7 Best Thrive Themes Products I Can’t blog without (2018)

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Do you what's the awesome for Internet Marketers in recent times? It's Thrive Themes.

Many people don't know there existed a lead gen plugin called Hybrid Connect which was later branded / replaced by Thrive Leads.

I'm a hybrid connect user and later started using Thrive Leads (Product of Thrive Themes) upon its release. From the day 1 of using Thrive leads I understood, they are going to become a massive resource for bloggers.

As per my prediction, they upgraded their product portfolio and whatever they released (think of Fast & Furious series of hit movies), became a massive hit among bloggers and Internet marketers.

In this post, I'm going to describe my most used Thrive themes products, and you can learn how it helped me to take my business to the next level.

Thrive Themes

#1 Thrive Leads

When you visited this post, you might be seen an email signup form like mentioned below. It was done using Thrive Leads.

Thrive Themes

P.S :The above optin form “Explosive Content” too designed with Thrive Leads.

Email Marketing is still one of the effective medium to get traffic and conversion right from the stone age.

  • If you don't know anything about Email marketing and need a spoon feed, then Thrive Leads is for you.
  • If your getting some conversion with simple forms and planning to skyrocket your subscriber's list, then again Thrive Leads is for you.

Thrive Leads is your all-in one email list building tool. Create and freely design every type of opt-in form, run A/B tests and grow your list faster than ever before.

There are many competitors like Optinmonster, Popup domination, etc., but you might think why I chose Thrive leads?

Because Thrive leads is simple to use yet provides powerful features at an affordable cost with just $47/year which is 40% lower priced than other products.

#2 Thrive Architect

Along with leads plugins, I started using Thrive Architect for my sites. I bet you can't find any other flexible, robust WordPress visual editor plugin in the market. There are some 4-5 similar plugins on the market, but nothing comes to what Thrive Architect does.

As per Stats, more than 30500 people are using Thrive Architect aka Thrive visual editor. They mentioned the numbers as people, o the actual sites using Thrive Content Builder might go over 100000+ sites just because each might use it for different sites ( I'm using it over 16 sites)

Ever wondered What Thrive Content Builder do?

The idea is simple.You can edit and modify whatever you need to do. Your creativity is your limitation; that's what I can say.

Authority Hacker uses this kind of attractive boxes for review posts. See how they designed it and it's looking gorgeous, and conversion focused.

thrive-content-builder Thrive Themes

I used Thrive Architect to design a simple Marketplace page and its one of most converting pages of my site.

#3 Thrive Themes

I was a fan of Genesis Themes before Thrive Themes released their Focus blog theme. From my knowledge, I never have seen such a conversion focused WordPress theme.


Right from blogging related sites, Amazon niche sites, food blogs, SEO services to personal blogs, Focus blog theme is everywhere.

You can view the demo of Focus blog theme at Thrive Themes.

Some of the unique things that never seen in other themes are

  • CTA button in the menu
  • Homepage design without any landing pages
  • Responsive borderless videos
  • Additional landing pages for lead conversion.

Thrive Themes designed versatile themes for agencies, personal theme and you can check out all their themes here.

#4 Thrive Landing Pages

It's one of the most customizable conversions focused landing page for WordPress. The main thing I have chosen Thrive landing pages is because of its speed.

I know how it hurts while using a time consuming slow loading plugins which nearly takes a day to design a perfect page.But you don't need to wait for anything when you are with Thrive Themes.

Thrive Landing Pages Conversion Lift for WordPress Thrive Themes

With constant 7-10 updates monthly for over years, you can understand how they are taking the business seriously providing an update to date features to customers.

If you need a landing page for your client or a CPA promotion or need to capture email subscribers, Thrive landing pages have over 160+ landing pages to use right now, and you can see more landing pages coming month over month.

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#5 Thrive Headline Optimizer

I'm one of the earliest people to test Thrive Headline Optimizer (THO) before its release. As I told earlier, Thrive is innovative in whatever they do, and THO is one of its examples.

While there are multiple headline optimizer plugins in the market, THO is somewhat different. Most plugins optimize headings based on external traffic sources, but Thrive Headline optimizer relies on internal traffic sources. I will explain why THO is best.

Think about it. If your headline is shared by someone with 100 million followers, it’s going to be massively successful, REGARDLESS of the headline. External factors make it impossible to predict headline performance accurately.

In the case of THO, it displays random headlines to your site visitors and monitors the clicks based on their activities which include Click through rate, scroll depth of the blog post and time on content. Thus THO uses the sites internal traffic sources and thus helps you to choose the best headlines.

You can check out my results below. I already return a detailed review of Thrive Headline Optimizer over here.

thrive-headline-optimizer-results-Thrive Themes

#6 Thrive Clever Widgets

Another stunning plugin in my must have Thrive Themes plugin. Thrive Clever Widgets is a WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates with the default widgets options in WordPress.

Thrive Themes

This is how my Sidebar looks for Fastcomet hosting review before using Thrive Clever Widgets, and you can see there is nothing to do with it.

But When I used Thrive Clever widgets, I increased my conversions. See how I build a related and relevant widgets thus increasing my affiliate income.

Thrive Themes clever widgets

#7 Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is the perfect scarcity marketing tool for WordPress. Increase your conversions by adding countdown timers, run complex evergreen scarcity campaigns and much more.

Thrive Ultimatum Thrive Themes

The above screenshot is an example of Thrive Ultimatum and looks how the plugin increased the conversion with same of traffic.

Look at the samples of Thrive Ultimatum and you can use it as widgets, banners or inside a post or anywhere on your website with the help of shortcodes.

Thrive Ultimatum Thrive Themes

The thing is you can run N different campaigns at N different pages and posts and you can use this plugin to improve your product sales, increase affiliate income, etc.

Some of the features I need to mention about Thrive Ultimatum is

Fixed Date Campaigns – Set a start date, set an end date and then let the plugin take care of the rest.

Recurring Campaigns –  Thrive Ultimatum automatically starts, stops & repeats campaigns for you.

Time Zones Supported -Run your scarcity campaigns in any language & any time zone.

100% Translatable -Translate any part of the countdown timers and run a campaign in any language.

Fully Mobile Friendly -All countdown timers & designs in Thrive Ultimatum are 100% mobile responsive.

Auto-End Campaign -Automatically stop showing a countdown campaign to every customer who made a purchase.

Since I don't products heavily here at bloggingio, I use Ultimatum Thrive Themes plugins in few of my niche e-commerce sites.


The two best things about Thrive Themes is awesome product + affordable price. Most of the products mentioned above costs below $50 per year (Industry's lowest price) for a single site license and the price gradually increases for multiple and unlimited site licenses.

The best part is Thrive Themes is offering limited time discount on membership plans by which you can use their themes/plugin on an unlimited number of sites.

On a verdict

You can see some posts where pro bloggers compared Genesis framework vs. Thrive Themes. From that, you can understand how Thrive Themes influenced bloggers over the world thus making them compare a ten-year-old product with a 3-year-old product.


Mohan Raj

Full Stack Marketer, loves to build websites that ranks and banks.

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