7 Best Unbounce Alternatives 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Landing page creation tools like Unbounce have gained fantastic popularity among digital marketers, social media managers, and other PPC ad specialists.

Unbounce has been among the first landing pages creation tools, and every other tool has followed its lead. However, Unbounce has taken the lead for a long time, and now people wonder if there are some alternatives.

If you’re one of those people, this article is meant for you. Read further to know seven of the Best Unbounce Alternatives you could use for landing page creation.

The Best Unbounce Alternatives are

1. InstaPage

I would personally recommend Instapage as the overall best Unbounce alternatives. Unlike Unbounce, that’s just a landing page builder, InstaPage goes further from that and serves as a complete conversion cloud.


A dedicated landing page builder ensures better ad-to-post-click experiences with visual AdMaps that connect all the landing pages with your relevant posts. The tool is highly customizable to specific business needs and requirements and delivers personalized experiences.

It provides InstaBlocks that you can use to create your landing pages in blocks with a simple drag and drop builder. With that feature, creating a landing page even with zero technical knowledge is not a problem on InstaPage, like it could be with Unbounce, which is a tool slightly on the technical side despite drag and drop builder available over it.

Unlike Unbounce, InstaPage does lack a pop-up feature; however, the tool surely covers up for the same with other intuitive features like sticky bars, alerts, dynamic text replacement, and a lot more. 

Some more unique features that you can get with InstaPage are excellent optimization that helps enhance the conversion rates. Additionally, you can boost the conversion rates by leveraging the accelerated mobile pages (AMP) feature of InstaPage that makes the landing pages highly responsive and ensure enhanced user experiences.

Besides that, the tool even provides extendable capabilities through easy and seamless integrations with other marketing tools and applications, thereby not making it just a landing page builder but a perfect solution for seamlessly managing your marketing campaigns.


  1. Personalized and customizable landing page builder with AdMaps and other customization features.
  2. AMP pages help create responsive and mobile-friendly pages.
  3. Drag and drop builder and Instablock bring ease and smoothness in landing page creation.
  4. Optimization features enhance lead generation and conversion rates.
  5. Easy and seamless integration with other marketing tools.


  1. The drag and drop builder brings significant ease in personalizing and customizing the pages as per specific business needs and requirements. You don’t get that deal of ease with Unbounce.
  2. Instablocks make it possible to create pages in blocks that you could save for future reference.
  3. Integration with other marketing tools seamlessly extends the capabilities of InstaPage, making it a useful solution to further your other marketing campaigns as well.


  1. Unlike Unbounce, InstaPage lacks the feature of pop-ups. That’s quite a useful feature in prompting the visitors to click and convert.


When it comes to pricing, InstaPage comes off as slightly costly. The most basic plan of Unbounce starts at $99/month. The basic plan of InstaPage comes at $199/month, that too when you take the yearly subscription. If you want to take up the subscription every month, the same plan price goes to $299/month.

So, as for the pricing, Unbounce takes the upper hand. However, if you’ve got the budget and want to try some more intuitive and advanced features, InstaPage is a great alternative choice.

Check out the Instapage review here.

2. LeadPages

LeadPages is another amazing alternative to Unbounce. Creating a landing page on LeadPages is as easy as picking up elements and dropping them in vertical and horizontal columns and rows on the templates using the drag and drop editor.


This is comparatively smoother than the drag and drop builder of Unbounce that provides more of a free form landing page creation.

Besides this ease of use, LeadPages have amazing customization abilities with hundreds of templates that you can choose and build over a grid layout. So, not only do you have ease of use with a grid layout drag and drop builder, but you can even seamlessly customize your landing pages within minutes and deliver the most personalized experiences.

Additionally, every landing page you create over LeadPages is highly responsive and mobile-friendly. So, working out the conversions even when your users are coming over the landing page from different devices is not a problem.

Furthermore, LeadPages is highly compatible with other tools and APIs and seamlessly integrates to provide extendable functionalities.

A major highlight of LeadPages is that not only could you create landing pages, but it supports you in creating web pages and websites. This is something that you don’t at all get with Unbounce.


  1. Grid Layout Drag and Drop Editor to build landing pages within minutes.
  2. Seamless Integration with other tools, applications, and APIs.
  3. Mobile responsive features.
  4. Highly customizable landing page builder with built-in templates.
  5. In addition to landing pages, it also helps with the creation of websites and web pages.


  1. The drag and drop builder with the grid layout rather than a free-form page creation style like in Unbounce makes it a great tool even for non-technical users.
  2. You can create highly customized landing pages within minutes from the selection of hundreds of templates available.
  3. The landing pages are highly responsive and mobile-friendly, which adds to the user experiences.
  4. Easy and seamless integrations with other tools and APIs limitlessly extend the functionality of the tool.
  5. With the ability to create websites, it goes far from Unbounce in its abilities as a mere landing page builder.


  1. It lacks more intuitive features like pop-ups and dynamic text replacement.


The LeadPages plans start at $79 a month ($59/month, if the billing is done annually). This is much less in comparison to Unbounce, which starts at $99 a month for its most basic plan.

Another great thing with LeadPages is that the plan price does not increase even for extended features and support, while that’s the case with Unbounce.

So, if you want extended features on a much lower budget, LeadPages can come as a great alternative.

Check Out LeadPage Alternative Here.

3. ClickFunnels

The next user-friendly Unbounce alternative is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is not just a landing page builder like Unbounce.In addition to creating landing pages, it helps you create beautiful and exhaustive sales funnels that can guide the customers through the entire buying process and substantially increase your conversion and sales percentages.


With a simple drag and drop builder, you can use ClickFunnels to create a beautiful sales funnel with zero technical expertise or knowledge whatsoever. This is something that is not at all possible with Unbounce. Unbounce does have a drag and drop editor; however, it’s more free form and requires at least some bit of technical knowledge on the users.

Moreover, with ClickFunnels, you can redirect your users to a specific landing page and even drive more sales and conversions by pushing other products and services by creating a great sales funnel flow for upsells, downsells, and cross-sells.

Besides that, it does not lack other features such as mobile responsiveness, customization, and integration with other tools and APIs either. In fact, you can easily integrate ClickFunnels with your marketing tools, especially email marketing tools, and build extensive email lists for furthering your email marketing campaigns. Not to mention, it would integrate with other software and APIs as well.

As such, although it’s not a dedicated landing page builder, the ease of creation of beautiful sales funnels as well as landing pages make it a pretty good alternative to Unbounce.


  1. Drag and Drop Editor
  2. Create landing pages as well as sales funnels.
  3. Seamless integration with multiple software and API.
  4. Build extensive email lists by integrating email marketing tools directly with the landing pages and sales funnels.


  1. With a simple drag and drop editor, you can create beautiful landing pages, and sales funnel with zero technical expertise and knowledge. So, it’s a highly user-friendly software.
  2. It helps achieve your email marketing goals with higher ease and simplicity with its ability to integrate with emails and email marketing tools.
  3. It can skyrocket your sales and enhance your profitability by helping create beautiful sales funnels and pages for upsells, downsells, and cross sells.


  1. The tool is not very well suited to larger businesses and entrepreneurs, and Unbounce would come as a better option for them.


When it comes to pricing, ClickFunnels is costlier in comparison with Unbounce. While the pricing is almost similar with the basic plans starting at $97 per month for ClickFunnels and $99 per month for Unbounce, the difference comes in the features.

Now, while Unbounce seems to cost $2 more than ClickFunnels, when you compare the offerings in both the plans, ClickFunnels appears to be costlier in terms of the features and functionalities it offers at that price.

However, if you have limited requirements, ClickFunnels would still come as a fantastic alternative to Unbounce.

4. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is the affordable Unbounce alternative on the list. The Thrive Suite is thriving as a complete toolkit for web hosting, web designing, and marketing for WordPress websites. As such, the Thrive Architect plugin of the Thrive Suite comes as a brilliant alternative to Unbounce. 

Thrive Architect

It is not just a landing page creation tool but an end-to-end page builder. Whether you need to create some landing pages or create other pages such as web pages, blog pages, product launch pages, or any other page of that sort, Thrive Architect helps achieve that all.

As such, it goes much further in its features and functionalities than Unbounce. It has more options and templates for page creation. Still, it’s highly customizable and user-friendly with simple drag and drop functionalities. You can simply put elements in the pre-designed templates and come with beautiful page designs with zero coding knowledge. This is much better than the free-form drag and drops editor of Unbounce, where some technical knowledge becomes necessary.

Additionally, it integrates with much more tools and APIs than Unbounce. For starters, it integrates with the entire Thrive Suite, which is in itself a brilliant collection of useful web development, designing, and marketing plugins. Besides that, it’s easy to integrate Thrive Architect with other third-party tools and APIs.

Thrive Architect is a fantastic Unbounce alternative in your hands with all such features and functionalities in store.


  1. An end-to-end page builder for creating web pages, landing pages, launch pages, and a lot more.
  2. Unlimited templates that are customizable with an easy drag and drop builder.
  3. Seamless integration with other Thrive Suite plugins as well as other third-party APIs and plugins.
  4. Responsive features that help create mobile-friendly pages for better user experiences.


  1. Pre-designed templates and drag and drop builder provide excellent ease of use in the creation of landing pages without any coding knowledge.
  2. The responsive features make the pages more mobile-friendly, which in turn caters to enhanced user experiences.
  3. Integration with other Thrive Suite plugins and APIs helps extend the features and functionalities by many times.


  1. It’s a WordPress plugin and works only for that particular CMS.


Compared with Unbounce, Thrive Architect plans are a bang for the buck. Thrive Architect is, although exclusively a part of Thrive Suite, and when you sign up for it, you automatically sign up for other Thrive Suite plugins too. 

But even with that, getting it over Unbounce is in your favor because all it costs is $19 per month when you take on the yearly subscription. That’s much less in comparison to the $99 per month you’d pay for the most basic of the plans available on Unbounce.

5. Landingi

Landingi is the fastest Unbounce Alternative. It has more or less the same features as Unbounce. Drag and Drop Builder, Pop-ups, Lightboxes, Sales Funnels, you get it all with this feature-rich tool.


The tool has a collection of 400 plus templates that you can use to quickly and easily design your landing pages and sales funnels and enhance your lead generation and conversion rates.

Additionally, you can unlimitedly expand its capabilities by easily integrating the tool with other software, applications, tools, and APIs. These integration abilities make it easier for you to manage your email lists through integration with email marketing tools and customer and client lists through CRM systems. There are many more such instances where integrations prove useful and helpful.

With all these features, it stands at pretty equal standing with Unbounce, and you can consider it a good alternative for your needs.


  1. Easy drag and drop builder.
  2. Pop-ups, alert bars, sticky bars, lightboxes, sales funnels, and other advanced functionalities.
  3. Seamless integration with other tools.
  4. Huge template library.


  1. Huge template library and drag and drop builder bring ease and pace in landing page and sales funnels creation.
  2. Integration with other tools helps extend the capabilities of landing pages and drive more leads and conversions. 


  1. The technical support from the tool is not that very good.


Both Unbounce and Landingi come with a 14-days free trial when it comes to pricing. So that’s the same standing again. As for the plans, Landingi takes the edge with a lower price compared to Unbounce. 

While the basic plan at Unbounce costs $99/month on a yearly subscription, Landingi will cost only $55/month. The monthly plans are not very costly, with the basic plan only at $89 per month.

6. OptimizePress

The next ownership-friendly Unbounce alternative, OptimizePress. It’s a WordPress plugin, and although it doesn’t have a separate drag-and-drop builder like Unbounce, it has the WordPress Page Builder, which is very similar to the drag and drop builder functionalities.


Besides that, it has a huge template directory using which you can design beautiful landing pages within minutes with as much customization as you like.

Additionally, it easily integrates with a host of marketing tools and other APIs, thereby extending the capabilities and functionalities many times.

The best part is that you can create unlimited pages even with a basic plan. So, there are no limitations whatsoever like you’ll find with Unbounce, where the basic plan limits the number of pages to only 75.

With all such features, OptimizePress comes as a great solution to replace Unbounce.


  1. It has a huge template directory to choose landing pages design.
  2. WordPress builder helps design and customize pages with ease.
  3. Seamless integration with other tools.


  1. Since it’s a plugin, you get full ownership of the pages you build over it.
  2. Integration with other tools helps expand the capabilities of the tool.
  3. A huge template directory makes it easier to come up with great landing pages designs. Additionally, customization adds uniqueness to the designs.


  1. It has a WordPress Page Builder, so you need to have a little bit of WordPress knowledge to understand the tool.


There’s a very vast difference in pricing of Unbounce and OptimizePress. With what Unbounce costs for a month, you can have OptimizePress for that money for an entire year. Moreover, the features you get with OptimizePress are also more, having unlimited pages creation ability, for starters.

With that vast gap in pricing, OptimizePress poses a very strong competition to Unbounce and comes as a great alternative landing page builder.

7. EngageBay

Last on the list, EngageBay comes as the next affordable Unbounce alternative. This free landing page builder comes with amazing features to create beautiful landing pages. These forms not only help you drive leads, but you can even build your email lists using these forms.


Although not as feature-rich as Unbounce, EngageBay still has some great options to add to your landing pages to make them more conversion-rich. You can add forms to your landing pages created on EngageBay.

Besides that, you can have similar features like alerts and sticky bars in the form of push notifications that help you alert the customers for new offers and discounts.

Additionally, the tool can help you with automation for sales and marketing through seamless integration with other tools, software, and APIs.

With all such functionalities, it’s a pretty good alternative, great for some basic needs and requirements.


  1. Add forms to the landing pages.
  2. Send push notifications for alerting customers about offers and discounts.
  3. Integration with other tools and APIs helps with automation.


  1. Adding forms to the landing pages helps build email lists and enhance your email marketing campaigns.
  2. Sending push notifications helps you stay on the minds of your customers.
  3. Seamless integration with other tools helps extend the capabilities and functionalities for better marketing and sales.
  4. It’s a free tool.


  1. It lacks most of the advanced features that you can get with Unbounce.


This is where EngageBay takes major advantage over Unbounce. It’s free to start with and comes with some great features. Even if you go premium, the cost is minimal at approximately $9 a month, which is much less than Unbounce plans that start at $99 a month, that too if you take a yearly subscription.

However, features at Engagebay are limited, and it can meet only some basic requirements for landing page creation.

Which is the best Unbounce Alternative for you?

When you are quite confused about the Unbounce alternatives listed here, I recommend Instapage as the overall best Unbounce alternatives.  Next, you can go ahead with the ClickFunnels landing page software. And, Thrive Architect seems to be a brilliant and all-in-one Unbounce alternative. 

Additionally, if you are a beginner and love to have a mobile-friendly tool, Landingi, OptimizePress, EngageBay are the right alternatives.

So, these were the best Unbounce alternatives as per our research. All of them are great in their own unique way, and what would be best for you is suited to what works for you. So, thoroughly analyze your requirements and then make an informed decision!

7 Best Unbounce Alternatives 2023 - Is It Worth Trying?
7 Best Unbounce Alternatives 2023 - Is It Worth Trying? 1

Honestly these are the best Unbounce Alternatives in 2023. Based on the features, number of landing pages, ease of use and support, I categorized this list.

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