How Many Users Does Spotify Have? Spotify Users Statistics 2023

Spotify, the Swedish music streaming service, has become popular since 2006.  

Spotify has around 172 million premium users around the world. Users can access the platform from various devices, explore a database of music licensed from numerous record companies, and create and share playlists with other users. Additionally, listeners choose to listen to music for free with commercials or purchase a subscription that allows limitless ad-free music streaming.

Let us indulge in knowing more about Spotify users worldwide. 

Spotify User Statistics

Spotify is not new to music lovers. Still, the number of users is increasing, and you can plan with your marketing strategies after getting an idea about the exact numbers. 

Spotify, a music streaming service, announced 365 million active users globally in the second quarter of 2021. This amounted to a rise of more than 70 million people in just one year. 

Here are the key statistics of Spotify.

  • Spotify has 232M dynamic users 

Starting in 2020, the quantity of Spotify month to month dynamic users is around 345M. Spotify added a record 74 million users in 2020, contrasted with 64 million users in 2019. 

  • Spotify has 158M premium subscribers. 

Another Spotify user detail to look out for is that the media streaming application has acquired 158 million premium supporters. This makes for a 21 percent year-on-year expansion in premium subscribers. 

Every Entrepreneur wishing to enter the music streaming space should think about it while examining the thought with their group.

  • Spotify made €7.85 billion in sales in 2020, up 16 percent from the previous year.
  • Spotify has never reported a profit on its operations. It made a €581 million loss in 2020.
  • 365 million users listen to Spotify at least once a month, with 165 million subscribers.
  • Spotify has 70 million songs and 2.9 million podcasts available.

Spotify market is available in 185 countries, including India, Germany, and other countries. Recently, Spotify launched in 86 new countries past quarter of this year. As of June 2021, Spotify adds upto 165 subscribers. According to Spotify, Spotify's growth in the United States, Mexico, Russia, and India offset lower-than-expected growth in Latin America and Europe.

Source: Spotify, Statista, BusinessInsider

Key Spotify Statistics

  • The Spotify app recently reached 1 billion downloads (as of May 2021).
  • It currently has 365 million users, with 165 million of them being customers.
  • Spotify hasn't witnessed any significant increases in subscriptions over the years. Instead, it has continuously increased its user base, from 18 million in 2015 to 165 million in 2021.
  • Spotify is the most popular music streaming service globally, with over 1 billion downloads on Google Play alone. You can also check out Google User stats.
  •  Spotify has more than 70 million songs and 4 billion playlists.
  • Spotify's market capitalization is estimated to be approximately $72 billion.
  • With a 36 percent market share, Spotify is the global market leader in music streaming services.
  •  Spotify's revenue for 2021 is expected to be around $9 billion.

Spotify was used for almost 40.3 billion hours, 1.68 billion days, and 4.6 million years by the entire world.

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Spotify App Statistics

Spotify application recorded 8.8M downloads from Android users in May 2021 

The application turned into the most downloaded versatile and sound application in May 2021, with 8.83 million downloads from Android users 

The absolute Spotify application introduce written about the Android stage is over 1B 

The complete number of downloads of the Spotify application in the Android Market surpassed 1 billion on May 2, 2021. 

Spotify plans to work in 178 nations before the finish of 2021 

Before finishing 2021, Spotify is relied upon to work in an aggregate of 178 nations. Spotify will grow its activity across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America/Caribbean. This gives an obvious sign that the music streaming application is set to make it accessible on each edge of the world.

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Spotify Lite application is accessible in around 37 nations 

The light form of the application that requests simply 10MB to introduce and work has acquired fame in almost 37 countries, including India. 

 Over 10M of users has introduced the Spotify Lite application 

By making its essence in 37 nations, the light form of media streaming application has been introduced by over 10M users.

Spotify User Demographics and Age Statistics

55% of users have enlisted on Spotify through their Facebook accounts 

By offering online media incorporation administration, Spotify has chopped down the issue of making a remarkable record and expanded the odds of user securing. Something that can be finished up from the worth common above. 

47.7 of Spotify users are from the USA 

Another Spotify user detail to consider is that the USA is the best market to target. 

Spotify's image notoriety expanded by 3X in India. 

According to Spotify's inner exploration, the brand's ubiquity has expanded by more than 3x in India since its dispatch. 

29% of Spotify users are twenty to thirty-year-olds 

The facts confirm that one-fourth of Spotify’s crowd are twenty to thirty-year-olds. The application is administering hearts of all. Individuals from varying backgrounds are partaking in the Spotify music real-time feature. 

56% of Spotify users are male 

It is the case that Spotify is a male-overwhelming stage. It is gradually and progressively acquiring appreciation from female users too.

Source: Spotify, Statista

Spotify Playlist Stats

There are more than 2M digital broadcasts on Spotify. 

The Spotify digital broadcast includes acquiring enormous energy in the commercial center. According to the most recent details for Spotify, there are around 2M webcasts accessible on the stage, while a lot more want to be added soon. 

Around 70M+ tracks and 4B+ playlists are accessible to users

According to the most recent insights for Spotify, the application offers more than 70M tracks and 4B playlists curated, relying upon various elements, like a topic, state of mind, age, and sexual orientation. 

These melodies that incorporate both the advanced and old ones have not recently demonstrated to be difficult for other on-request music specialist organizations yet in addition for radio. 

More than 60,000 tunes are added-ordinarily on the stage. 

Spotify measurements application offers users an exceptional office to transfer tracks from their gadgets and pay attention to those generally accessible. According to Spotify listening details, a far-reaching influence is that around 60,000 tunes consistently enter the Spotify stage. 

25 tunes have been played multiple times on this music streaming application

From ‘State of You' to ‘Closer, ‘Rockstar,’ and ‘Havana,’ around 25 tunes have been the Spotify user’s ‘unequaled’ picks. 

17% of playlists played on Spotify are customized. 

According to the Spotify insights application, the kind of playlists accessible on Spotify are comprehensively separated into three classifications – 

UGC, customized, and curated playlists. Among these, 17% of playlists appreciated by users are customized.

Source: Spotify, Statista

Spotify Revenue Stats

Spotify’s yearly income produced is €7.88B 

According to Spotify details 2020, Spotify produced an income of over 7.88 billion euros, up from 6.76 billion in the earlier year. Most of Spotify's incomes came from its exceptional endorsers instead of advertisement positions. 

The USA is the country from where Spotify is procuring a huge revenue. 

According to most recent Spotify details, this music streaming stage creates income from various areas with its quality in 178 nations. In any case, the one contributing the greatest offer in the USA, trailed by the UK.

Source: Spotify, Statista

Final Takeaway

Now, Spotify stats are in your hands. Plan your marketing strategy accordingly to make sure you reach your goal. There are numerous growth opportunities in the music industry. Cheers!

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