Vanish Mode Instagram – What Is It & How To Use It?

Vanish mode in Instagram adds an extra layer of security for Instagram users while sending Direct Messages.  

If you're new to Instagram and want to understand what “Vanish Mode” is and how to use it, this article is here to help!

What Is Vanish Mode On Instagram?

Instagram has a special feature called Vanish mode that allows you to send a disappearing message on direct chats. You can send photos, videos, text messages, and other content in Vanish mode.  

When you turn ON this Vanishing mode on Instagram, the messages, photos, or anything you send on Instagram DM will disappear when a person exits the chat. In other words, Vanishing mode on Instagram lets you create self destructing messages.  

Also, remember that you can turn ON Vanishing mode only for the Instagram Direct Message and not group chats.  

Furthermore, the Vanishing mode feature on Instagram is unavailable in European countries. 

How Do You Turn ON Vanish Mode On Instagram? 

Open your Instagram application on the phone

Open Instagram

Log in to your Instagram account.

Click login

Tap on the Messenger chat icon appearing at the top right corner of the newsfeed page. 

Tap on Messenger chat icon

Select the chat which you want to use Vanish mode

Open a chat

Once you open the person’s existing chat screen, Swipe up from the bottom

Swipe up from the bottom

You will be notified with a message in the conversation chat window: “You turned ON Vanish mode.”

Vanish mode on

Now, you can send an Instagram message or photos using Vanish mode. 

Now you can send message

Also, you will see a tiny circle nearer to the person’s name on the messenger page, indicating that you are using Vanish mode on that chat.  

You will see tiny circle

Remember that the other person on the chat will also be notified that you have started a chat using Vanish mode Instagram.  

They all so notify

How Do You Turn OFF Vanish Mode Instagram? 

Once you are done using Instagram Vanish mode and want to switch back to your regular messages, below is the quick process for it;  

Open Instagram app.

Open Instagram

Tap on the Messenger icon at the top right corner 

Tap on Messenger chat icon

Click on the private chat where you have been using Vanish mode

Open a chat

In the private messages chat, swipe up once; you will be notified that “Swipe up to turn off Vanish mode” with a small circle appearing

Swipe up to off vanish mode

Swipe up again until the small circle gets completed

Turned off vanish mode

That’s all you are out of the Vanish mode now! 

Why Should You Use Vanish Mode On Instagram? 

There are many reasons why an Instagram user should try Instagram’s Vanishing mode atleast once. 

Prevent message cluttering  

Some people delete their chats when they exit the social media messaging platform they use.  

Instagram’s Vanishing mode is perfect for those people, as their Instagram direct messages will disappear once they leave. Even Vanishing mode helps them save time by auto-deleting and reduces their effort of manually deleting the messages. 

Ensures confidentiality 

Suppose you share highly sensitive information (for example, your address, mobile number, photos, card details, or videos) or personal emotions. In that case, Vanishing mode is an ideal choice, as everything will disappear.  

You can also be sure that nothing has leaked online.  

Provide privacy 

Instagram Vanishing mode was initially developed to enhance security and privacy for the users.  

The disappearing new feature helps you be confident without any fear that nothing has been shared online since there are situations where your data might be stolen and used for illegal purposes. 

Bear In Mind 

  • Messages sent through the Vanish mode in an Instagram chat won't be copied, saved, or forwarded to others.
  • You cannot see the chat history for a person where you have turned ON Vanishing mode.
  • Accounts that you did not connect to before cannot be able to send you direct messages through Vanish mode. In detail, a person sending a message request cannot use a Vanish mode message. In other words, you can use the Vanish mode feature only with your Instagram followers.
  • As already said, you cannot use Vanish mode in a group chat. 

Final Note

Before concluding, we suggest you start a Vanishing mode chat only with the person you trust because 

  • They can take a screenshot or screen record the direct messages before they disappear. However, you will get a notification if they screenshot your message. 
  • They can capture a photo of your disappearing messages or liked posts on Instagram (those you shared their chat) using their other devices (like a tablet or camera) before it disappears. 

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