Thrive Leads Vs Bloom 2019: Best Of Two?

Both Thrive Leads and Bloom are the two top list building plugins with most pretty similar features such as A/B Testing etc.

A lot of people actually are not being able to decide between Thrive Leads Vs Bloom as most aren't aware of which works best for their websites.

Hence, I decided to actually try out both the plugins Leads and Bloom to see the similarities as well as the differences to give you a very clear picture and help you choose the more suitable of these two plugins for yourself. This took me some hours to reach a conclusion.

So, let’s dive in.

Thrive Leads Vs Bloom – Overview

Let us start by considering the Opt-in Forms types that both the plugins offer.

Thrive Leads offers more Optin form types than Bloom which is, of course, good from an aggressive marketing perspective though it offers six type forms only.

Thrive Leads Vs Bloom 2019: Best Of Two? 1

Leads offer 8 different forms

Thrive Leads Vs Bloom 2019: Best Of Two? 2

Bloom offer 6 form types

The ‘Two Step Optin' and ‘Multiple states' features offered by Thrive Leads can be highly effective for conversions which seems to be missing from Bloom, though there is a way around to do it, but not as easy as with Leads.

The two-step optin allows you to add a lightbox to an image, a text piece or a button. This way, your website will no longer be cluttered by the opt-in forms and at the same time, it is like asking for a little commitment before actually showing the opt-in form.

The Multiple states feature allows you to add question, and statement with buttons. This is how a simple Multi state form looks like

Thrive Leads Vs Bloom 2019: Best Of Two? 3

What this does is help the visitors click on the options that are most interested in and that way, you can actually show them the most relevant signup form without having to redirect to another page. Also, you can display a thank you message.

Also, it offers Yes/No form type wherein you can have a form with a message and two buttons, Yes and No.

If one agrees, one could click on the Yes button and accordingly, will be directed to the subscribe form. On the contrary, one can click on the No button if at all one does not agree with the message and the form will be at once closed.

Also, it allows you to insert the PHP shortcode of the opt-in forms anywhere you like on the website for excellent flexibility.

Thrive Leads Vs Bloom – Performance

If we consider the aspect of conversion optimization, the Thrive Leads plugin puts a lot of emphasis on offering an unimaginable conversion focused opt-in form designs. Also, it offers a wide range of templates for every type of business and every stage of sales funnel.

Thrive Leads Vs Bloom 2019: Best Of Two? 4

However, it does not entirely hold true for Bloom. Bloom emphasizes more on the different layouts and colors more than conversion optimization.

Thrive Leads Vs Bloom 2019: Best Of Two? 5

Needless to say, A/B Split Testing helps you determine the best variation for your conversion optimization and the Thrive Leads plugin not only makes it easy to set up but also, takes it to the ultimate next level of perfection with its automatic winner settings.

As you enable the automatic winner settings, it will automatically determine the best opt-in form for your website. However, in Bloom, it has to be done manually by comparing the several opt-in form types with each other from time to time.

Thrive Leads Vs Bloom – Edits & Integration

As far as editing an opt-in form is concerned, it is extremely easy and advanced with the front-end drag and drop builder in Thrive Leads. As far as the ‘triggers and targeting’ is concerned, it offers you a huge range of triggers to accurately set your target.

When it comes to Bloom, editing can be a little difficult as it does not have a visual drag and drop editor.

Also, I noticed that most of the pre-designed templates that Bloom offers only vary in color and have the exact same design. However, Bloom is as powerful as Thrive Leads when it comes to triggers and targeting.

As far as integration with important services is concerned both Thrive Leads and Bloom can be easily integrated with many Email Marketing Services.

However, Thrive Leads offers integration with more Email Marketing services than Bloom. Also, Thrive Leads offers integration with social media accounts and webinars.

Thrive Leads Vs Bloom – Pricing

The next important thing to consider is, of course, the pricing. You can have the Thrive Leads for a one-time price of $67 with lifetime, updates.

However, You can have it either on Elegant Themes Yearly subscription of $89 or Elegant Themes Lifetime for $249.

What is common in both the list building tools is the fact that both the tool gives you full access to all their features, unlike OptinMonster which put certain limits based on plans.

The fact that Thrive Leads can be purchased separately at $67 for 1 license certainly gives it a leading edge over Bloom since Bloom does not have separate pricing for its plugin as of yet.


Although the two plugins Bloom Vs Thrive Leads seem to pretty similar in terms of features, the actual picture should be clear by now.

In fact, I thought the Thrive Leads has a leading edge over Bloom in many aspects from A/B testing, Editing to Integration. Also, it is available as a separate plugin for $67 while Bloom plugin is not available for a separate pricing yet.

On top of that, Thrive Leads offers you more opt-in form types than Bloom.

Another factor that I actually disliked about Bloom is that fact that most of its pre-designed templates differ only in terms of color and have the same design throughout.

The fact that Bloom does not have a visual drag and drop editor makes it pretty difficult for the users to edit the forms.

On the contrary, Thrive Leads not only offer an excellent front end visual drag and drop builder but also comes with stunning pre-designed templates for every business and every sales funnel stage. However, a lot depends on your purpose and budget as well.