ThriveCart Pricing Revealed (2023)

The powerful shopping cart system, ThriveCart has an ongoing special offer wherein you can have it for a lifetime by paying a one-time price. It means after you get a ThriveCart pricing plan making a one-time price, you don't have to pay any monthly recurring fees ever again. Besides, the plans are covered by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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ThriveCart Pricing Revealed (2023) 1

ThriveCart Pricing

ThriveCart is available in two different pricing: the Standard and the PRO. You can have any of these two plans for a lifetime by paying a one-time payment.

The Standard plan is priced at a one-time price of $495, while the PRO plan is priced at $690. You can upgrade to the PRO plan by paying $195 extra on the Standard plan. You will find the option to upgrade to the PRO plan at the checkout even when you opt for the Standard plan.

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The one-time payment makes it a lot more profitable for the customers since if you pay annually, it will cost you around $1950 per year with approximately $95 per month.


Price Comparison: ThriveCart Vs. Competitors

It's essential to check how well ThriveCart is doing compared to its competitors. One good competitor is Samcart since it comes with similar features. If we consider Samcart's pricing structure, Samcart has three plans:

  • Launch: $39 per month
  • Grow: $79 per month
  • Scale: $159 per month

‘Launch' will cost $468 per year. Grow will cost $948 per year, and Scale will cost $1908. Feature-wise, Scale is the only plan with almost similar features to ThriveCart, and if we consider Scale's annual pricing, it costs $1908, which is way too higher than ThriveCart plans. Most importantly, Samcart doesn't have an option for a one-time payment.

Hence, it's pretty evident that you will save a lot of money by opting for ThriveCart's one-time payment, and it indeed is a great deal.

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Why should you upgrade to the PRO plan?

Even though the ThriveCart Standard plan is pretty powerful, you can surely upgrade to PRO to enjoy more advanced features. The ThriveCart PRO plan contains all the Standard plan features and many additional features.

These features are powerful affiliate & JV functionality, Free integrated sales tax calculation, Custom Domain Name Functionality, Subscription Saver Functionality (Dunning), Intelligent Business Projections, Admin User Management, and more.

ThriveCart Standard Features

  • Unlimited lifetime ThriveCart account
  • One-time payment (no recurring fees ever!)
  • Tailored business insights dashboard
  • High converting carts & funnels
  • Powerful customer behavior rules
  • Unlimited checkout pages
  • First-class customer support

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ThriveCart cost?

ThriveCart is available in two plans: the Standard and PRO. Both plans are available at a one-time price for lifetime access. Standard costs $495, while the PRO costs $690. The former payment option makes ThriveCart pricing more competitive than its competitors.

Do I need ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is an extremely powerful cart system that will help you easily track your affiliates through their unique tracking IDs. You can create as many tracking IDs as you want to make. Using ThriveCart can drastically improve your sales, and further, ThriveCart comes with many advanced sales tools. Try ThriveCart Free Trial here.

What is ThriveCart PRO?

ThriveCart PRO comes with additional advanced features alongside all Standard plan features. The PRO features include:

1. Powerful affiliate & JV functionality
2. Free integrated sales tax calculation
3. Custom Domain Name Functionality
4. Subscription Saver Functionality (Dunning)
6. Intelligent Business Projections
7. Admin User Management

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