Thrive Architect Pricing Plan 2023

Thrive Architect is one among many plugins that have the Thrive Themes. This intuitive page builder is all you need to meet your web development requirements. However, one problem with it is that it’s not free. So, as much as you want to put this fantastic tool to use, you want to know how much it would cost you. This article aims to acquaint you with the same.

But before we move to the Thrive Architect Pricing, let’s understand in detail what it is, how it would benefit your business and website, and it would be worth the investment you make.

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The Thrive Architect Pricing is

The Thrive Architect offers two different pricing models: Thrive Suite and Thrive Suite Agency Membership.

Thrive Architect Pricing Tutorial | How Much Does it Cost?
Thrive Architect Pricing

The agency membership is a yearly plan at the cost of $588 and has a lot more advantages than you’d get with the Thrive Suite plans.

The Thrive Suite plans are available on a quarterly and yearly basis.

Here are more details about both agency license and suite plans.

Thrive Architect Agency Membership License

As mentioned, it costs $588 a year, and after that, you need to pay renewal charges yearly. These renewal charges are locked in, and even if the price goes up in the future, you’d have to pay this amount only and nothing over and above that.

As for what you get with the membership, here’s a list:

  1. Thrive Business Box access.
  2. Work on up to 50websites.
  3. Unlimited updates.
  4. Quick access to new plugins.
  5. Round-the-clock technical support.
  6. Premium Templates.

Thrive Suite Plans

These plans are available in two different pricing models. You can take the quarterly plan or the yearly plan.

The quarterly plan costs $90 per quarter, while the yearly plan costs $288. What’s more, to it is that you get an instant discount of a flat $132 when you buy the annual plan, not to mention that price gets locked in for future renewals as well.

As far as what you get with it, it’s everything you get with the Agency Membership, except that the number of sites you could operate is cut down to half, that is, 25sites. Additionally, you get access to all other plugins available in the Thrive Suite. Furthermore, there’s a 30days money-back guarantee, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your hard-earned money in case you don’t find Thrive Architect helpful.

What to Buy?

If your web pages are not attractive and appealing, the visitors will bounce back from them sooner than they arrived. You surely don’t want that to happen. So, everything must be on fleek.

However, the usual page builder tools and editors are much difficult to operate, and it could take you hours to build pages and yet not be satisfied with them. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Making the correct choice becomes a challenge with so many different plans available. So, what should you subscribe to?

Well, the best bet can be the Thrive Suite Yearly plan considering that it comes with a considerable discount.

The yearly cost will be $360, much higher than the annual plan even without the discount if you take the quarterly plan. So, this plan will be feasible only when you have very short-term needs and don’t require renewing the subscription once you’re done with it.

For long-term needs, the yearly plan is the best bet. Additionally, if you need to work on a more significant number of websites, you can go for the Agency License.

So, the choice largely depends on your specific needs and requirements, but in my opinion, the Thrive Suite Yearly Plan is the most feasible and affordable model.

With digital marketing on its boom and continuously growing websites and web pages on the internet, it becomes essential that your site stands out. So, you need efficient web development and page builder tools to up your game in the competition.

Business development and digital marketing bring in website traffic, lead generation, and conversions. To achieve all these things, you create web pages, landing pages, blog posts, etc.

However, is it all so easy to create these pages? When you’re making a page on your website, you need to pay attention to everything, from the page design to how the images and text are aligned with each other, the placement of boxes, rows, columns, CTA buttons, and many other aspects encompassing the look and appeal of the page.

Are There Any Discounts?

Well, you can find the internet full of discounts, coupons, and offers related to Thrive Architect Pricing and subscription. Sadly, none of them works!

Any discount you see is fake, and the only discount available is the one that comes with the yearly subscription to the Thrive Suite.

What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is an intuitive plugin designed to create web pages, landing pages, blog pages, etc., from scratch. The plugin was earlier called the Thrive Content Builder. However, later, considering its ability to work out entire web pages with visually appealing themes, designs, and templates, it was named Thrive Architect, further nick-named WordPress LandingPage Builder.

Thrive Architect Pricing Plan 2023 2

Not only can you build pages using Thrive Architect, but you can also edit them whenever there’s a requirement. Basically, if you look at the WordPress Page Editor for building and editing pages, you’d want to scream and run for the hills.

The WordPress Page Editor puts the onus of everything upon you. You have to build the themes and designs, not to mention the need to search and install plugins to add tables, columns, colors, and images to the page. Moreover, everything is going to happen in the back-end, and in case things do not look good in the front end after you’ve finished building the page, you’ll have to go back and do it all over again.

With the Thrive Architect, you never have to worry about these things. The plugin is a complete package for building web pages and landing pages from scratch and comes with more than 300 templates to choose from. Additionally, its editor works directly in the front end, where you can see how the edits look on your pages.

Furthermore, it easily integrates with different elements such as columns, tables, rows, CTA buttons, contact forms, etc. This allows you to have end-to-end page designs that are appealing and attractive enough to bring in leads and conversions.

This is just not it. The plugin is built with speed, convenience, ease, and results in mind. As such, you can build pages on it within minutes without really having to do anything at all. All you need to do is select the elements and use the drag and drop functionalities, and you’re all done. There’s no coding, no programming, no other hassle, just quick turnarounds with attractive pages that lead conversions and results.

Here are some more quick insights into the Thrive Architect's features, pros, and cons to help you have a more insightful perspective about it before you finally know about its pricing. If it doesn't feel appealing, you can directly visit Thrive Architect Review post to know more.


  1. Page Builder
    This is the basic functionality of the plugin. It has intuitive features and elements for building highly attractive and appealing pages with the addition of tables, rows, columns, etc. Be it landing pages, website home page, blog pages, or any other launch pages; the plugin helps create them within minutes through its pre-designed templates and other elements and widgets.
  1. Customization
    Not only can you create pages quickly by using templates but even customize them as per your specific needs and requirements. This helps add a personal touch to your page designs and templates and makes them stand out from the crowd.
  1. Responsiveness
    Responsiveness is of utmost importance on whatever pages you’re building for promoting your business. Thrive Architect has fantastic responsive features to help you build mobile-friendly pages and posts, thereby providing excellent user experiences irrespective of what device they’re using to access your pages.


  1. It has a simple, convenient, and easy-to-understand interface.
  2. The quick drag and drop functionalities and ability to add as many elements as you like help create attractive pages that bring results, and your business becomes more profitable.
  3. Pre-designed templates, no code requirements, etc., save you lots of time and help create pages almost instantaneously.
  4. Customization options help put content in a more personalized and appealing way.
  5. Integration with email marketing tools and other such plugins makes it easier to drive leads and conversions.
  6. Cheap, affordable, and attractive pricing plans with discounts.


  1. Works only on WordPress and no other hosting or platform.
  2. It’s not free, and when it comes to buying, you need to buy the entire Suite and cannot get Thrive Architect as an individual plugin.

So far, everything about Thrive Architect is clear, and purchasing the entire suite seems like a disadvantage. However, once you go through the Thrive Architect pricing plans, you’ll know how worthwhile it is.

Final Words

Thrive Architect is a fantastic tool in your hands to build your websites and landing pages and earn some significant profits from them. Although there’s no free version and it comes with the entire Thrive Suite, the pricing is affordable, and the disadvantages hardly count over the advantages that come with the plugin.

If you’ve got a WordPress website, this plugin seems like a must-have to end all the hustle-bustle of page creation and management. So, with what’s in store in the Thrive Architect, it’s definitely worth the value and something you’ll never regret.