7 Best Surfer SEO Alternative 2023 – Which Is The Best For You?

Surfer SEO has become the recent buzzword for many marketers and SEO writers. When you are planning to explore more about Surfer SEO, then it's time for you to glance at the SEO Alternatives part. Yes, this post helps you to choose the right Surfer SEO alternative if you looking for a change. 

Let us get started. 

The Best Surfer SEO Alternative Is

1. WriterZen

In my opinion, I would recommend WriterZen as the best Surfer SEO Alternative for you. WriterZen is cost-effective keyword research, article production, and optimization tool with a plethora of capabilities. Similar to SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs, you may conduct bulk keyword research.


Writerzen is a powerful content optimization application. Keyword research, topic research, plagiarism, content authoring, and optimization are all things that it can assist you with. With writer zen, you can quickly create SEO-friendly content. As a result, it's a formidable competitor to Surfer SEO in terms of functionality. Though it is not as efficient as Surfer SEO in terms of auditing and other allied functions, it may meet the same fundamental needs as Surfer. Writerzen has gotten a lot of attention and grown a lot in the last several months.

Key Features

WriterZen has various features that will jaw-drop you with its performance.

Keyword finder

This is a keyword research tool that assists you in determining the competition and search volume of potential target keywords. The user interface is appealing, and based on my short experience, the search volume accuracy appears to be adequate.

Topic selection

In my testing, WriterZen also assisted you by automatically organizing keywords into suggested topic clusters, which had mixed effectiveness and utility.

A tool for creating content

This tool has a similar story to the other ones. An artificial intelligence-powered content editor that suggests keywords and questions include. If you care about that, it also features a plagiarism checker.

The outline generator is user-friendly, allowing you to quickly add commonly used h2s and h3s from competitors to your design.


It has three different pricing options:

  • Basic Plan: $39 ( Best for personal use): If you're only working on one project, this plan is ideal. Within 24 hours, you can look for a keyword 50 times on the keyword explorer.
  • Standard Plan: $59/month ( Best for freelancers working on multiple projects): If you're a freelance SEO content writer with several clients, the regular package offers more advanced tools.
  • Advanced Plan: $99/month ( Best for content & digital marketing agencies): This is WriterZen's most comprehensive plan. Large content and digital marketing organizations that manage content SEO campaigns for brands would benefit from its characteristics.


  • Low-hanging fruit metrics like allintitle and KGR can help you find them.
  • To avoid duplicating content, it includes a plagiarism checker.
  • It offers a one-time credit option that allows you to buy more credits as needed.
  • You won't have to spend money on additional products because it includes a keyword research tool.


  • The plagiarism checker is straightforward.
  • Importing content from a URL is not an option.
  • There are no infinite features in any of the plans. Each plan has some limitations.

Check out WriterZen Review for 2022 here.

2. MarketMuse

Next to WriterZen, my next overall best Surfer SEO alternative is MarketMuse. MarketMuse, like WriterZen, is an AI-powered content planning and optimization tool. MarketMuse is a marketing intelligence and content platform.

7 Best Surfer SEO Alternative 2023 - Which Is The Best For You? 1

Their goal is to use artificial intelligence to automate your content strategy. It enables you to establish a comprehensive content strategy, auto-generate the initial draft of an article using natural language processing, and create content briefings for your authors using artificial intelligence. For large teams searching for help with content strategy and budgeting, Marketmuse is the ideal feature.

Marketmuse is one of the most feature-packed Surfer SEO solutions. It's a content intelligence and strategy platform for businesses. Artificial intelligence is used to automate your content.

Key Features

Inventory of content

This tool assists you in planning and prioritizing your content creation. It assesses content quality and performance, identifying missing or weak content that may be worth improving.

They also have a Personalized Difficulty option that takes topical authority into account. The lesser your own difficulty for a query should be the higher your authority in that area. I haven't used it long enough to comment on its correctness.

Modeling by topic

MarketMuse has been doing this for a long time and does it really well. Any seed keyword you enter will provide you with associated topical authority and niche coverage possibilities.

A tool for optimizing content

MarketMuse, like the other products, helps writers write search-optimized articles using AI data.


MarketMuse offers a limited-featured free plan. This plan allows you to have one user, 45 projects, and 35 queries each month. To begin, you have the option of selecting this plan.

If you want to create more material and have infinite projects, the regular subscription, which costs $149 per month, is the way to go. If you operate an agency and require access for an infinite number of people, the premium plan ($999/mo) is the best solution.. The other applications are available on all levels, however content inventory and dashboard are only available on the premium plan.


  • Its topical model heatmaps display aids in easy data comprehension.
  • A full executive summary is included to discuss with writers.
  • Provides topic gap ideas to help you rank higher than your competition.
  • Has a no-cost plan


  • In comparison to the other SurferSEO competitors on this list, the tool is pricey.
  • It gives you a limited number of credits and limits your usage.
  • A learning curve is required.

3. UseTopic

UseTopic is also a good option for Surfer SEO because it focuses on resolving content-related issues. Before writing an article, we all know that thorough research is required.

7 Best Surfer SEO Alternative 2023 - Which Is The Best For You? 2

You can understand your users' search intent after conducting extensive research. Manual research, on the other hand, takes a long time; that's why Topic handles all of your research for you in minutes rather than hours.

You can provide your authors with high-quality content briefs so they can cover everything that needs to be included in an article. With their content editor, you can better optimize your material. You can find out what queries your audience has about a specific topic and address them in your article.

Key Features

Content Assessor

Use Content Grader to determine where your draft is lacking. Optimize each content before publishing to ensure that it is relevant to your target audience. Content graders are available through Google Docs and WordPress plugins.

GPT-3's AI-powered Brief Generation can build a content overview by Topic automatically. This can be paired with our research section to quickly create high-quality briefings that your authors will like.

Section dedicated to research

Enter the keyword you're looking for. It will analyze competitors by scanning the top search results. There will be headings, questions to be answered, and topics to be covered in the text. To organize your research and produce a good outline, use the Topic's outline generator.


The entry-level package starts at $99 per month. Only $199 per month for our plus plan (ideal for content teams or agencies). On all annual plans, they provide a 20% discount.


  • Unrivaled AI-powered content brief creation.
  • Content optimization that works.
  • Sleek, simple, and simple to use.


  • There are no technical SEO features available.
  • When compared to Surfer SEO, it's pricey.
  • We're working on it! AI-generated headlines can be misleading at times.

4. Clearscope

My next favorite and premium Surfer SEO Alternative is Clearscope. Clearscope is another fantastic Surfer SEO alternative, and it was one of the first content optimization tools available online.

7 Best Surfer SEO Alternative 2023 - Which Is The Best For You? 3

Users and Google alike adore the long-form content made with Clearscope. While writing the material, you can see the content grade. You can undertake keyword research and content optimization at the same time with its optimized feature.

Surfer SEO's content editor functions similarly to Clearscope's optimize tool. Simply enter your main keyword, and it will calculate the word count and LSI terms you need to include in your content based on the top-ranking competitors. You may also make your material more readable and appealing to your target audience.

Key Features

Clearscope provides keyword research and content optimization.

A tool for optimizing content

Clearscope's Optimize feature operates in a similar fashion to the rest of the tools on this list, assessing and recommending material that is currently ranking. The user interface is straightforward and straightforward.

A keyword research feature is available

Monthly searches, competitiveness, and anticipated CPCs for possible keywords can all be found via Keyword Discovery. It will also assist you in discovering similar terms from a seed idea.


Clearscope offers two different pricing options. The essentials plan is $170 per month, while the professional plan is $350 per month. You can also make your own business plan based on your needs.


  • Content optimization of A++ quality
  • Features for writing assistance
  • Surfer is easier to use.


  • There aren't any technical SEO features.
  • There will be no competitive analysis.
  • Surfer SEO is more expensive.

5. Frase

The next alternative, Frase, is undeniably the best Surfer SEO Alternative that I would recommend. Frase is one of the most popular and effective Al-powered SEO content authoring tools. This tool is quite useful for accelerating the content development workflow. 

7 Best Surfer SEO Alternative 2023 - Which Is The Best For You? 4

Frase is one of the greatest content outline and SEO optimization tools available, and it can help you quickly build a flow in your content creation. With its content brief tool, you can generate a content brief for an existing post or a new blog post. If you're having trouble writing, its AI writer can help you come up with the greatest SEO-optimized material. It evaluates pages based on geo-location, just like Surfer SEO.

Frase has a content optimizer tool that can assist you figure out what your competitors are talking about. It also allows you to examine which headings and sections they use in their text. The subject score feature displays your content's score for a specific topic. You can see your topic score in real time if you compose the material in Frase's editor.

Key Features

Frase comes with three primary features and an AI writer add-on.

A content brief generator

This application allows you to easily create outlines for your writing team. You can:

  • Check out which h2s and h3s your competitors are utilizing (and add them to your outline)
  • See the most important keywords to use and incorporate.
  • See if there are any authority resources that you can link to.
  • All of the aforementioned should be included in your outline.
  • Export the outline and send it to your writer.
  • A tool for optimizing content

This is the point at which you (or your writers) will begin composing your essay. Frase gives you immediate comments and grades on your work based on their analysis and recommendations. You may also audit existing information by copying and pasting it. There's also a Google Docs integration on the Team plan ($115).

A feature for content analytics

Frase assesses your content performance using data from Google Search Console and provides feedback and recommendations.

Add-on for AI writers

While SurferSEO offers a fantastic interface with Jarvis.ai, Frase comes with its own AI writer tool. While AI technologies, in general, aren't capable of producing a whole article in a single click, creating a rough outline and then modifying it is a possible technique to speed up content creation.

If you're going to utilize an AI authoring tool, I'd recommend utilizing Frase to keep everything organized. Even as a starting price, the cost is a flat +$35/month, which is rather reasonable.


Frase is available for $1 for seven days. There are three premium price options available. The solo plan costs $19.99 per month or $16.99 per year, the basic plan costs $44.99 per month or $39.99 per year, and the team plan costs $114.99 per month or $99.99 per year. You will enjoy a  7-day money-back guarantee for all plans.


  • Google Docs and WordPress are seamlessly integrated.
  • You have complete freedom to examine as many prime pages as you desire.
  • The content can be exported as PDF or HTML.


  • There is no keyword research tool.

6. Dashword

And, my favorite Surfer SEO Alternative, Dashword, is a content optimization tool that most SEO marketers long for. Dashword is a content optimization tool that includes Clearscope among its functions.

7 Best Surfer SEO Alternative 2023 - Which Is The Best For You? 5

On the left, the content editor provides keyword ideas, a letter-based content grade to determine content quality, and a recommended word count on the right.

Dashword will provide a report of competing articles in SERPs based on your desired term. The average word count, content grade, relevant terms, and readability are all included.

Key Features

Dashword has three basic elements that are similar to Frase and Surfer.

A content brief generator

You can immediately see the subheadings and keywords used by competitors to generate an outline and share it with your writer, just like Frase (and Surfer). 

A tool for optimizing content

Very similar once more. As the writer proceeds through the article, the technology provides real-time comments and grading.

A feature for monitoring content

This function is used to keep track of how well content is doing and whether updates are required. If the SERP has changed, the recommendations may also have altered, and you will be notified. This is a new feature that I haven't had a chance to test thoroughly enough to remark on.


You'll pay a monthly fee of $99 to get unlimited reports. Dashword also provides a free trial that includes one report.


  • Unlimited reports are available.
  • The user interface is simple and intuitive.
  • Surfer SEO is less expensive.


  • Content optimization is lacking.
  • There isn't a keyword research tool.
  • There aren't any technical SEO features.

7. Content Harmony

My last favorite Surfer SEO Alternative, Content Harmony is a tool for swiftly researching and writing exceptional briefs. This application has been in development since 2018, and its main focus is on workflows that help you with content preparation and briefings so you can work more effectively with your writers. 

7 Best Surfer SEO Alternative 2023 - Which Is The Best For You? 6

If you anticipate your content optimization tool to provide you with quality feedback on the content you generate, keep in mind that their Content Grader is currently in beta. I'm not sure the Clearscope team sees them as a legitimate competitor or a threat to their business, but the tool could be useful for you.

Key Features

Each phase of the content briefing pipeline has a feature in Content Harmony.

Report on Keywords

This section focuses on the research phase. It contains details on the search intent, SERP features, competitors, questions to answer, and more.

The user interface is rather great; clicking on rival headlines and questions sends them straight to the brief builder, where they may be used.

A content brief generator

This is where you produce a brief outline, exactly as it sounds. To save time, you may save templates per outline/project, which is fantastic. Typically, you'd include a meta title, description, h1, main target keyword(s), and h2s/h3s in this section.

A tool for optimizing content

Finally, this is where the writing takes place. The features are pretty similar to those of the other step-by-step programs. The editor can be shared with other writers for easy collaboration, and it assesses the text.


Content harmony pricing begins at $9.90 per month, which includes 10 difficulty reviews and two projects per day. Projects are similar to creating an article on Clearscope in that you are given a list of keywords to use as well as comments on your work. You'll need to use the Difficulty Checks tool independently to gain all of the competitive insights and truly explore your issue.


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Excellent assistance
  • Rather than bloat and unnecessary features, we concentrated on creating the greatest briefs possible.


  • Like any software, it took some time to get used to, but as we developed a step-by-step routine, everything became much easier.

What exactly makes people like Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is a content optimization tool powered by artificial intelligence. On-page search engine optimization is emphasized.

Enter the keyword for which you want to rank. Surfer will look for 100+ data points in the SERPs, such as average word count, suggested keywords, picture alt tags, and backlinks.

Surfer SEO will then produce guidelines to assist you with content optimization. These instructions can be shared, allowing anyone on your team to pick up where you left off.

Surfer concentrates on the technical aspects of SEO writing rather than the “write what your audience wants to read” mindset.

Surfer is best suited for advanced SEOs searching for an on-page optimization solution to improve new and current content.

Which is the Best Surfer SEO Alternative For You?

In my opinion, I would recommend WriterZen as the best Surfer SEO Alternative for you. And, next is MarketMuse. At the same time, when you are willing to go for the premium option, then I would recommend Clearscope. This is what I would recommend for you as the best Surfer SEO Alternative. Try out all the five alternatives with its free trial option. And, decide which suits you the most. Cheers!