How To Speed Up Divi Website Builder

In this post, I shared my ideas on how to optimize and speed up Divi Website Builder for WordPress sites.

I use Divi Builder extensively for building client sites through our agency and we went through many advanced optimizations works in the past and present.

Apart from a few complex optimizations, I've seen most sites require simple to moderate works to fast load Divi WordPress websites.

How To Speed Up Divi Website Builder 1

As written in my Divi 4.0 Review, Divi takes the development process to a whole different level with a complete web design framework that helps you graphically design every portion of your website without relying so much on complex and confusing third-party design software.

This implies that the Divi Theme and the Divi Builder Plugin will demand more assets. 

Here are some technical advices on how to enhance and speed up your Divi Website.

Divi Built-in Speed Performance Improvements

1. Static CSS File Generation

Divi can now take all the CSS generated by the Divi Builder (then applied to the Theme Customizer and Theme Options) as well as support it as a static CSS file that has been extracted for you immediately.

It decreases the quantity of the document page and helps the user to display a cached version of the static CSS file for quicker page loading. 

How To Speed Up Divi Website Builder 2

You could always change its availability whether you want to enable and disable the Static CSS File Generation on the page or theme settings.

2. Minification and Aggregation of CSS and JavaScript Files and Optimized Google Font Delivery

The current phase of Divi speed improvements increased page load speed even further by improving the effectiveness of CSS,  JavaScript, and Google Fonts.

  • CSS & JavaScript File Minification – Divi completely minimizes both CSS and JavaScript theme files, reduces page size and increases load times.
  • CSS & JavaScript File Combination – Divi would then immediately assign as well as merge all CSS and JavaScript resources to a file system. This decreases the number of requests on the website and speeds up loading times for the guests.
  • Google Font Request Optimization – Divi significantly improves the delivery of Google fonts by integrating font requests and removing duplicate font files. The upgrade would help accelerate loading times for pages which use different custom fonts.
How To Speed Up Divi Website Builder 3

You could also change its availability whether you want to enable and disable on the page or theme settings.

Even if the minification speed up Divi websites, you need to check how it goes with your theme. For better results, use Divi theme like Extra.

3. Divi System Status

While not technically a speed boost, Divi’s update to provide a built-in server status report will certainly help detect any issues with any website environment which might result in poorer page load times.

Here is one of our client sites “System Status”. The post_max_size and max_execution_time can be easily changed from cPanel. If your host doesn't support changing this, choose the best Divi hosting listed below.

How To Speed Up Divi Website Builder 4

For instance, the server status can indicate that you've used previous versions of PHP that can slow down your system. Developers recommend that you use the new core version of PHP. This not only guarantees consistency with WordPress and Divi, but it also speeds up the website, resulting in reduced memory and CPU involving issues.

Other Divi Resources:

Major Divi Optimization Methods

A. Use CDN

Using CDN is one of the most common ways to speed up your Divi theme. 70% of the time, I satisfy our clients with this free trick where CDN simply speed up any website by atleast 20%.

Whenever a user opens the URL to visit your website, the data must move from the precise location of the server source and afterward return to the address which shows the requested link. Read our two guides on performance speed improvements based on Google Guidelines.

That physical difference between these two locations could have an impact on page loading time, which nearer web servers can quickly access the website.

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) can help reduce inadequate hosting by providing data to the users from such a relatively close server source. CDN will backup and store cached copies of the website on websites located across the world. Here are some CDN recommendations:

How To Speed Up Divi Website Builder 5
Our full load time is just around 1 seconds.

If you choose to use a CDN, ensure you have both the server-level caching activated through the server-side caching hosting service provider, and on-site caching activated. You need to ensure you've downloaded a caching feature on your website.

Most managed hosts like Kinsta comes with inbuilt CDN which reduces the hassles of setting up CDN to improve Divi Site Speed.

B. Good Hosting

The inadequate hosting solution could be resolved by using a CDN but instead of a CDN, it is worth choosing a good host, or, if necessary, switching to one.

  1. Shared Hosting

We see our clients use mainly these three hosts

With shared hosting, you can access all available server services with one another. Since you share, the expense of this kind of hosting is low.

Note: You can choose any of the shared host, but go for high resource plans for better speed optimization.

The disadvantage, however, is that you can't seem to control how much traffic the other sites get on your shared server. As well as the loading times will be considerably slower. You'd probably need to have a good idea of how much traffic your shared hosting can manage.

  1. Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting, you've got your own dedicated server exclusive to you.

Liquid Web is the only dedicated host I can recommend for 100% uptime, less than 60 second support time.

This ensures that you can have more reliable and consistent fast loading times for your website. This is typically offered as a top-tier choice for large companies at high premium costs.

  1. VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is “private” which guarantees that it is totally different from everything else.

Again, Liquid Web is the only managed host I can recommend as this site too hosted on them with Divi builder used.

VPS has a dedicated amount of device resources (or power) at your service to assure that your site consistently receives what it takes to produce fast load times regularly.

  1. Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting, you have access to a storage network (in the cloud) instead of a single server.

If you are techie and can handle complete website management, choose between Linode, Digital Ocean and Vultr.

This helps in removing all the resources you can get from this network of servers as necessary. Essentially, you have a digital division of the cloud storage that is backed up by the power and resources of the entire system.

5. Managed WordPress Hosting

This is the future. To speed up Divi, managed WordPress host is great choice as the platform comes optimized for better WordPress Performance.

One trick is, I recommend choosing host nearer to our clients targeted visitors. Apart from USA, most of our services are small businesses based on UK and Asia. Here is the good post to help you:

C. Caching Plugin

In technical terms, a cache is a hardware or software component that enables data and files to be stored.

Enabling caching facilitates the retention of commonly asked active data files such that only the modified information will be automatically loaded when a web user returns to your web, resulting in quicker loading time.

Here are two major caching types to improve site's loading time:

  • Page Caching – This operation stores the cached static HTML variants of the website to speedy service.
How To Speed Up Divi Website Builder 6
  • Browser Caching – It allows users more power about what data the browser will cover and for how long. About several plugins could do this, and it may be easiest to do it manually for more access. It will also keep hold of the “Leverage Browser Caching” Metrix while running speed checks.
How To Speed Up Divi Website Builder 7

Most trusted Caching Plugins are:

  • WP Rocket
  • Cache Enabler 
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Comet Cache
  • WP Fastest Cache (My Favourite tool)

D. Optimize TTFB

Time to first byte (TTFB) is the number of days that the user receives the first byte of the website data from the host or server. When a user submits an HTTP request, the TTFB would simply be the grace period until any information is gathered.

Here are two guides:

The TTFB is estimated to be about 200ms but can potentially be 2 seconds or more for sites that are on bad hosting and have not been configured. Using CDN we load our sites in less than 100ms across the globe.

How To Speed Up Divi Website Builder 8

Here are some recommendations to boost the speed of your TTFB: 

  1. Reduce the amount of dynamic content using quality caching, database optimization and CDN.
  2. Choose a good website hosting that can decrease the amount of traffic in your server.
  3. Web hosting provider can help with your TTFB site by having a strong backend services as well as boosting the configuration of your web server.

E. Image and Video Optimization

Image and video compression can make your site significantly quicker, and smaller file sizes can save memory amount of disk space. Here are some recommendations you could do:

  1. Standardized your upload images into JPG, PNG for transparent background and SVG for vector animations.
  2. You may offload video media content with variety of platforms such as trusted Amazon S3.
  3. Resize and compress videos and images using optimization tools and quality plugins: 
  • Imagify
  • Smush Image Compression and Optimizaton
  • WP Rocket
  • Handbreak

Alternatively, you can use Liquid Web like Managed WordPress hosting which comes with automated image optimization services.

How To Speed Up Divi Website Builder 9


Server load speed and site efficiency are major elements in today’s digital era of network growth. In order to assist you to keep track of the ways in where you can boost the pace of your Divi website, we hope by now that you have many more ideas and solutions to your website problems.

What is your most common Divi issues that slows down your website? Comment us and I will expand the article with solutions.

/see you all soon.