof

This excellent Social Proof tool allows users to give their visitors personalized experiences for better conversions. The Social Proof tool helps you to display the number of users that have taken action on your site.

The tool allows you to create amazing scarcity campaigns with live visitor count. With advanced A/B testing and smart analytics, it also helps you find out the page version that can convert the most for you.

Besides, it is unimaginably fast in loading, easy to set up and use, and includes Zapier integration.

The tool is available in two plans; Essentials for $999/mo and Growth for $1199/mo. The Essentials plan is ideal for those who want to personalize their existing sites and comprises 2 users, Email support. Standard editor, Audiences by behavior, 5 conversion goals, and A/B testing.

Growth is suitable for teams that look for advanced integrations and comprises with 10 users, Account manager + Slack, Advanced editor, Audiences by traits + events, 15 conversion goals, Merge tag personalization, single-page apps, Segment integration, Clearbit integration, and Advanced integrations besides all the features of the former plan.

Apart from that, users can contact the sales team and have a customized plan in case they need more than what is included in the Growth plan.

2. ProveSource

With over 18K users, ProveSource helps you skyrocket your conversions by helping you achieve more trust and credibility for your business. ProveSource includes advanced functionalities for you to display on your sites such as Steam & Product Purchase, Reviews, Live Visitors, Page Visits, and more.

The tool helps you largely encourage your visitors to take action on your site. On top of that, ProveSource consists of a wide range of integrations comprising Zapier, WooCommerce, Shopify, Clickfunnels, Google Tag manager, Webhooks, Leadpages, WordPress, MailChimp, Weebly, and many more.

ProveSource has a free version and apart from that, it offers customers two paid versions to choose from; Starter for $18/mo and Growth for $45/mo.

The starter is good for those who have up to 10K monthly visitors and includes notifications with no limit, limitless impressions, all important features, Removable branding, and Great support.

Growth is good for sites with monthly visitors up to 50K and consists of no limit on notifications, no limit on impressions, all important features, Custom branding, and reliable support.

3. Popkit

Popkit is a perfect tool to add Social Proof to your site and boost your conversions and credibility. Popkit comprises advanced functionalities such as Live Visitor, Latest Conversion, Conversions Counter, Engaging Notifications, Auto Capture Data, and Powerful Analytics. Another brilliant feature is the Page Rules using which you can set the arrival action such as Exit-Intent, Delay, or Scroll Percentage.

Besides, Popkit works seamlessly with a wide range of marketing platforms such as Shopify, LeadPages, WordPress, WooCommerce. Magento, Google Analytics, Clickfunnels, Zapier, and more. Popkit also offers a good customer support service through tickets and live chat.

As far the pricing goes, Popkit offers customers 3 good options to choose from; Lifetime for a one-time price of $59, Starter for $19, and Unlimited for $49.

The starter is good for Monthly visits up to 1000 and comprises No limit on Notifications, No limit on Domains, and Powerful Analytics. Unlimited includes monthly visits with no limit, Removable Branding, and Priority Support plus the features of the Starter plan.

Lifetime includes Unlimited Visitors, Unmetered Notifications, No limit on Domains, Removable Branding, Priority Support, and All future updates.

4. WPfomify

If you are looking forward to increasing your conversions using Social Proof marketing tools, there is nothing like using WPfomify.

WPfomify happens to be one of the finest and most extensively used Social Proof Plugins for WordPress and the tool helps you with boosting conversions, building credibility, and increasing revenue.

The features of WPfomify include Display Recent Activity, Display Conversion Count, Client Reviews, Display Visitor Count, Urgency campaigns, Conversion Tracking, and integration with a wide range of WordPress plugins and web services. Besides, the tool is easy to set up and use.

WPfomify provides customers with 3 different options to choose from; 1 Site License for $99, Unlimited Sites for $299, and Lifetime License for $399. 1 Site License comes with support for 1 website, Access to all Add-ons, 30% Renewal Discount, and Support & Updates for 1 Year.

The Unlimited Sites plan comes with Use on unlimited websites alongside all the features included in the former plan. Last but not least, Lifetime License includes Support for Lifetime and Updates for Lifetime plus all the features included in the Unlimited Sites plan.

5. Fera Social Proof

Fera Social Proof is also one of the best Social Proof tools used by marketers and website owners all over the world because of its powerful features.

Using Fera, you can largely improve your conversions and build excellent brand trust. The tool is extremely easy to install and there is absolutely no coding required to use this tool.

Besides, Fera allows you to add amazing testimonials to win the confidence of your visitors and use A/B testing to see what works the best for your site. On top of that, it comes with fully Customizable Template & Appearance as well as unlimited visitors.

Fera is available in 3 plans; Startup for $9/mo, Small for $29/mo, and $99/mo.

Startup comes with Social Proof Popups & Feeds, Viewer, Order & Cart Counters, Customer Testimonials, Photos & More.

Small comes with Shopper Journeys and Custom Skills in addition to the Startup features.

Medium includes Premium Support and A/B testing alongside all the features included in the Small plan.


Social Proof is certainly very powerful in improving sales and if you have not tried it as of yet, you are certainly missing out on a lot of opportunities. Adding Social Proof to your site is not a tedious job with the best Social Proof tools available these days.

With the best Social Proof tools, you can win the trust of your target customers to a large extent and encourage them to buy your products. You can try any of the Social Proof tools mentioned in this post to make the most out of Social Proof.

Best Social Proof Tools

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