Synthesia Affiliate Program

Synthesia Affiliate Program – A Detailed Review

Due to its exciting commission rates and offers, the Synthesia affiliate marketing program has become a favorite of most affiliates in the digital marketing industry.

Hence, if you want to know more about Synthesia and its affiliate program,

Continue reading this blog post.

Name Of The Program
Synthesia Affiliate Program
Official Website
Joining Fees
Payment Frequency
Cookie Length
60 Days
Commission Rate

What Is The Synthesia Affiliate Program?

Synthesia Affiliate Program is a popular and legit program that helps you make money online by recommending Synthesia (AI video generation platform) to your followers and subscribers.

Moreover, you can promote the Synthesia platform through an affiliate link on your blogs, social media, YouTube, email lists, and websites.


Synthesia AI affiliate marketing program strictly does not appreciate promoting its platform through Pay Per Click campaigns.

What Is Synthesia?

Synthesia is the number one video creation platform using Artificial Intelligence technology to help users create exquisite, professional-grade, fine-quality videos.

Synthesia Affiliate Program - A Detailed Review 1

Simply put, Synthesia is a fantastic AI tool for generating personal and professional videos by inputting text. 

In fact, the video created through Synthesia looks like a professional one, shot in a studio with a high-quality camera, equipment, and studio members.

The unique part about Synthesia is that no one has to feature in the video content.

Instead, the user can choose from more than 140 trending avatars and make it the real-time character in the video.

Synthesia Affiliate Program - A Detailed Review 2

Also, Synthesia is used by top companies like Zoom, Dupont, and Carlisle, and we have encountered the fruitful experiences they shared while using it.

Whether an influencer plans to make a video for a product review or a corporate individual aims to create a project presentation, Synthesia helps to do so within a few minutes.

However, the user has to understand how well the features of Synthesia work.

Perks Of Being A Synthesia Affiliate Partner

As an affiliate, you will make a high commission when there are valid purchases through the affiliate link.

Your referrals will also benefit by grabbing exclusive offers when they purchase through your unique affiliate link.

The commission for each customer referral starts from 20% on all payments within the first year (12 months).

However, your recurring commission will increase with the number of sales, which is effortlessly possible when you have a large audience.

Synthesia's affiliate program reports that you can earn a commission of up to $160 for a customer referral with your affiliate link.

Secondly, the cookie duration of 60 days provides a wide range of opportunities to increase conversion rates.

Furthermore, by becoming an affiliate with Synthesia, you can earn a free Synthesia starter account for one year, but when you reach your 10th sale.

Synthesia Affiliate Program - A Detailed Review 3

With the help of a free starter account in Synthesia, you will get 

  • One editor and three guests
  • 120 minutes of video for a year
  • More than 70 avatars

After being a successful affiliate marketer with Synthesia, you can create your free custom avatar when you hit your 20th referral or sale.

A free custom avatar is nothing but your digital version, which you can entirely customize using AI technology according to your needs.

Synthesia Affiliate Program - A Detailed Review 4

Now, what is the use of this free avatar?

Let me explain,

You can use this custom avatar to generate personal videos in more than 120 languages, which might be helpful for your YouTube channel, social media posts, brand awareness, communication, or marketing.

For instance,

You can create a YouTube video featuring this free custom avatar with AI voice, delivering the message you want to convey to your audience.

Doing so allows you to establish your personal space without appearing in front of your audience.

At the same time, you are delivering the message using your identity.

Another crucial advantage of a free custom avatar is creating multiple videos even in a few minutes. This is impossible when a human appears or records in front of the camera.

Synthesia also lets you choose between a webcam AI avatar or a studio AI avatar.

Why Should You Choose The Synthesia Affiliate Program?

In addition to the free affiliate membership, the Synthesia Affiliate Program provides you with a free custom avatar, which is impressive!

Synthesia Affiliate Program - A Detailed Review 5

As said earlier, this free custom avatar has many benefits, so you can utilize it wisely if necessary.

Personally, this is an added advantage for Synthesia affiliates beyond the satisfyable commission rate of $20.

Again, what's appreciable about Synthesia is the company assists its affiliates with a lot of marketing resources and support to increase their conversion rates, 

Meanwhile, a few brands stopped supporting or getting in touch with their affiliates after providing the affiliate link.

So why don't you get a try !?

Lastly, not only you (the affiliate) but also the referrals can enjoy exclusive price concessions and discounts when subscribing to a plan.

Thus, the Synthesia Affiliate Program is one of the best AI affiliate programs to consider.

How To Join The Synthesia Affiliate Program?

Becoming an affiliate of Synthesia is literally easy and requires only two to three steps.

First, visit Synthesia's official website and click the signup form link. We have attached the official application form link to help you start quickly.

Synthesia Affiliate Program - A Detailed Review 6

Then, you must include your essential information, such as your name, email, website, company name, and a few more details.

Synthesia Affiliate Program - A Detailed Review 7

Next, agree to the terms and conditions and click the submit button. That's all.

Synthesia Affiliate Program - A Detailed Review 8

If you have finished the Signup process, kindly wait.

The team from Synthesia will contact you through an email if they find you are eligible for the Synthesia affiliate program.

In addition, we recommend reading all the affiliate terms, policies, and conditions before you start the signing-up procedures for any affiliate program for beginners.

Once approved for the Synthesia affiliate program, you can log in to your Synthesia affiliate account.

You must also update your payment preferences, considering the numerous options available.

However, most of the affiliates choose PayPal, which they consider to be comfortable.

Then, you can start your content creation process and promote Synthesia to your followers.

Synthesia Alternative

In case you are not satisfied with the Synthesia affiliate program and are thinking about any other alternatives, here are a few suggestions; 

  • Murf AI affiliate program
  • Notion AI affiliate program
  • Copy AI affiliate program
  • Deep Art Effects affiliate program

Wrapping Up

If you are a content creator, influencer, or an affiliate marketer looking for any good AI affiliate programs to join,

Ensure to make a count on the Synthesia affiliate program.

We hope this Synthesia review helps you get started as an affiliate marketer!

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