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Thrive Comments Review

In this post, I have reviewed the Thrive Comments plugin for WordPress that turns the boring comments into discussion forum.

Every person who is using WordPress for quite some time must be aware of the comments management system. The default comment management of WordPress is not that much effective as it should be. 

One of the significant comment management plugins I have gone through recently is Thrive Comments. It is immensely popular, and people highly prefer integrating this plugin onto their WordPress website. 

Follow this article till the end to know about my experiences on Thrive Comments and its features. 

What is Thrive Comments?

When you purchase the complete Thrive Themes plugins, you get access to Thrive Comments that optimize the default comment manager of WordPress. One thing that I can assure you about Thrive Comments is that it can help you do a lot more than just comment moderating.

Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments lets you know more about people or visitors who are putting out those comments. Hence, it will eventually help you filter the comments that can help you improve your website performance. 

I personally believe that the default management system does nothing except basic moderation of the comments. If you intend to know about how much engaged your customers are, it is high time you must go for an upgrade with Thrive Comments, the Best WordPress Comments Plugin.

When I compared the standard comment management feature with Thrive Comments, I observed that the standard version does not allow engagement to content through comments. On the other hand, Thrive Comments will enable visitors to leave feedback and talk about the content over comments. 

Features of Thrive Comments

In a nutshell, Thrive Comments help the visitors connect more closely with your WordPress website. Not just that, but it consists of super intuitive features that did make my website remarkable and truly engaging amidst a targeted audience.

Let me tell you about some of the core features that make it worthy for integration:

Easy to Integrate

As per my experience, I have noticed most of the comment management plugins wipe out all the older comments over the website following installation or integration. It is not the case with Thrive Comments. I am glad to say that Thrive Comments has the most comfortable possible integration. 

Thrive Comments integrate with the default management system of WordPress without eradicating the older comments. Your website visitors or users can continue interacting with your post from the point where they left the conversation. 

Upvoting and Downvoting

In my opinion, this is one of the coolest and best features of Thrive Comments. This is the authentic replica of the enhanced engagement of your visitors on your posts and comments. The upvoting and downvoting features embedded onto the comments allow visitors to show their agreement or disagreement on other visitors’ existing comments. 

Thrive Comments Upvote and Downvote

Upvoting or downvoting is a convenient and one-click interaction that makes a big difference. The comments with the highest votes get special features on the web pages. As a website owner, this is truly an essential statistic for you to consider.

You can focus on the comments receiving the highest engagement and give attention to the point of it. If the user feedback is calling out for a website modification or feature tweaks, then go for it. You need to optimize your website as per your user’s requests, and Thrive Comments can help you climb this tree well. 

Social Integration

Thrive Comments has features to help your website grow with social reach through the commenting system. It will help your visitors sign-up to your website using their social media accounts. No form filling and no lengthy procedure for signing up onto your website. 

Thrive Comments Review 2023: Pricing & How To Tutorials 1

Visitors prefer logging in with their social media accounts over creating a newly registered account which increases the count of customer data. Moreover, Thrive Comments can also let the users share the comments on their social media platform to promote your service commitment or other such facts. 

Hence, it will give you better exposure to the larger audience. If there is any negative trending comment, you could respond to it and give assurance for optimizing it soon. But, whenever a positive comment is being shared, the audience tends to trust them moreover all other measures. 

Reward & Badges Gamification

Thrive Comments implement a Gamification feature to encourage visitors to continue interacting with the site visitors. This is better explained as the badges and achievements designated by the system given to the respective visitors who complete a milestone. These are some kind of rewards to consistent visitors or users who love to interact with your posts. 

You can set your own criteria for giving these badges in the form of rewards. 

For instance, you can set badge rewards for visitors who have completed a particular number of comments. I mean to say that Thrive Comments is prompting or encouraging the visitors to continue to comment and react to the posts or contents over the website. 

The more they comment, the better will be the engagement of your website. 

Comment Boosting Layout

The design of Thrive Comments layout is truly commendable as you can set ‘leave a comment’ tabs on both the top and bottom sections of the webpage. It will eventually help the visitors be aware of the commenting feature enabled on the webpages to not leave the website or post without dropping feedback or comment. 

In my opinion, having such layouts for your comment management system can help you attract more visitors to leave comments before leaving your website. 

Comment Subscribe Feature

Thrive Comments has this fantastic feature of allowing visitors to subscribe to a particular post’s comments. Due to this subscription, the visitors will get a notification whenever any action on the post’s comment section.

Thrive Comments Subscribe

For instance, you will get an update if there is any upvote or downvote for your comment or any new comments being posted. 

Comment Moderation

Among all the comment moderation features offered by Thrive Comments, the best remains to mark the comments that need replies from your end. I personally believe that being a website owner, it is essential for you to respond to negative feedback by showing regrets and giving assurance for an immediate fix. 

If there is any such comment showing interest in availing your services or products, you can mark them for your sales team. They can be your potential leads, so approaching them with your sales team is an ideal decision. 

Moreover, you can also feature the best comments on your selection with a spotlight symbol on your individual posts. It will give the visitors a positive brand appeal to the visitors who land on that page. 

Pricing of Thrive Comments

  • 1 License Pack: The starting price for Thrive Comments with a single license pack is $39, where you get to install it on one website with all the features integrated onto it. You will get free updates without any limit or boundary. You also get a complete support service for a full one year with every pack you avail. 
  • 5 License Pack: This plan of Thrive Comments costs $47, where you can install the plugin onto five websites along with all the features and standard services. 
  • 15 License Pack: The most expensive pack is the 15-license pack of Thrive Comments at $97. With this pack, you can install the plugin onto 15 websites. 

So, what's the best among them?

Well, it depends on your business scale and budget. But if you ask me – you see, the more licenses you buy with Thrive Comments, the higher will be the discount per license for you. 

There is a better option to buy Thrive Comments with many other products by Thrive Membership. You can avail the Thrive Themes Membership for $19 per month or $49 per month to give you complete access to all their products. 

Customer Support for Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments offers 24×7 customer support to the website owners. They did offer me a complete year-around support service for attending all of my questions, queries and other associated problems related to their service offering. 

Every time you renew your pack or subscription, the customer support services also renew along with it. So, you do not need to worry about not being attended by the customer support team. 

You can either reach out to them through email or fill the form with your questions and queries. The team is highly responsive and will reach out to you with a definite solution within a short span of time. 

As per the feedback from the customers and reviewers is considered for the customer support aspects, Thrive does a great job in addressing the complaints and needs of the users. The response time for the team of Thrive customer support is a few hours. 

Money-Back Guarantee of Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments puts up a 30 days money-back guarantee with all its plans. I truly like this initiative by Thrive Membership to allow the users to get a complete refund within 30 days if they do not like the services and features offered by them. 

You can be relaxed with spending your money on a genuine platform. You have a time span of 30 days to explore the features of Thrive Comments and if it does not convince you, put up a request for a complete refund without any deduction. 

Steps to Use Thrive Comments on Blogs

Here are some of the detailed steps that you must follow in order to successfully integrate it onto your website:

  • First, install Thrive Comments and activate it onto your website. Buy the pack and activate the license for completing the process.
  • Next, configure the Thrive Comments settings by accessing it from the dashboard. Configure all the settings such as general settings, comment sign-in, comment conversion, style customization, badges, voting, notifications and others. All the settings you apply will be imposed on older comments as well as new comments. 
  • Finally, you can go ahead and moderate the comments and implement all other features of Thrive Comments onto your website posts. 

Pros & Cons of Thrive Comments


+ Easy to use and integrate

+ They offer great customer support

+ They offer services at affordable pricing

+ Top-notch features for amazing user-experience

+ 30 days money-back guarantee

+ Old Comments are not removed post-integration and post-deactivation


Affects adversely on page load times.

– Lazy loading feature is not as smooth as expected.


I hope now you have a clear picture of the true attributes of Thrive Comments. I have used this product of Thrive Themes, and it is truly impeccable in helping you engage your visitors more. 

Thus, if you are planning on using your comment management system so as to make your website posts more engaging, then it is high time you must turn up to Thrive Comments as soon as possible. 

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