Thrive Architect Vs Beaver Builder

Thrive Architect Vs Beaver Builder: Best of Two?

Both, Thrive Architect and Beaver Builder are equally popular WordPress page builders and extensively used by users.

However, if you are new to page builders and not being able to decide as to which one would be the best for your project, this post will walk you through the various aspects of the website design tools.

By the end of the post, you should really have no problem in finding the right web design tool.

Thrive Architect Vs Beaver Builder Summary

Even though both are amazing WordPress plugins, they differ largely in terms of their model.

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While Beaver Builder allows users to create fascinating web designs for WordPress sites, Thrive Architect takes it one level further by allowing users to create conversion optimized designs.

Thrive Architect Vs Beaver Builder: Best of Two? 2

Besides, you get a lot of other useful plugins and themes to boost your sales.

Thrive Architect Vs Beaver Builder Pricing

To use Thrive Architect, customers can choose from 3 available packs; Thrive Membership for $19/mo, 5 License Pack for $97/mo and Single License for $67/mo.

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Membership includes access to all plugins and themes, 25 websites, 325 landing page templates, Unlimited free updates, and support.

5 License includes support for up to 5 websites, 1 year support, and all other important features.

Single License allows you to use one website in addition to all other features included in the 5 License pack.

Al the 3 packs come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Beaver Builder is available in 3 different packs; Standard for $99, Pro for $199, and Agency for $399.

Standard comes with unlimited sites support, Support for 1 year, Premium Modules & Templates.

Pro includes Beaver Builder Theme and Multisite Capability in addition to all the features of the Standard plan.

Agency has all the features of Pro plus White Labeling.

Thrive Architect Vs Beaver Builder: Best of Two? 5

It would not be wrong to say that Thrive Themes packs are much more affordable than Beaver Builder packs as Thrive Themes membership plan is just $19 with decent features while the Beaver startup plan is $99.

Thrive Architect Vs Beaver Builder Features

Thrive Architect has powerful yet easy to use features for amazing website building and you can create a stunning WordPress site with just drag and drop editing.

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Thrive Architect Vs Beaver Builder: Best of Two? 7
Thrive Architect Vs Beaver Builder: Best of Two? 8

The content builder comes with 325-page templates that look extremely professional and are 100% conversion optimized.

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This helps users create impressive landing page designs in no time and without the need for any coding knowledge.

The content design tool offers users unimaginable ease of use with various Pre-Built Conversion Elements to help you create conversion-optimized design such as infinitely customizable buttons, testimonials, countdown timers, and lead generation forms. Using these elements, users can certainly have the most powerful sales pages to boost their sales.

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Further, you can have many advanced features such as Ultra-Flexible Column Layouts, Captivating Text & Image Combinations, Complete Font Customization, Full-Width Layouts, and Advanced, Hover Effects.

Another handy feature is the option to toggle the elements and content blocks visibility.

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The content design tool works seamlessly with a wide range of email marketing tools and other lead generation services. This offers you a great space to continue using your favorite tools and services.

Beaver Page Builder WordPress plugin helps customers create amazing website pages that look extremely professional with just drag and drop editing.

With this, you no longer require any guesswork as it offers Front End Editing in real time.

Thrive Architect Vs Beaver Builder: Best of Two? 12

The Beaver page builder works smoothly with WooCommerce, allowing you to design and build the most stunning and powerful online stores.

Another huge advantage is that the content design plugin works seamlessly with almost any theme and works well with Genesis, Divi, Woothemes, or Ultimatum too.

The website design tool also comes with Shortcode and Widget Support which makes it pretty convenient for the users to use it with Ninja Forms or an Easy Pricing Table.

The plugin is extremely developer-friendly as it allows the developers to customize it using the widgets or using the custom module Boilerplate.

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The tool also provides users with many amazing templates to speed up their design process and further, every ready-made or created template can be used for as many sites as you want.

One of my most favorite features is the fact that it allows you to restrict your client from making changes to certain places in the Editor mode to prevent accidental breaking of pages due to some wrong editing.

Thrive Architect Vs Beaver Builder Support

Thrive architect offers brilliant support through support tickets and so does the Beaver Page Builder.

Beaver Builder offers a Support Form for priority support other than the contact form.

Wrapping Up

I am pretty sure that many of you have already been able to choose the right website design plugin after having read this post. For others who are still a little unsure, let me make it easier for you.

When you only want to have the most impressive website design for a WordPress page or WooCommerce store, you may choose the Beaver Page Builder.

However, if you also want to accelerate your sales, there is nothing like using the Thrive Architect for it not only helps users create the most stunning designs but also, helps you build the most conversion optimized landing pages.

As you consider the price aspect, Thrive Architect is the clear winner. This is the reason that I prefer this content design tool over Beaver Page Builder for it helps you with building amazing websites as well as conversion optimized pages for a price that is much lesser than that of Beaver Page Builder.

On top of that, it provides users with a lot of sales focused elements. Using these elements, users certainly can have an excellent conversion.

In case, you don't want to spend much time in starting from scratch and add the various elements to it, you could simply use the templates to build unimaginably conversion optimized designs.

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