Thrive Theme Builder Review – Is This Theme Any Good?

Thrive Theme Builder Review

If you are looking to read a Thrive Theme Builder review with complete information, then you are the right place.

I wrote this SUPER in-depth review of Thrive Theme Builder a few days back.

Earlier, this theme builder is available only as a part of Thrive Membership but now the deal is open with the individual to multiple license access.

A Small introduction on Thrive Theme Builder here

Thrive Theme Builder is the most flexible and powerful visual page builder developed from Thrive Themes.  Unlike most other page builders, Thrive Theme Builder helps you to design a complete theme instead of just landing pages. Here is a glimpse of how the user interface looks.

In this review, you'll learn about:

  • What is Thrive Theme Builder
  • How to set up a site 
  • Compatibility with page builders
  • WooCommerce support
  • Pros & Cons

Thus through this Thrive Theme Builder Review, I tried to cover everything that you need to know before getting started with it.

Before going through further, this theme is powered by this new builder, and here is the speed test reports.

The site code is still not optimized as there is a lot of Google Fonts loading even though I'm not using them anymore. I will update the above screenshot with a more optimized performance report. However, I'm still happy with the load time.

What is Thrive Theme Builder?

Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Theme Builder helps users to build visually perfect WordPress themes by customizing every aspect of the theme without the need of developers.

Some of the things users can customize are header, footer, blog post templates, sidebar, page layout, category pages, search pages, 404s, etc.

Apart from that, the builder also largely helps you create amazing layouts relating to content types, categories, fonts, and brand colors.

Thrive Theme Builder + ShapeShift

Shapeshift is the first and foremost theme that comes bundled with Thrive Theme Builder (more coming on the way)

With this single theme, you can build any type of website (corporate, blog, local lead gen sites) with just drag and drop interface.

Once you install Thrive Product Manager, activate the Theme Builder + Shapeshift theme to get started and you'll be presented with the below screen.

This is the main panel where all the setting will be made and mainly categorized into the following options 

  • Site Wizard
  • Branding
  • Typography
  • Templates
  • Site Speed

Site Wizard

Through this option, Thrive Themes Theme builder brought a whole new level of site design and I detailed everything you need to know.

Under site wizard, the first step is adding a logo with recommended size of 250px x 40px.

Once the logo updated, now you can choose a header design based on your needs.

When you click on the arrowed option, a lot of predefined menu layouts will be available to choose from.

I choose the default logo for this site, however, changing header won't be an issue anymore with this easy option. Likewise, you can choose from the available footer menu.

You can either use a template with lead gen form or call to action module. Since the Shapeshift theme is designed for multipurpose, you can choose business-related templates to put your contact details with maps.

Now, it's time to design a homepage. There are three options to get started

  • Blog layout as homepage
  • Pre Designed Homepage  Template
  • Page as your Homepage

Sample of predesigned homepage templates.

Out of it, I choose blog layout as my homepage, and here are some of the options to choose from.

Once the homepage is chosen, now look for options related to single post design. I choose the below classic single blog post display.

When you click on the right corner option “Featured Image with Sidebar”, you will get more than ten pre-designed templates to display. Apart from it, you can design your own template and save it to use globally across your site.

The whole above options can be customized to the core, based on your wish. Again, I say, you can choose any landing page and do 100% customization. I found this so amusing since no other theme builder apart from Thrive Theme Builder offers such freedom to design a site.

For example, at the end of this single post, the below newsletter form is added by default which I planned to replace with a CTA box. I just need to click on the box and choose to replace option and voila, choose a CTA design, added my own texts and this whole process took just three clicks to make changes.

The next option, page design is just similar to post design where you choose one from the available designs, so nothing more to cover on it.

And, finally, replace your menu from the below option.


Under branding, you can select the theme primary & secondary color followed by logo and favicon.


I haven't played much with this option, since it involves font management. The interesting option is to create a new style on your own and you can create as much you needed and use it based on necessity.


The template is a whole new collection of how your post & pages look like.

You can edit any of these templates and create a global style, that can be used anywhere in the site. I created a review template with a call to action box at the top as you have seen on this post.

Site Speed

This section is the latest addition to my Thrive Theme Builder Review in April last week. Site speed is the latest module launched a few days back. There are three main options

  • Minification and Caching
  • Image optimization and Delivery
  • AMP Pages

While I use WP Rocket, Thrive works well with any caching plugin. However, they developed a one-click setup process with two leading free plugins which does deploy the recommended settings. 

For image optimization, you'll get access to both free and paid recommendations for better image serving and the same goes for AMP settings too.

Why Thrive Theme Builder?

With Thrive Theme Builder and Shapeshift, users would have a brilliant control over every aspect of designing and you can certainly have the most stunning WordPress site for your purpose unlike ever before.

Most importantly, it would make designing a lot simpler and faster. The combination is always focused on helping users create conversion based WordPress sites in no time with 100% compatibility over other products like Thrive LeadsQuiz Builder, and Apprentice.

ShapeShift TTB Features

Please note, Thrive Theme Builder will be mentioned as TTB in some part of the contents.

  • TTB helps you create the perfect theme with no coding required.
  • With TTB, you can create themes that are pretty lightweight and are optimized for mobiles.
  • TTB helps you design your theme visually, thereby, taking not more than 15 minutes.
  • Drag and drop editing in conjunction with prebuilt content blocks make things fast and simple.
  • TTB helps users build conversion-oriented sites backed by its conversion-focused homepage templates.
  • The builder offers central font management and allows you to customize 404 pages, search pages, category pages, and more.
  • The Theme Builder also provides users with many Smart Dynamic Templates using which you can have the most brilliant dynamic content created from anywhere.

Thrive Theme Builder Pricing

Thrive Themes Builder is not going to be a standalone product and will be made available to all the Thrive Membership members for free.

There is no update on when the Theme builder will be available as a standalone product. This means if you are not already a member, you could register for Thrive Membership for $19/mo.

Wrapping Up

Thrive Themes Builder will certainly give a new dimension to your designing and also, things are going to get a lot convenient for designers once the product is launched.

The builder is coming with a powerful theme called Shapeshift with more focus on conversion-oriented design. You can still carry on with your current Thrive Themes theme and nothing will be automatically changed on your site unless you take action to install the Thrive Theme Builder with Shapeshift.

However, the product is not going to be a standalone product and users can only avail it if you have a Thrive Themes Membership. Further, the product is designed to work seamlessly with Thrive Architect.