Thrive Architect Vs Divi Builder Comparison 2023: Best Of Two?

It's been exactly seven months, I started using Divi Builder for one of my sites and I wrote what I experienced between Thrive Architect Vs Divi Builder in this post.

Visual content editor plugins play a huge role in designing WordPress websites these days. As a matter of fact, Divi Builder (Review) and Thrive Architect (Review) are undoubtedly two of the best visual editor plugins in the market today.

Thrive Architect vs Divi Builder - Which Is Best For You

Thrive Architect Vs Divi Builder – Quick Summary

The Thrive Architect and Divi are in two different leagues. Thrive Architect is a WordPress visual page builder from Thrive Themes which is mainly focused on developing conversion focused landing pages for better leads and sales. On the other hand, Divi Builder is focused on developing a complete website using Divi elements such as header, footers, etc.

It doesn't mean, Architect is incapable of developing a complete website, but few options aren't available unlike on Divi. They are currently developing Thrive Theme builder which can make things easier.

Most importantly, you can actually design your content on the front end using any of these two plugins without having to do much of guessing of how the design is going to look like as in traditional web designing. Also, as long as you use any of these two plugins, you will have no need to touch a single line of code.

There are few things like Elegant offers Divi Discount while Thrive has fixed affordable pricing, makes things interesting to learn which one people choose naturally.

However, there are certain differences between Thrive Architect Vs Divi Builder and this post will give you a clear picture.

Thrive Architect Vs Divi Builder – Pricing

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To begin with, let us first consider the aspect of pricing and see which of these two virtual content editors actually offers a better price alongside good value.

While Thrive Architect is available at a price of $67 for a single site and goes up to $97 for five sites, on the other hand, the Divi Builder is available under for $89/Year for unlimited sites.

Also, you can buy the Divi Elegant Themes Lifetime package for a one-time price of $249 even lower when you use the right Divi coupon for maximum discount.

Both Thrive Architect (any plan) and Divi Builder (lifetime plan alone) offer full access to all their existing and upcoming updates. So, If you look closely, Thrive Architect with a single site license costs $67; you'll be getting lifetime updates while you need to pay $249 with Divi to get lifetime updates. There is also Divi Black Friday Sale for a limited time with a 25% discount while the usual discount is limited up to 20%.

Another advantage you can have with the Thrive Architect is the fact that you purchase it separately for a one-time price of $67 (one-site) and $97 (five-site) while Divi is not available as a solo product yet.

Thrive Architect Vs Divi Builder – Elements

The next important aspect to consider is elements and needless to say, both the content builders offer plenty of elements.

However, the purpose of using these elements largely differs in the two landing page builders.

Thrive Architect Vs Divi Builder Comparison 2023: Best Of Two? 1

While the Thrive Architect’s elements are more CRO (conversion rate optimization) oriented, the elements of Divi Builder are emphasized on portfolio type of website design.

Thrive Architect Vs Divi Builder Comparison 2023: Best Of Two? 2

Most importantly, using the Thrive Architect, you can organize the elements to a very advanced extent without having to need much time and deal with much complexity.

Thrive Architect Vs Divi Builder Comparison 2023: Best Of Two? 3

As far as creating landing pages are concerned, you can build excellent landing pages from 274 pre-built templates that come with the Thrive Architect package.

Most importantly, using these templates to build landing pages, you can actually ensure that every visitor or lead is put through the sales funnel from the first to the last step when combined with products like Apprentice, Quiz Builder, etc.

On the other hand, using the 140+ templates that come with the Divi Builder, you can build amazing portfolio pages.

Thrive Architect Vs Divi Builder Comparison 2023: Best Of Two? 4

As far a building landing pages are concerned, you can build landing pages using the Divi Builder templates but that will take much time since you will actually have to get to the backend to choose the layout and modify the settings, unlike Thrive Architect that allows you to do it all on the front-end.

Thrive Architect Vs Divi Builder – Support

As far as the support is concerned, both the content builders have reliable customer support, though you might see people leaving 1star for support, it's up to their personal experience, honestly, both these brands came a long way successfully and

I think this won't be possible if they're offering poor support.


If you have read this Divi Vs Thrive Architect so far, the differences should be very clear by now.

A lot actually depends on the kind of web pages for which you need a content builder. For example, both these plugins work exclusively with WordPress while you need a service like Instapage to work on general sites.

Thrive Architect can be pretty powerful for CRO oriented web pages. On the contrary, the Divi Builder is an excellent content builder for building stunning portfolio pages.

Most importantly neither of these two content builders is technically difficult to use.

Personally, I feel some options are good with Thrive Architect like content boxes, CTA buttons, countdown timers, on click elements, faster than Divi, etc while Divi scores well in global items an awesome community by which you can use free or paid Divi layouts which are missing with Thrive Architect.

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