Templ.io Review 2022: Is This WordPress Host Any Good?

Templ Review

If you are looking to read the best Templ.io Review, then you are in the right place.

Templ.io is a white-glove Managed Google Cloud WordPress hosting company founded in 2016.

Templ.io comes with a new-age innovative control panel that helps you launch a WordPress/WooCommerce website in seconds, all powered by the rock-solid Google Cloud platform.

After using their trial for 10 days, I converted into their paid customer and hosted my Amazon affiliate sites.

All I can say, Templ can be a good alternative hosting when you plan to move away from WordPress shared hosts.

In this Templ.io WordPress Hosting Review, you'll learn.

  • The performance (uptime/speed)
  • Inside look of Control Panel
  • List of technologies.
  • Overall Pros and Cons.

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Templ.io Review Summary

Templ offers the most affordable managed WordPress hosting powered by Google Cloud. My site hosted on Templ provides better performance than any other host. In fact, Templ is the only host to offer Google CDN full page caching through which my site has passed “Core Web Vitals.” Overall, Templ hosting provides the best value for money with excellent WordPress support.

Pros of Templ

1. Industry Best Performance

Hosted on Google Cloud, you don't need to worry about performance, as their data centers are equipped with the latest hardware and high-speed connectivity for fast data transfer.

How does Templ utilize the best resources?

My WordPress site reported 100% uptime and response time on an average of 300ms.

Templ.io Review 2022: Is This WordPress Host Any Good? 1
100% uptime and 312ms response time

Being a young company, they go the extra mile to satisfy users. I used their free site transfer, and the Templ team moved my sites, did WordPress speed optimization, and shared a lot more optimization ideas.

Templ.io Review 2022: Is This WordPress Host Any Good? 2

Templ.io Review 2022: Is This WordPress Host Any Good? 3
After the site migration, I got the site improvement stats

It's their tradition to show before and after results of website load time.

You can see how obsessed the Templ.io team is toward these services. When it comes to performance, you won't be disappointed.

2. Google Cloud + CDN + DNS

You are sold. As far as I know, Templ is the only WordPress host to offer Google Cloud + CDN + DNS on all its plans.

If you ask me what's so unique, Google CDN is the most expensive CDN service and the fastest one according to CDNPerf.

Templ.io Review 2022: Is This WordPress Host Any Good? 4

WP Engine, Kinsta, and Cloudways are other Google-managed WP hosts, but they don't offer Google CDN. They choose other CDNs for cost-cutting, and now, imagine the value for money, Templ offers through its services.

3. Innovative Control Panel

Like every managed WordPress host, Templ too comes with its own simple control panel yet provides easy navigation to perform quick tasks.

Templ.io Review 2022: Is This WordPress Host Any Good? 5
Site Control

Launching a WordPress site in three clicks and then an additional click to request a site transfer is easy.

At one click, you can

  • Chat with a support agent
  • Check usage details
  • Download backups
  • Get FTP access details, etc.

The panel will be a huge time saver when you come from cPanel based hosts.

Templ.io Review 2022: Is This WordPress Host Any Good? 6
Main Panel

There is also an account sharing option through which you can give create sub-accounts for other team members.

4. Tech Stacks

Even if you have the very best server, only the hosting architecture defines the performance.

Likewise, Templ adds the most advanced tech stacks like

  • Ngnix web server (faster than Apache)
  • Php 7.4
  • Brotli (better than Gzip compression)
  • Quic (a great alternative to HTTP/2)
  • Redis database Cache

You might encounter the above tech stacks among most hosts, but Quic was unique, and Templ became one of the first managed WordPress host companies to deploy it on their servers.

Quic was initially developed by Google, a transport layer that helps you reduce latency compared to HTTP/2.

5. Best Customer Support

Templ WordPress customer support is powered by Intercom, which is available inside the panel.

As said earlier, Templ takes complete care of your website, 100% matches with what they say, “Managed WordPress Hosting.”

List of jobs Templ does for you are

  • Free site migration
  • Debugging your site for optimization
  • Malware checking and Removal
  • CDN/SSL setup
  • Speed optimization.

Here is another screenshot to prove why Templ is a great WordPress host to get started.

Templ.io Review 2022: Is This WordPress Host Any Good? 7

They do multiple things through speed optimization service to ensure your websites 100% fit with Templ. Some of them are

  • Optimal WordPress Configuration
  • Themes & Plugin audit
  • Database optimization & Troubleshooting
  • Image Optimization & server log checks
  • Proper Caching implementation.

June 2020 update: I moved to another site, and this time, I got impressed as they changed my database Engine, optimized images, and reduced the database size from 337MB to 64MB. The TTFB has been reduced from 245ms to 100ms, which is the best thing for all as it dramatically improves LCP in WordPress.

Templ.io Review 2022: Is This WordPress Host Any Good? 8

6. Most Common Features

I don't feel like explaining these features in detail, as they got so common on hosting companies. Here are a few to talk about.

  • SSL certificate
  • SSD & CDN
  • Daily Automatic backups
  • Staging sites
  • WordPress expertise support.

The backups are stored in remote servers and won't be calculated from your plan disk space.

Templ.io Review 2022: Is This WordPress Host Any Good? 9

You can also share your account with other users by inviting them via email.

Templ.io Review 2022: Is This WordPress Host Any Good? 10

This is another attractive section where you can find many tools to improve your security and performance.

Templ.io Review 2022: Is This WordPress Host Any Good? 11

Cons of Templ

1. Add on Sites

Templ got four plans that range from $15 to $149, and at each plan, they allow only one WordPress website. When I saw a single webpage on all plans, I felt it would be pricey.

Then I checked the resources and found I can host 2-3 sites for less than $50 while it would have cost around $75/month on other managed WP hosts. Likewise, you can calculate and see whether Templ suits you or not.

Templ Pricing

There are four plans to get started.

  • $29/month Micro plan comes with 5 GB Storage and 5 GB Bandwidth.
  • $29/month small plan comes with 10 GB Storage and 10 GB Bandwidth.
  • $54/month Small plus plan got 18 GB storage and 18GB bandwidth.
  • $79/month medium plan offers 25GB Storage and Bandwidth.
  • $149/month Large plan got 50GB storage and 100GB Bandwidth.

You can use Templ Coupon and get $30 free credits. All the Templ plans are free (SSL, CDN, Site Transfer & optimization). Keep an eye on our Templ.io Review, and I'll update more techniques on improving the speed and comparison with other managed hosts.

Wrapping up

On the whole, Templ offers the best value for money regarding performance, support, and technology resources.

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