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Social Snap Review 2023: Probably The Best Now

If you are looking for best Social Snap Review on Internet, then Bloggingio guides you with the below detailed review.

Social Snap, being the newest plugin in the market got some great attentions, thanks to the weaker competitors in the market. The features, price point and support made them to look huge for the money invested and one can't simply call it off, since you need to use more than one tools to match with what Social Snap Offers.

Online Media has played an excellent role in transforming businesses for many years now. Making the most out of online platforms for your business is all about comprehending the audience's exact requirement on the various platforms and, of course, using the right technique to build brilliant relationships with them. This may include the engaging posts and a few important social media techniques.

Understanding the audience interests and addressing them in a meaningful way is what you need and this is certainly not as easy as it apparently seems to be. However, it is absolutely important that you build up a online presence for your business in a very authentic and natural way.

Different people have different tools and approaches. In this post, we are going to talk about an excellent social media optimization tool called Social Snap.

In this Social Snap Review, we will walk you through all important aspects of this brilliant tool. This review covers aspects such as features and pricing.

What is Social Snap?

Social Snap Review

Social Snap is a WordPress plugin that helps you make the most out of social platforms for your content promotion. Social Snap plugin gives you a perfect control on how you want your visitors to share or view your posts. Apart from that, the plugin loads extremely fast and is pretty simple to use too.

The WordPress social plugin offers you more than 30 social networks and applications to select from. The Social Snap plugin helps you add buttons anywhere you want on your site.

The plugin is available in both FREE and Premium versions. However, the features are pretty limited in Social Snap FREE version and this is the reason that we shall discuss about Premium version only in this post.

Social Snap Features

What make Social Snap so better than the other similar plugins are the brilliant features that it offers. The plugin offers pretty comprehensive functionalities and the tool covers all the important aspects of leveraging from social networks.

Social Snap Review 2023: Probably The Best Now 1

Easy Social Media Network Management

The dashboard offers you a setting list and one of important settings is, of course, the social sharing option.

As you click on social sharing, this will provide you with a few very useful options relating which networks you want to use and where exactly you want to display them on your site.

By clicking on the option, Manage Networks, an user can add your favorite social networks, refresh you share counts and even select the providers for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

With the additional share count provider options, an user can use any third party for tracking shares for social media networks like Twitter or Official Facebook counts. Once you are done, you can click on Save Changes.

Share Button Locations

Social Snap offers you multiple options to display your share buttons on your website. Here are the options:

  • Floating sidebar
  • Inline buttons
  • Buttons on media
  • Share hub
  • Sticky bar

Floating sidebar

Clicking on the Floating Sidebar, customers can preview the changes as it will appear on a live site. Besides, it allows you to alter the sidebar position as well as the appearance by changing the pixel value. An user can also alter the button shape to rounded, circle or a rectangle.

Besides, users can also increase or decrease the button size. Apart from that, users can decide as to on which pages the sidebar should be displayed. There are many other display options such as Button spacing, Network level toolkit, Total share count, Individual & Minimum share count, button hover, floating sidebar animations, and more.

Inline buttons

Inline share buttons comprise every option that floating sidebar has and can be placed between a social content. Users can either place them above or below the content. These buttons can be also placed both above and below the content. This is an excellent way to encourage readers to share blog posts .

As readers are encouraged, they won't take long to share via buttons. On top of that, users can always change the ‘Share via' to something more personal to connect to their readers well.

Buttons on Media

Sharing images is also a brilliant way to promote your site across the various social networks and this is where the buttons come in handy. Apart from displaying the buttons on the images, users can also change it to only ‘show on hover.'Isn't that cool? Most Pinterest users will largely like it as this will help them create excellent pins on their board.

Share hub

Share hub is actually a very common thing in most blog sites these days and I am sure you are already pretty much aware of it. Most of us must have already used it many times. The Share hub is usually located at the bottom of the screen and can be expanded to view the different sharing options in it.

There are different layouts for the Share hub too and in addition to this, users can also change the hub button color as per the color of their website for branding.

Sticky Bar

The sticky bar is a full-width strip of buttons and it can be either placed on the bottom of a website or on the top. Users can have the button display as either stretched layout or just as in inline content.

Social Follower Settings

We are no stranger to the power of social follow widgets and an user change the way one's follow buttons appear to the visitors. For that, you must click on the option called followers and head over to Social Networks. In this section, an user can set up and rearrange the different networks for short codes and widgets. To change the order of the networks, all you need to do is drag and drop the different networks as per your requirement.

You could get back to the Followers section and then, click on Default Settings. This will open up a screen wherein one can make a few changes in the settings for the Social Follow element. Some of the change in settings that you may try are button size and spacing, displaying counts of followers, network labels, and more. In addition to this, customers can switch between horizontal layout and vertical layout. Customers can also set up to 5 columns for the buttons.

Click to Tweet

Needless to say, Twitter has a huge engagement and stores unimaginable power for your business promotion. This is where the Click to Tweet comes in handy. You can set up Click to Tweet by choosing either your username, or a page link, or any account related to the tweet.

Another cool thing one can do using this option is displaying a description about the relationship that every user has with one. One can have it more streamlined on mobile. However, for PCs, one can choose from 6 different ways to present your Click to tweet.

Social Meta

By enabling this section, customers can have Twitter Cards and Open Graph meta tags added. Open Graph protocol is pretty important from the SEO perspective too. This will help you with a more efficient social sharing and improve your SEO as well. Besides, one can upload the right image to represent one's website when shared in networks as default image.

This even allows you to change the Twitter card layouts. In addition,the Twitter username and Facebook profile URL can be used too.

Social Identity

Social Identity is a section wherein you can include the profile or page details of various networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Apart from this, you can use the advanced settings to manage things such as Analytics Tracking, share count recovery, Link shortening, Plugin Migration, Plugin Data, and GDPR Compliance. This also allows people with multiple sites to import and export settings.

With Social Signals playing a vital role for SEO, this plugin comes in handy when you have great contents on your site.

Social Statistics

This feature of Social Snap offers you an excellent overview of all metrics and at the same, allows you to track the posts with the best performance. This also makes you aware whenever any social content needs further improvements. Customers can have the best visual representation of the data for an easy and quick understanding.

Social Snap Add-Ons

Besides the brilliant mix of powerful features, the WordPress plugin also has some very intuitive add-ons for a better user experience. As the visitors experience a brilliant user experience, they would be highly encouraged about sharing the your posts and spreading the word for your business.

For now, it has 3 powerful add-ons. However, these add-ons are only included in the PRO and Agency plans.

Social Snap Review 2023: Probably The Best Now 2

Social Login add-on allows the visitors to conveniently sign in to their social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

Boost old Posts is another very handy add-on that helps you to optimize your existing old posts by automatically posting them on Twitter and LinkedIn.This is an excellent way to get more new visitors.

Last but not least, Auto-Poster helps you with auto posting your latest posts to Twitter and LinkedIn. This certainly saves you a lot of time.

Social Snap Pricing

Social Snap is available in 3 different plans; Plus, Pro, and Agency. All the plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Plus for $39 includes support for 1 year, all features, supports 1 site but it does not include add-ons. Pro for $99 includes 1 year support, all features, add-ons and supports 3 sites. Last but not least, Agency for $299 includes 1 year support, all features, add-ons and is ideal for supports 15 sites.


In this Social Snap review, I tried to keep things really straight and simple for you all.

After having read review this far, you should by now have no problem in understanding what a powerful WordPress plugin Social Snap is.

Social Snap not only offers the right mix of the most powerful features but also, keeps things pretty simple for the users. Many of the features are hard to find in any other similar WordPress plugin.

Just in case you have any doubt, you can always read the review over again.

Capitalizing the most on social media is no longer an easy task since everyone is trying their level best to make the most out of it. This is the reason that you need a very organized approach to it and Social Snap can largely help you with it without needing much effort on your part. In fact, the WordPress plugin does most of the job itself.

Even if you have zero knowledge about Social Media, the WordPress plugin itself will walk you through all the important ways you can leverage from networking. My personal favorite feature is the Click to tweet and I think it is a pretty powerful feature in building an excellent relationship with the visitors.

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