Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates

At BloggingIO, I'm proud to write, this Thrive Architect Review in 2019 is the most updated content explaining things with latest UI of the plugin, new developments etc.

Let's see what's inside this Thrive Architect Review with live examples, pros and cons.


Thrive Architect Review

To get started, Add a new page or post or use your existing post and you'll get an option "Launch Thrive Architect" and upon clicking, you'll see a beautiful dashboard like this below

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 1

I got access to the plugin few days back when they rolled out the update for existing users. I just spent time designing new landing pages and updated old pages designed with TCB.

To be frank, when I started using it, things are not fine and I thought old version is better. But when I spent some more hours to work on the new plugin, the things seems to be ease and particularly the new version is more advanced to design complex web pages without the need for developers.

Here comes the impressive features you find with this Review.

Content Blocks

If you're an smart marketer, you'll love this and understand how good this content blocks is for your affiliate sites and content marketing.

Content Blocks comes with prebuilt conversion modules which you can use to skyrocket your conversions. Here are some of the content blocks

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 2

Below is the real example of how I choose a block and created an copy

Thrive Architect Review

Why I rate them as the #1 page builder?


  • Conversion focused design elements
  • Regular updates based on user feedback
  • Good customer support and Lifetime updates.
  • Options to replicate any type of complex site designs.


  • Sometimes buggy but it will get fixed in next updates.
  • Not able to design full theme, however they're launching Themes Builder soon.


Thousands of similar plugins in the market and there is no other plugin like this Architect which focused on conversion centric features rather than generic features which you don't find with any other plugin right now.

With contents ready, I just made the above module in just few minutes, nothing to design, just drag and drop the pre designed modules for resources page, quotes, pros/cons for product reviews, best product rating, call to action, teams and more.

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 3

Table of Contents

I was shocked to see none other plugin offers this stunning essential features which makes your CTR increase on a whole new level.

The Wikipedia style table of contents available doesn't offer much feature to design and here is how the table of contents looks 

You can always edit between how many columns to display, which heading tags needs to be added etc. 

Advanced Column Layout

In older version, the column layout can't be adjusted once it deployed but here, you can change as per your wish.

This gives the flexibility to change the site layouts in seconds rather than creating new codes for adjusted columns.

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 4

Responsive Table Templates

First of its kind, this plugin comes with responsive table templates which you don't find with any other page builder including the likes of Elementor while I updating this Architect Review in April 2019.

If you're into affiliate marketing especially in Amazon niches comparison posts like best,cheap etc, this is going to improve your conversions on a whole new level.


Thrive Architect


Divi Builder


Pricing $19 - $97

$0 - $199

$89 - $249


Integrations with 39




Lifetime updates, Yes




Unlimited site, NO



This above table is an simple example, there are more than 10+ eye catching table templates available in the dashboard.

That's why I always say, there might be plugins better than Architect but when it comes to affiliate marketing, I bet you can't match the features.

There are even more tables designs are added in recent times where you can add images, star ratings, color background etc

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 5

You can check this post from your mobile device on how good it appears.

Styled Box

The essential part of business is conversion and this one has got everything needed to make your page stand out of the crowd.

While writing this content, there are over 100 styled box and look few below

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 6

Hover Effects

In this plugin, the hover can be done as per our idea while the earlier version lacks this. Just over the button and border of the above elements, you can check the hover effect.

The gif shows a good outline of the hover effects

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 7

More responsive now

Some of the elements with old version wont be responsive in all screens and this plugin solves the issues. Here, within this screen you can check the responsiveness of the design unlike older version where you need to manually preview the changes.

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 8

Even if you found some elements not responsive, you can simply adjust them later. Even you can add hide elements that are not needed for particular device users.

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 9


Here is the link where you can check the growing database of stunning templates for any of your needs including homepage templates, review, client business, webinar etc.

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 10


With Membership, there are a lot of suite of tools and it offers very close integration for better results.

In this site, I use most other products and its easy to integrate if you use leads, ultimatum or quiz builder etc

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 11

Contact Form

The recent update offers inbuilt contact thus making you to disable of external plugins for contacts. Below is the sample form I've created.

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 12

Thrive Architect Pricing

Thrive Architect comes with three types of pricing, the affordable $67 for single site license with lifetime updates while the five and 15 site licenses are priced at $97 and $147 respectively.

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 13

I always love their pricing. Even with such a huge update, the pricing remains same and there is no better time to get the plugin for building high conversion pages.

I'll update this Review with pricing if there any changes happens in future.

If you still looking for discounts, you can actually Membership where you can enjoy all the plugins & themes for such deal price .

For those new:

Thrive Content Builder is the WordPress plugin used to build effective conversion focused web pages and most of the beautiful sites you found over the internet is built using this WordPress Plugin.

Now the plugin is completely revamped which comes with additional features like the vertical layout and much-needed features as requested by existing users and launched an upgraded product and so as this new Thrive Architect Review 2019.

If for any reason, you're looking for Alternative, you can try Divi Builder through Elegant Themes Coupon Code or try Instapage which works even on non-WordPress sites.

Thrive Architect Review
Thrive Architect Review: Pricing & Templates 14

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