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How Many Users Are on Twitter? Twitter Users Statistics 2023

Years before, have you ever heard the name “Tweet” frequently? But, now, every day, you might come across a trending tweet and a crispy debate following that.

This shows how much Twitter users have been expanding globally. Twitter has around 206 million active users globally. Are you interested in knowing the exact numbers regarding Twitter’s popularity? If yes, eyes down on the blog to learn more.

Twitter Users Statistics

Before planning for any effective marketing strategy, it needs a complete understanding of the particular social media you wish to indulge in. Here are the stats of Twitter users globally. 

1 of every 5 US adults use Twitter 

As indicated by a review directed by Pew Research into US grown-ups utilizing web-based media, 1 of every 5 announced utilizing Twitter consistently. Albeit this is somewhat not as much as use stages like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, it's as yet a colossally well-known web-based media stage among US grown-ups.

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The number of Twitter users has been developed to 2.4% in 2021 

Even though Twitter has been around for quite a while, it's actually filling in notoriety year on year. As per eMarketer's examination, they foresee a 2.4% ascent in users in 2021. In 2020, eMarketer anticipated a comparative ascent in users, and the genuine ascent was around 8.9%, showing that Twitter's development is surpassing forecasts year on year. 

In 2020, Twitter had 178 million monetizable every day, dynamic users 

In 2020, Twitter changed from detailing their real users to revealing their monetizable day-by-day normal users. This alludes to genuine individuals that are signing into Twitter consistently. An astounding 178 million individuals use Twitter always, with the quantity of by and large users remaining at around 330 million. – Twitter

Twitter Demographics Stats

Around 500 Million tweets are made each day 

If you were uncertain whether Twitter was yet a functioning stage, this figure offers us a firm response — yes! 500 million tweets each day compares to 350,000 tweets each moment or 2 billion every year. – David Sayce 

70% of Twitter users are men 

Similar to Instagram, Twitter is a genuinely male-overwhelmed field. As per a concentrate by Statista, around 70% of its users are male grown-ups. This measurement was as of October 2020. This is incredible to know whether your business' interest group is dominatingly male. – DataReportal

31% of Twitter users procure $75,000 or more each year 

A similar Pew Research study showed that 31% of US grown-ups who detailed utilizing Twitter procure $75,000+ each year. On the other hand, just 20% revealed acquiring under $30,000 each year. – Pew Research

28.9% of Twitter's audience is 25-to 34-years of age 

That is the biggest age fragment, firmly followed by the 35-to 49-year-olds at 28.2%. 

Men dominate females in all age classifications, particularly these two biggest partners. – HootSuite

How many Users Does Twitter Have In The US?

Twitter’s global monetized daily active users account for about 206 million users in the last reported quarter. (Statista)

Twitter, the most popular social networking and microblogging service, is meant to read and post short messages, i.e., tweets. The tweets are limited to 280 characters. The users can also upload photos or short videos to engage their audience. 

Since Twitter originated in the US, it has high penetration market there. A good chunk of Twitter’s growth has been witnessed inside and outside the U.S. 

Added, Japan and India are the leading Asian countries with an increased Twitter user base. Along with Japan and India, there are 6 more countries with more than 10 million users. While combined, the Twitter users count becomes bigger than Twitter’s entire US audience. 

The countries include the United Kingdom, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. 

Twitter Revenue Stats

In the second quarter of 2021, Twitter has earned around 1,053 million USD on advertising. It is said to increase 17 percent from the previous quarter. – Statista

Time spent on Twitter each day 

US adults spent a normal of 6 minutes on Twitter each day in 2021. 

Overall, the normal visit term on the web variant of Twitter was almost 11 minutes in August 2021. 

Sources: eMarketer, SimilarWeb

Most Used Hashtags in Twitter

As per Tweeplers, other Twitter hashtags trending across the globe include: 

  • #COVID19 
  • #tbt 
  • #pharmtech
  • #art 
  • #MarchMadness
  • #love

Becoming popular on the Twitter platform is a fluctuating process. Yearly, it may be overcome by another account. 

In 2020, Donald Trump was the most followed person on Twitter; in 2021, Barack Obama was the most followed person. – BrandWatch

According to Emoji Tracker, a big smiley face with tears coming out in the sides of grinning eyes 😂 is the most popular emoji on Twitter. 

Also, far as Twitter statistics show, three out of four emoticons tweeted are positive, with those mirroring a mindset of euphoria being tweeted more than pitiful, furious, unfortunate, and disturbed ones. 

Obviously, the use of positive emoticons tweeted increases towards the end of the week.


Twitter, the expanding platform, has many key statistics in it. Now, it has been revealed to you. Now, the ball is in your court. Use the Twitter user statistics wisely and make your strategy worth doubling your revenue!

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