3 Best ThriveCart Alternative 2021

ThriveCart comes with a very high entry price, and you have to pay it all upfront. Now, while that’s good for the long run, you may not have the budget at the instant, due to which you might want to have a look at other options available at your hands.

Well, the need for shopping cart systems is inevitable for an e-commerce business, and you surely have options. This article aims to introduce to you three of the best ThriveCart Alternatives that you could go for without batting your eye. So, let’s have a look at them.

3 Best ThriveCart Alternative

1. Samcart


Top of the list of the alternatives is the Samcart, an end-to-end e-commerce management tool that allows you to build customized sales and checkout pages, order forms, and perform other activities like adding order bumps and pop-ups, creating one-click upsell, downsell, and cross-sell funnels, etc., that help boost sales and revenue on your e-commerce store.

Not only could you sell tangibles using Samcart, but it’s also great to create checkout pages for intangibles like online courses, ebooks, and other digital products. You can also glance at the points listed over Thrivecart vs samcart that helps you know more.

Some of the top features that you get with Samcart are-

  1. Creating customized checkout pages that will instantly convert your visitors into customers and help boost sales and revenue.
  2. Creating one-click upsell pages through which you can push other products on your site to drive more sales.
  3. Pushing order bumps on the checkout pages to increase order value and boost revenue and profits.
  4. A dashboard that helps get real-time insights into the business performances on the e-commerce site.
  5. A/B testing features that allow the users to compare the products on checkout pages and make a more informed buying decision.
  6. Seamless third-party integrations with payment gateways and other marketing and sales tools that help add more features and functionalities to your e-commerce stores and sales pages.
  7. Free SSL certificates to maintain the security and safety of transactions in the store.

So, Samcart comes with essentially excellent features that you need to boost conversions, sales, and revenue on your e-commerce stores. Not only that, the platform comes with some excellent benefits too.


  1. Intuitive and easy-to-understand UX provides ease of use in customizing checkout pages.
  2. Integration with other third-party applications helps extend the functionality of the store and adds to user experiences and satisfaction.
  3. The free SSL certification gives the customers a sense of security and helps establish customer trust and loyalty.
  4. A 14-days free trial helps you understand the tool at best before you put your money into it.

Now there are definitely some amazing business benefits of Samcart, but it has some limitations as well.


  1. Although there’s a 14-days trial, if you finally decide to buy it, it shall burn a huge hole in your pocket.

2. Kartra Checkouts

Kartra is another tool that you can check as an alternative to ThriveCart. With its amazing shopping cart management features, you can optimize the checkout pages, create upsell funnels, and seamlessly boost revenue and sales.

Here’s a detailed list of all the features that Kartra Checkouts offers.

  1. Sell products limitlessly, irrespective of whether they’re tangible or intangible.
  2. Create different price points for the products to add convenience in payment options.
  3. Create customized checkout pages and optimize them to meet marketing and sales goals.
  4. Pre-filled order and sales forms for the existing customers.
  5. Create Upsells, Downsells, Cross-Sells, Order Bumps, and Pop-ups to push additional products to the buyers on checkout pages.
  6. Sales Analytics to keep track of the performance of the e-commerce store.
  7. Integration with other APIs and tools to aid marketing and other requirements.

So, the Kartra guide will help you understand some brilliant features that are very much in line with ThriveCart, thus making it a great alternative shopping cart solution. But does it have enough benefits to match ThriveCart? Let’s have a look!


  1. Optimized and customized checkout pages cater to excellent user experiences and drive customer satisfaction.
  2. Features for upselling, cross-selling, down selling, and creating pop-ups help boost conversions and sales, thereby enhancing profitability and revenue.
  3. Integration with third-party applications extends the functionalities of the store and helps with easier management of different operations on the store.
  4. The analytics feature helps keep track of performance through which you can constantly take actions to enhance the same and meet business goals.

So, yes, there are some phenomenal benefits. But with good, there is at least some bad too.


  1. You’ll face issues with the tech support.

3. BuildWoo Funnels

Woo Funnels is again an impeccable solution you can use to replace ThriveCart. It’s a WooCommerce plugin to help manage shopping carts and sales funnels on your e-commerce store.

Using the plugin, you can easily create customized, and optimized sales and checkout pages along with lucrative upsell, downsell, and cross-sell funnels that boost sales and revenue. Additionally, you can set follow-up channels to drive further conversions and sales. 

Besides creating and optimizing the pages, you can even get insights into the customer behavior and use those insights to seamlessly improve the sales funnels for more profits and revenue.

That said, it’s only fair to look into the detailed list of features of Woo Funnels.

  1. Customized and Optimized Sales and Checkout Pages creation with pre-designed templates and 12+ page optimization practices, tactics, and techniques.
  2. One-click upsells to create a series of future offers.
  3. Follow up engine to keep a tab on leads and customers through regular emails and messages regarding the products on your store and their pending activities.
  4. Analytics to track performance in real-time and take measures to enhance profitability.

With all these phenomenal features, the plugin has some amazing benefits to offer.


  1. Customized and optimized checkout pages are visually appealing, have higher visibility, and that contribute to enhancing sales and revenue.
  2. With simple upsells, you can easily boost the conversion rate, which ultimately contributes to enhanced profitability.
  3. With tracking and analytics, you get insights into the performance and can subsequently take steps to boost the performance, thereby increasing profitability by many times.
  4. The follow-up engine is excellent for lead nurturing due to the ability to send messages and emails based on the actions of the visitors on the online store.

Now that we’ve had a look into the features and benefits, it’s only fair to see if there are any limitations. As a matter of fact, there happens to be one that is a very big constraint in itself.


Woo Funnels is a WooCommerce plugin. So, unless you have a platform on WooCommerce, this ThriveCart alternative shall come of no use to you at all.

One of the most important aspects of online stores is shopping carts. This is the place where the visitors dump things they like and want to buy. It’s basically something that decides whether the leads will convert to customers. So, managing shopping carts comes of utmost importance to your e-commerce business success.

With great shopping carts, you can easily drive traffic, manage cart abandonment issues, and maximize sales and profitability. However, having the right shopping carts that derive expected results is not that easy.

If you want to make the most of the shopping carts on your online store, you need to make sure that you’ve got a robust shopping cart platform that helps manage the carts in an easy and secure manner.

ThriveCart is one such shopping cart system in your hands. With intuitive features like customized cart designs, cross-sells, upsells, downsells, and bump offers, pop-ups and embeddable carts, and easy integration with payment gateways, marketing tools, and other third-party APIs; ThriveCart comes as an end-to-end shopping cart solution that will help boost your business’ sales and profits.

Final Words

Shopping cart management solutions are necessary for the growth of an e-commerce store. ThriveCart is an amazing solution, most popular as of now in the marketplace. However, there are other Thrivecart Alternatives as well, which are equally good.

You can analyze all these alternatives as per your requirements and finally choose the one that does you the best!

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