Thrive Apprentice Vs LearnDash Compared

With the launch of Thrive Apprentice, the most asked question of how Thrive Apprentice goes against LearnDash?

Here is my brief comparison of Thrive Apprentice Vs LearnDash considering the features, pricing, and support.

Before going through this LearnDash Vs Thrive Apprentice, do check our Thrive Apprentice review for a better understanding of the product.

Thrive Apprentice Vs LearnDash

One of the uncommon things about this comparison is LearnDash was a mature product launched in 2013 while Thrive Apprentice is launched in 2019.

I can understand the craziness over Thrive Products because they not only solve the problems but also comes with affordable pricing thus reaching masses.

Let's start with the course page. There is nothing much difference between these two and the first image is of LearnDash and the second one is of Thrive Apprentice.

Thrive Apprentice Vs LearnDash Compared 1
Thrive Apprentice Vs LearnDash Compared 2

Once if you click on any course this is how the modules look like

Thrive Apprentice Vs LearnDash Compared 3
Thrive Apprentice Vs LearnDash Compared 4

Thrive Apprentice is an ultimate winner when it comes to pricing. While LearnDash Basic starts from $150 for single website license Thrive Apprentice priced at just $67/year.

The high tier pricing of Thrive Apprentice is $129 for 15 websites and LearnDash costs $189 for 10 site and $329 for 25 site licenses.

Summary: Choose LearnDash is you need a lot of customization templates and features. You can opt for Thrive Apprentice for an budget friendly Course making plugin for WordPress.