ThriveCart Reviews 2023 – Is ThriveCart Really Good?

ThriveCart Reviews 2023 - Is ThriveCart Really Good? 1

This ThriveCart review talks about ThriveCart features, plans, pricing, customer support. Check these updated reviews on ThriveCart now.

If you are looking for a solution to process your buyer’s payment efficiently and reduce cart abandonment for your online store, then you have reached the right place.

ThriveCart will act as a blueprint to solve all your problems. It has solutions for every issue you have, starting from creating a shopping cart to processing the cart's payment and even more.

In this Thrivecart review, we will tell you everything about ThriveCart, its features, and pricing that would help you in understanding if this software is suitable for you or not.

Let's start!

ThriveCart Review

ThriveCart is a shopping cart application that will help your business efficiently process your online store's payment.

Josh Barlett founded ThriveCart in 2015 to help online stores create more sales and offer them services to help their business grow.


This platform offers you checkout pages that convert into sales and reduce cart abandonment. It helps you upsell your product with a detailed analysis of your store's revenue and other important data. The user interface of ThriveCart is effortless to use, and even a non-techie could use it smoothly. 

They assist in analyzing your current information and help predict your online store's future sales and payment. It will allow you to use the right strategies to improve your store's performance in the future. 

ThriveCart has also integrated with much other software to provide the best services to its members. Also, the customer support of ThriveCart is always there at your service to resolve all your technical and non-technical issues.

Who should use ThriveCart?

  • Someone with an e-commerce business
  • The product sold can be both digitals a physical or online course
  • You can also sell products that require a subscription

Who should not use ThriveCart?

  •    If you sell different types of products on your eCommerce store
  •     If your country doesn't support Stripe or PayPal

Features of ThriveCart

1. Provides Upselling, Downselling, and Bump offer

If you have ever purchased an item from an online store, you must have noticed a list of products that display along with the product you want to buy, and these products are either upsells or downsells to make you add them into your Cart. 

ThriveCart Reviews 2023 - Is ThriveCart Really Good? 2

Upselling is when you persuade your prospective buyer to purchase a more expensive product along with the selected product. And Downselling is when you encourage your buyer to buy an outcome lower than the price of the product chosen.

In ThriveCart, you can integrate Bump offers on the checkout page to educate customers about exciting offers. The customers can tick the bump to proceed with its payment. ThriveCart gives you an option to add up to 5 upsell and downsell to increase your revenue. 

2. Option to collect sales tax

It is an essential feature to look for when purchasing shopping cart software. Sales tax or VAT is a critical element, and if you don't have a proper system for its collection, your online store can get stuck in a big mess.

ThriveCart lets you collect VAT from your customer by enabling some options, and you can select the VAT amount you want to charge to your customer. If you search for this feature on any other platform, you will have to pay extra costs to enable this service.

Moreover, other shopping cart software cannot handle the complexity associated with digital VAT. If you are selling digital products, the VAT charge must apply to the nation. 

Furthermore, you must also report the VAT amount you have levied to your VAT MOSS center. ThriveCart offers this service at no extra cost. It provides this service through Taxamo, which charges $99 per month, but you don't have to pay any additional amount to access this service.

You can imagine that you are getting a service of $99 per month, paying the price for just ThriveCart, which charges a one-time payment and gives you lifetime access to all its premium features.

3. A/B Testing

It is a crucial feature that everyone should use to avoid wasting their time and money on something not working.

A/B testing or split testing examines which type of checkout page performs better. In this, you create two pages with different information to achieve the same action through A/B testing; you will see which option generates more revenue and clicks, and then go with that.

It is exceptionally flexible since you can test every aspect individually. For instance, you can run a split test between various prices, custom fields on checkout vs. none, two bump offers, different payment options, and testimonials. 

Moreover, you can test which bullet point will perform better on the checkout page and which pricing option will be better for you, like the one-time fee, recurring fee, or pay as you wish. Apart from these, there are many other options too.

But to begin with the test, you first have to choose two products you need to perform a split test. Make sure to name them correctly to avoid any confusion in the future. 

Then select the goal you are aiming for your split testing. It can be anything higher income, lower cart abandonment, or highest conversion. 

Next, ThriveCart shows you to choose the end date for the split test to operate. At last, you will require to specify the URL of the checkout page of the split testing.

4. Affiliate Management 

If you want to grow your eCommerce store, it is vital to start your affiliate marketing. 81% of e-commerce stores and brands use affiliate marketing to increase revenue and customer interaction.

It is a process by which other marketers will promote your products in return for a commission that you will provide if they make any sale. 

So, if you have an affiliate program or want to start one for your store, you can do it through ThriveCart.

ThriveCart Reviews 2023 - Is ThriveCart Really Good? 3

It will help you manage your affiliates by making proper lists of them, how many sales they have made, the commission percentage you would want to pay your mates, and all these things under ThriveCart.

Moreover, you can control which products you want to promote through a particular affiliate and set an exceptional payment level per product. 

It also offers the option of generating affiliate-specific coupons connected to a regular affiliate link. On clicking on the coupon, the user gets directed to the association. 

Furthermore, you can get the regular reporting and admin center in affiliate. Plus, you can develop your system to make an instant payment to affiliates when a purchase is made rather than delaying it for an average of 30 to 60 days. 

This feature acts as a huge bonus for many affiliates. You can also track the behavior of your affiliate marketers and how many sales they are generating. 

You will find an overview tab in the affiliate dashboard to track many details. The details include how your affiliate is performing, active members, the commission they earn, and the number of sales generated. This serves as a massive help to most users.

5. Creating a checkout that converts

ThriveCart provides you with four high-converting checkout templates that will help you reduce your cart abandonment rate by easing out the payment process.

  • One-step Checkout: In this template, your buyer has to fill out all the details in a single long-form box, and then the checkout is processed.
  • Two-step checkout: This template processes the checkout in 2 steps. The first step asks your buyer to fill in all the personal information like name, phone number, email address, etc., then the payment box appears. 
ThriveCart Payment Page

One significant benefit of this is that even if your buyer doesn't process the checkout, you will get all their personal information to send emails. Then you can make them a part of your email marketing group.

  • Pop-up checkout: This checkout option is very convenient. So, whenever a customer wants to buy a product and clicks on “checkout,” they get a pop-up option to fill in all the details and process the payment.
  • Embedded checkout: All the other three checkout options mentioned above don't support customization. However, through embedded checkout, you get a checkout template in the center of the page. 

You can add information or testimonials on the page in the remaining space, making it a personalized checkout. You have the option to choose any checkout option mentioned above according to your need.

Moreover, there are numerous customization options too. For instance, you can add box-shot pictures of particular products you want to market. You can also add information about the product in bullets to increase readability. Also, you can include testimonials and videos to enhance engagement. 

6. Other features of ThriveCart

  • Offer Coupons: You can create specific coupons for increasing the sale of your online stores. It is a great way to increase your revenue to promote new products or reward loyal customers. Moreover, you can use coupons to maintain the customer engagement rate. 

Your customers can get discounts within a specified period and on specified products using coupons. You can mention the terms and conditions on which your coupons will work. 

In ThriveCart, you can opt for the present coupons or create new ones. It will help you avoid any confusion that your customer can have while using this coupon. For each coupon, you have two options – copy code and copy URL.

Now, you can offer these coupons for a particular event. Adding the expiration date will ensure that the coupons are only available for the specific period you want. You can choose from three options in the discount type section. These are:

  1. Fixed-price
  2. Free shipping
  3. Percentage

Now, you have to make adjustments to the settings on coupons. Moreover, you must also select the products liable for coupon usage.

  • Detailed Stats: A business doesn't work on guesses; you need a specific pattern and statistics to analyze what is going right and what is not performing well. ThriveCart provides detailed statistics for all kinds of activities that you perform in your store. 

It helps you in analyzing the growth of your business. After that, you can implement a proper plan to boost the productivity of your business. The more precise the information, the better the action plan you can build.

  • Dunning Function: If your product requires subscription money that needs to be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, then you need software that will help you in managing your subscription.

ThriveCart provides you with a dunning function to remind your customer about their payment date or when they are late to make the payment. 

It will save you time and effort to send these emails personally, but you can send automated mail through this function without manual support.

  • Membership Integrations: Most e-commerce stores that sell digital products look for a platform that allows them to run their product without paying any additional money. 

And, ThriveCart has integrated with many Membership Platforms like Membermouse, Wishlist Member, Member Press, Teachable, Digital Access Pass, and Optimize Member to help you run your online product smoothly and efficiently.

  • Subscription Management: If you want to offer online services or courses that require a monthly subscription, then proper management of your subscription is essential for your business's appropriate functioning.

ThriveCart provides a good list and details of the people who have subscribed to your product and tells about the no. of installments you have made and the amount which is yet to be paid.

  • Retargeting Customer: The average Cart Abandonment rate of e-commerce websites is 65.23% that means 65 times out of 100, a buyer placed a product in the shopping cart and didn't purchase it.

The high rate of cart abandonment makes retargeting an impressive feature of ThriveCart. This rate can be higher or lower than your online store cart abandonment rate. But if it's higher, this can be a big problem that you need to solve ASAP. 

Furthermore, the platform makes sure that you can retarget your clients easily. Through ThriveCart, these potential buyers will be transferred to your autoresponder, and their team will send them an email asking about their problems.

  • Autoresponder Integration: The use of Autoresponders is widespread in the digital era. It is the software through which you can send automated emails on every action they take on the store.

Apart from this, you can create a chain of emails that you can send daily or weekly without manual support. ThriveCart has integrated with ConvertKit, AWeber, Drip, Get Response, Hubspot, Active Campaign, etc.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee: ThriveCart is very confident of what it offers to all its customers and agrees to pay a full refund within the first month 30 days of your ThriveCart subscription.

If you didn't get the result you wanted or are not satisfied with their product, ThriveCart would give you a full refund without any questions asked.

Another exciting aspect is the ThriveCart “Pays For Itself” Guarantee. The uniqueness lies in the fact that the software does not offer a refund guarantee. Instead, it provides the ThriveCart team's assistance for free to help you if you don't get the desired results.

  • Behavior Rules: It is one of the most important features offered by ThriveCart. Through this, you can set situations in which you will send automated personalized messages to your customer.

However, you must go “Add rule” and click on the particular rule to add the behavior. Then, it would help if you used your autoresponder or custom HTML to execute the action. 

Some of these events are when:

  1. The Cart is abandoned
  2. Payment is due
  3. A subscription is canceled
  4. A recurring payment fails
  5. The main product is refunded 
  • Constant updates: Are you wondering how ThriveCart assures high rate conversions? It is because the software is continuously updated. Based on patterns and current trends across the globe, ThriveCart undergoes multiple updates. 

In fact, in 2020, the software got more than 196 updates. Amazing, right? An expert team ensures that you get the best service possible by assessing more than $381m transactions and the latest trend. 

  • Secure URLs: Payment collection requires secure websites. It is vital that your clients feel that you have top-grade security. ThriveCart ensures that you have that by offering the best secure URLs. 

With a secured URL, you can now easily enhance the customer retention rate. After all, security is one of the customers' top features while shopping. Moreover, it supports various websites, membership sites, etc. 

  • Integrations: Integrations are one of the most vital parameters that can enhance shopping cart software appeal. ThriveCart excels at this particular criterion and proudly flaunts its numerous integrations. 

Some of these are Demio, HubSpot, Stripe, Apple Pay, InfusionsoftDrip, PayPal, MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Optimize, Member, Digital Access Pass, Membermouse, Teachable, WishList Member

Apart from these, ThriveCart also supports Zapier. Now, this offers you access to uncountable integrations available in the ever-expanding library of Zapier. Moreover, ThriveCart has a clear understanding of the needs of stack integration. It thus continues to grow the collection.

The next crucial key generation is your email system provider. Adding a new customer to your email list at the primary level will not be a problem, but you will want to add more as you grow. Using an advanced-level email system, you can easily add tags to the customer or include them in automation instead of adding them directly to the list. 

Example of advanced-level email system is Drip, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, and likewise. 

One of the main advantages of ThriveCart is the multiple numbers of things you can do with your integration. You can trigger an option in your email system for any customer's activity on your Cart or making payment. 

Apart from this, you can trigger activity on purchased bumper offers, purchase failure, declined or refunded upsell, canceled subscriptions, and many more. With time, Thrivecart will keep on adding more benefits.

But if you want to use it to its full potential, you will have to use one of the email systems.

  • Payment options and structure: When it comes to the payment option, ThriveCart does shine. It offers integration with different processors – Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, and 

It will ultimately help you to boost sales productivity and expand brand visibility. If your customers can easily use the payment structure, they will want to use it again.

Apart from these integrations, the flexibility of the payment models offered by ThriveCart is merely astonishing. 

The options available are:

  1. Limitation of product quantity
  2. The transaction with 22 currencies 
  3. Free trials
  4. Paid trials
  5. Single or multiple price options
  6. Split pay option for subscriptions
  7. One-time subscription payment
  8. Billing frequency
  9. Bump offers

Apart from these aspects, the user interface is extremely smooth and can help even the tech novices. 

  • Products: ThriveCart offers you the opportunity to create physical as well as digital products. When you are developing the new product, you must choose the type. However, you can modify the type anytime you want.

You will come across the shipping and other options in physical products under the fulfillment category. You need to provide further details, such as the product's status, URL, etc. Furthermore, you can also add downsells, bumps, and upsells to your products. 

  • Sales funnels: The sales funnels feature of ThriveCart is remarkable. With this, you can create five downsells as well as five upsells. Navigating the sales funnel is relatively easy. Firstly, you must go to the product that you want to create the funnel for. 

You can then click on the create funnel tab and enable the sales to funnel option. After that, you have to edit the downsells or upsells as per your requirements. Moreover, you can also use one upsell for multiple funnels by selecting the “copy design” feature. 

  • Predicted revenue: Another exciting feature of ThriveCart is predicted revenue. As the name suggests, with the assistance of this feature, you get information about revenue forecasts.

You can use the data from detailed statistics and other features to analyze the revenue. Then, you can develop a plan to ensure that the prediction indeed comes true. 

  • Customer Hub: This feature is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller. A customer hub is a place where you can see your profile and update any information if you want to without any help from customer support.

The receipt includes a link to access your purchase, billing information, etc. If the buyer can access all the necessary information and is happy with the product, a seller will also be satisfied and stress-free.

ThriveCart's Customer Support

Thrive Cart's customer support is superior to the customer support of all its competitors. It provides A++ customer support with 199 articles divided into 26 categories to understand basic concepts better.

And, if you are still facing any problem, then submit a support ticket telling you about your issues on their website, and they will revert to you within 24 hours. 

All the members of ThriveCart have praised their customer support, and they love how easily they solve even the most technical problem with patience.

ThriveCart Pricing

Thrivecart doesn't offer monthly payments, but it provides a one-time payment option for the rest of their lives.

ThriveCart charges $495 as a one-time fee for accessing the standard services. This one-time payment will ensure that all the services ThriveCart provides will be there for you all your life.

If you want to run their business for an extended period, then ThriveCart can be your best investment.

It can be difficult for people who are just starting, but you should choose ThriveCart over any other competitors if you can afford it.

Apart from providing the standard ThriveCart plan, it also gives you an option of ThriveCart Pro, available at $690.

It provides a no. of additional services than ThriveCart standard like:

  •  Revenue sharing and JV Contract
  •  Multi-user permission
  •  Sales Tax Calculator
  • Subscription Saver and Dunning Server are built-in.
  • You can get your custom domain name.

So, if you find these other features useful for your business, you can switch to ThriveCart Pro.

Do I Recommend ThriveCart?

ThriveCart provides you with a bundle of extraordinary services at a reasonable price if you see it in the long run, as mentioned in this Thrivecart review.

It is preferred over all other shopping cart software to help you cope with high cart abandonment and low sales.

If the features and pricing of ThriveCart work for you, then you should go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThriveCart used for?

Thrivecart is a useful platform for selling physical and digital goods, such as ebooks and online courses. You can collect leads, create upsells, and bump offers on your checkout page to increase your sales. It also works with subscription plans and categorizes your consumers according to their membership levels.

What does ThriveCart cost?

The Pro package at Thrivecart costs $690 for lifetime access. Other checkout platforms with these capabilities, such as Samcart, cost $199 per month. Thus Thrivecart's platform, which incorporates sales funnels, upsells, and bumps sells, represents excellent value.

Is ThriveCart legit?

Yes, ThriveCart is legit. It comes with a toolkit that will help you not only create more sales but also raise the value of each one – and it's all for a meager one-time price.

Is ThriveCart a payment processor?

ThriveCart currently works with Stripe, PayPal, and It allows multiple accounts to integrate and accepts payment through Apple Pay and Google Pay. It also supports more payment processors. 

Can I use ThriveCart on multiple websites?

A single domain/account is covered by each ThriveCart license. This is replaced by a custom domain name, allowing you to utilize your own unique domain name. There are no other domains available.

Click on the Products tab and click on the product you wish to promote. Once done, link your PayPal account by clicking the red button. Once done, set up PayPal now.

Does ThriveCart host courses?

A single domain/account is covered by each ThriveCart license. This is replaced by a custom domain name, allowing you to utilize your own unique domain name. There are no other domains available.

What is ThriveCart pro?

A ThriveCart Pro account boosts your businesses further with powerful upgrades. The Pro account also helps you provide a standard ThriveCart account useful for your business. 

ThriveCart Reviews 2023 - Is ThriveCart Really Good?
ThriveCart Reviews 2023 - Is ThriveCart Really Good? 4

This ThriveCart review talks about ThriveCart features, plans, pricing, customer support. Check these updated reviews on ThriveCart now.

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