WhatsApp Web for Blogging – Take Your Blog Traffic to Next level

I'm in freaking hurry to write this blog post.

WhatsApp Web – I'm waiting for this feature long time ago and Finally I got it.While I was already overwhelmed with Microsoft HoloLens, WhatsApp Web too made my day so excited.

So, This will be the First Guide across Blog-o-sphere about How to Utilize WhatsApp Web for Blogging.

WhatsApp Web For Blogging

I will be sharing my random thought here and You can add your ideas as comments.

Here, I show Step-By-Step Guide to WhatsApp Web for Blogging

WhatsApp Web – Create New Group- Increase Traffic

This will be the First move towards increasing your Blog Traffic. Create a Group For Website.Initially, create a Contact form and ask people details like Name and Mobile Number and add it to your sidebar or below the post or inside your Blog Post.

I have created Form using Gravity Forms and you can see it Below. You can use it to Join Our Exclusive Group 🙂

WhatsApp allows you to add 100 People per group. If you want to go advanced, then you can create a separate group for each category like Social Media group, Affiliate Marketing Group.

So you can do this stuffs Earlier itself,What's New Here ?

One of my friends created WhatsApp group and he can't keep the group active after 15 days. The fact is TYPING AND SHARING Problem.

If you want to type content on your smartphone then it will consume more time and you will lose your patience.WhatsApp Web app will surely help you to get more productive.

You can simply visit http://web.Whatsapp.com and You can Write catchy lines or even you copy paste contents easily. Sure Bloggers gonna love it and You can get  Thousands of Traffic to your Blog. Think of the Fact: WhatsApp has more active users than Facebook and You can get Quality traffic and Leads to your blog because the Person in your group is not a bot or Fake one.

Five Tips to keep your WhatsApp Group active

1. Don't share your own Blog posts alone. Also, Post someone's Blog post in your group and People gonna love it.It will give a good impression to you and so on your blog 🙂

2. If your group is in Internet Marketing, then don't post same stuff. Try to ask questions, Conduct quiz and Why Not some pranks?

3. Use your Group like web Forum. Let Your Group members ask their queries and urge other people to Help them.

WhatsApp Web App – BroadCast List

Broadcast Lists are Hidden Gems inside WhatsApp. While Most people won't use it properly, It can be used to get instant Traffic, Quality Leads and you Share your affiliate links too.

The main advantage of Broadcast List is that you can add up to 250 Members at a time. Though You can Use other web Apps like Hangout which have the same feature, WhatsApp has the active user Base and your content can be easily shared to different groups or can be shared to some other people who're not in your Group. You cant able to do such things at Hangouts.

Bonus Tip 1: Just add a Beautiful Message to

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Add All people who're not in your group and send them a welcome message to your Blog and increase your Traffic to some great Extent. Even You can add Blog post URL and Promote them on WhatsApp Broadcast List.your Referral Traffic will grow and Search Engine will give importance to that post and you can check the improvement in SERP.

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Bonus Tip 2: Get More Money From advertisers

Most advertisers consider Alexa Ranking, Social Likes, tweets and Page views to finalize the ad/Review Price. You can also show your WhatsApp Members List and Surely Advertisers gonna love it and they will pay you more. Promote Sponsors website through Broadcast List.

WhatsApp Web – How to Get More Leads

I am sharing a real-life case study which went viral gathering 106,438 Leads with Phone Number. ultimately they created Facebook Event for Free on December 27,2014 and Not Even a month they got so much Leads.

WhatsApp Web

Internet Marketers Don't get Jealous(Just Kidding) the group doesn't share any Affiliate links. But they are Going to Start Membership Group and Make Money out of it.

WhatsApp Web – Final thoughts

So I hope this post brought you some ideas to improve your site Traffic and Leads. You can suggest some random thoughts in comments and I will post the Better Ideas below with your Blog Name.

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