Thrive Comments Review: Pricing & How To Tutorials

Thrive Comments

This is typical me who always thought of how to make comments section interesting. There are few options like redirect commentators to another URL and place an optin form or add a checkbox which enables visitors to join our email list.

But they never worked for me. I was never interested in Disqus like third-party comment system because they are known for buggy, slowing web pages and moreover few companies started to show ads which is just disgusting.

How about a WordPress plugin which utilizes the native commenting system and brings you Reddit, Facebook like features and if you play well with the plugin, you can actually increase your

  • Affiliate commissions
  • Social shares
  • Email subscribers

Introducing, Thrive Comments.

Thrive Comments is the latest plugin from the team behind Thrive Themes. If you hold a membership account, you can log in to your dashboard and start using without paying a single penny.

Let's explore what's inside Thrive Comments Review.

I installed the plugin at this site bloggingio, and scroll down to bottom and have a look at it.

Thrive Comments Review

thrive comments

The default WordPress comments don't have fancy things like reddit upvote or Facebook replies or quora like upvotes.

Thrive Comments makes it easier with upvote/downvote answers, share the individual comments and instant replies and if your site has an huge fanbase, the plugin does the job for better engagements.


Once the comment is done, you can either redirect users to

  • new landing pages
  • ask them to share the content
  • give them an nice coupon
  • ask them to join your email list either through Thrive Leads.
  • or show them related posts.

Just stop for an while and can you name me any other plugin does the same job like this?

That's the reason why I always love Thrive Products.

It has an awesome reports section which shows detailed information about the top fans etc

Thrive Comments Pricing

There are three types of license for a single site, pay just $39 and enjoy lifetime updates.

There is also an 5 site and 15 site license priced at $47 and $97 respectively.

There is an 30 days money back guarantee, no questions asked, you'll get full refund.

Thrive Comments Review: Pricing & How To Tutorials

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