Thrive Leads Review 2023: Pricing, Tutorial & Demo

This post is Thrive Leads Review.

So, what is it?

Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin that works quite well for WordPress. It is an all-in-one tool that you can use to get email subscriptions, and it has become an inevitable part of my online business.

When list building seems to be a big thing for a novice like me a few years back, Thrive Leads was there to rescue.

Thrive Leads Review

The company describes as “Thrive Leads is your all-in-one email list building tool. Create and freely design every type of opt-in form, run A/B tests and grow your list faster than ever before.”

When you finish reading this Thrive Leads Review, you can understand whether the plugin works as promised!

Now, before we go on any further, some of you may want to see the pros and cons. Well, at least just the gist. In that case, here’s a short list beginning with the pros:

  • This plugin is reasonably priced
  • Employs a drag and drop editor
  • Easy to use A/B testing functions
  • Has lots of extra features such as smart links, asset delivery, signup segues

And now for the cons:

  • There are certain areas in the user-interface that are either unclear or kind of quirky
  • They have templates on there that aren’t that well-designed
  • The reporting feature is a bit slow


The following are the big features that set Thrive Leads apart from other plugins available elsewhere.

Note that there is some email list marketing plugins that may offer one or two similar features but they don’t have a package that contains pretty much everything.

Types of Optin Forms

Thrive Leads gives you a wide variety of opt-in forms to choose from. Now, you can say that there are other plugins that also offer the same opt-in forms as you can see on some reviews. However, Thrive Leads is a better option for 2 reasons:

The price.

Other plugins like OptinMonster and apps are simply just way too expensive. If you are on a budget constraint then other competing plugins may just be out reach.

The wide variety of plugins that you have access to is just insane. Compare the sheer number of opt-in forms available on Thrive Leads with other plugins then you will see why this plugin beats the competition—combine that with the competitive pricing of this plugin then you have a clear winner.

Here is a short list of optin forms that you can use as provided by this WordPress plugin:

  • Scroll mat
  • Multiple choice forms
  • Screen filler overlays
  • Slid in forms
  • Optin widgets
  • Post footer
  • Two-step optin forms
  • Popup lightbox
  • In line forms – the ones that show up in your content
  • Notification bars
  • Sticky ribbons

So, how do you use these forms?

I directly take you to the part of how it Works. Once you get an account through this exclusive link, download the plugin from your Thrive dashboard and upload to your site. Once uploaded, activate the plugin and follow this tutorials.

Thrive Leads Review 2023: Pricing, Tutorial & Demo 1

For this Thrive Leads Review, I choose Post Footer since its one of the most commonly used optin type of top websites over the world.

Now you need to choose the design, click ADD button and give a name to the design. Now you can see the Edit option, click it and the editor opens up.

Thrive Leads Review 2023: Pricing, Tutorial & Demo 2

There are 80 predesigned forms, choose one and you can design whatever comes in your mind and this how this awesome looks like very similar to Architect and its complete front end editing, unlike most plugins which just says we offer front end editing.

Thrive Leads Review 2023: Pricing, Tutorial & Demo 3

Once designed, click on the email box and you'll get the option to connect with your Email Marketing service, do check review and then buy it.

I suggest you go with Mailerlite or MailChimp (both free) and enter the API, the plugin will show the existing list groups you've created with your Email Marketing provider.

Once done, you can choose the trigger option. You can either choose to display the form

  • Immediately after page load
  • Or Reaching a particular field.

Thrive Leads Review 2023: Pricing, Tutorial & Demo 4

Now you just need to choose where to display the form.

You can follow the above tutorials to create forms with other types like Ribbon, screen filler, scroll mat, slide in, widget, in content etc.

Thrive Leads Review 2023: Pricing, Tutorial & Demo 5

My next favorite option is Shortcode. You can design any type of forms and you just need to enter the shortcode at places where you want to show the form.

For example, I placed a Lead shortcode at this post where I want to show the form immediately after first 100 words.

Another stunning feature which made me recommend Thrive Leads Review as the Best List Building plugin for WordPress.

Few years, not such predesigned two-step optins available in the market and one need to hire a developer to make such custom optins.

After making any one of these forms you can use them for A/B testing—which is how can find out if a copy works or not and which copy works best for what.

You can also use it to target specific customers. You can also use them to display according to certain triggers.

A/B Testing That Works

This is probably one of the biggest things and it has almost become a cliché when people say that the money is in your mailing list.

Thrive Leads Review 2023: Pricing, Tutorial & Demo 6

However, you can’t just make that money or that list if you don’t know which copy works and which one doesn’t, right? The A/B testing feature of this plugin allows you to optimize the opt-in forms that you use.

While updating this Thrive Leads Review in April, no other plugin offers such an affordable AB testing for forms.

How does it do that? This testing feature allows you to compare one form with another or compare one version of an opt-in form to another version. That way you can fine tune each form until you can get the best version that works for your particular campaign.

Other than comparing and testing one opt-in form with another, you can use it to test the following:

  • Form triggers
  • Copy
  • Form designs

This means that you can test a lot of things within your content. For instance, you can use it to test if a certain popup works better when it is displayed 10 seconds later or maybe it will be better when it is displayed 20 seconds later.

Another test that you can perform is to check which screen filler works best. You can test if a screen-filler will get more results or if a slide-in (which is less obtrusive) works better.

Asset Delivery

Thrive Leads Review 2023: Pricing, Tutorial & Demo 7

It also comes with asset delivery features. These you can use to create lead magnets. You can add these lead magnets to help provide downloads to your subscribers automatically. This is somewhat a rather unique feature for a WordPress plugin.

For example, I can include a list of things you can do this plugin and include an optin in this review. If someone signup, the digital assets will be delivered automatically.


Thrive Leads Review 2023: Pricing, Tutorial & Demo 8

Now, if you already have subscribers you don’t want to bombard them too much with offers that it will eventually end up annoying them. If they do get annoyed then you may end up losing people who are already on your list.

Well, come on—they have already subscribed to your mail list, why put links that asks them to subscribe all over again? It doesn’t make sense.

Thrive Leads allows helps you avoid all that.

The SmartLinks feature allows you to display different kinds of offers to your subscribers. Well, it’s either you offer something new or your page just delivers the content that your subscribers are looking for minus any offers that can annoy them.

What are SmartLinks? SmartLinks are basically links that you can add to your emails that can hide or unhide your opt-in offers. Well, you have a choice to either hide your opt-ins completely or just display a different opt-in instead.

Advanced Features

The following are the advanced features that you can find. Note that not everyone will use all of them. In fact, there are webmasters who have rarely used them at all.

There are a lot of things you can do, however a single review is not definitely enough and the best thing you can get an account and get started as there are 30 days money back gurantee.

However, these are the tools that may come in handy someday. They’re one of those things that fall under the “it’s better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them” category.

Note that these advanced features are still worth exploring. Some of them may even help you do your list marketing a lot easier.

Content Marketing Report

The content marketing report feature allows you to see which of your posts are getting lower opt-in rates and which ones are performing better. I hope you can already see how useful this feature can be.

With this reporting tool you can identify which posts need to be edited or updated. Now, as a bit of fair warning there is a downside to this tool. Ready for it? It takes a bit of a while for it to load.

No, it’s not your internet connection that’s problematic. It’s just that this tool simply takes a lot of time to analyse things and post them on your screen.

Signup Segue

This tool allows you to make one click signup links. This makes getting new signups a lot easier. If you have affiliates then you can give them these click signup links to make their jobs a lot easier.

Again the setup process is very easy. It’s all click here and click there kind of thing—no programming codes needed. Here are the steps:

Go to lead groups and create a lead group and then follow the prompts to add a form type.

  • Add a form
  • Customize your trigger
  • Design your form as necessary
  • If you want to create an A/B test for that form so you can see how it goes
  • Set lead group targeting options
  • And that’s pretty much it.

Thrive Leads Demo

If you're looking to test all the Forms, check this site where I created all the Demo templates for your understanding.

Thrive Leads Pricing

Thrive Leads comes as a part of Thrive Suite. You can get access to all Thrive Themes and plugins including Thrive Leads at $19 per month. More information on pricing and use case is available here.

Not so many plugins are available in the market, the ones available in the WordPress repository for free won't offer many features. If you ask any marketer, what is the best list building plugin you used five years back, the answer will be NO.

In this Thrive Leads Review, I talk about how to use the product for advanced list building, generate sales to your affiliate products, and probably every other thing you can do with this ultimate List Building Plugin for WordPress.


What you can understand from this Review is an economical mail list marketing plugin for WordPress. I highly recommend it especially if you are having trouble building your list.

However, be aware of a few downsides, such as the following:

Everything is localized to one installation of WordPress. You will have to reinstall the plugin to different websites.

All the details can be a bit confusing the first few times you try it. There are just so many options. It takes some practice to actually learn it all.

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