7 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Services in 2022

Best WordPress Cloud Hosting

WP Engine

7 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Services in 2022 1

Looking for fast, secure, and reliable cloud hosting? 

WP Engine can be your destination! At BloggingIO, I recommend this best WordPress Cloud Hosting Company to upgrade your shared hosting.

Accelerate your business with WP Engine’s proven architecture to deliver unmatched speed and scalability for all your WordPress sites.  

WP Engine is designed on four pillars – performance, agility, integrations, and intelligence. The combined forces of these four attributes facilitate streamlined workflows, simple setups, easy maintenance, and stress-free deployment. 

For performance, you get sophisticated security solutions that Cloudflare powers along with globally distributed CDNs. You also get Evercache, high site uptime, and multiple data centers for extra speed and reliability. 

WP Engine’s creative agility gives more power to developers with its Genesis-themed framework, staging environments, automated backups, core WordPress updates, and SFTP, as well as Git support.  

The hosting provider achieves its third pillar – integration by providing complete WordPress solutions. They have partnered with top tech firms, including Google, Cloudflare, Amazon, BigCommerce, and New Relic. 

For Intelligence, WP Engine offers performance monitoring applications by New Relic, page speed enhancement tool, and Google Analytics. To meet your scaling demands, it provides a Jobvite Corporate Site. Boost your audience engagement and content creation with AMD Developer Central.

WP Engine provides premium themes and frameworks for WordPress. Its price starts at $25/month for 1 site, 25k visits, 10 GB storage, and 50 GB bandwidth. 


7 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Services in 2022 2

Utilize the fully managed WordPress hosting of Kinsta to scale up your website performance and start reaping the benefits from their 10 years of WordPress hosting experience. 

Kinsta uses advanced technologies like LXD containers, PHP 7.4, Nginx, MariaDB, and optimized virtual machines for swift website speed. They work to strengthen your site and improve page loading speed. It also ensures automatic scalability, high uptime, and resource isolation. 

Kinsta employs a high-security network to mitigate online attacks and activities. It also monitors your site continuously for uptime, software-based restrictions, DDoS attacks, SSL support, hardware firewalls, and more. 

Google Cloud powers Kinsta with its 24 data centers spread worldwide in its premium-tier network. With powerful server hardware and next-gen software infrastructure, you get the latest and up-to-date versions for the entire framework you use in your development stack. As a result, you can expect secure and fast data transmission without hops. 

Kinsta offers free website migrations with its migration team, which involves no downtime. Before your site goes live, they provide you with a temporary domain to check everything on your site. 

Kinsta takes care of all the scalability issues and sudden traffic surges so you can entirely focus on growing your business. For that matter, Kinsta conducts regular uptime checkups, backs up your data, fixes online threats, and provides automatic scaling. 

Get 24/7 support, fast feedback, staging environments, and MyKinsta to manage your tasks easily. Choose the data center of your choice and take add-ons like Redis, Elasticsearch, and more. 

The price starts at just $30/month for 1 site, 20k visits, free CDN and SSL, and 10 GB storage. 


7 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Services in 2022 3
my Templ Dashboard

Templ is another good option for managed WordPress cloud hosting. It is powered by Google Cloud, where you get impressive site loading speed, scalability, and a secure environment, as I wrote more in my Templ.io review here.

With Templ, you get a wide array of features so you can get the most of your WordPress site. You get advanced features like Redis cache to store your data in the device memory and boost WP-admin for robust performance. 

You get default encryption for Quic – a state-of-the-art internet protocol to speed up load times during low network connection and for mobile devices. Templ also provides Brotli to compress images, Google Cloud CDN, Nginx that consumes lesser memory, the latest PHP version, MariaDB for better speed, and WooCommerce hosting for your online shop. 

Templ lets you access SSH with WP-CLI, free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt, and staging environment to test your modifications. It also automatically provides daily backups, stores your data for a month, and offers an account-sharing option to promote collaboration. 

Enjoy free site migration for unlimited websites, regular malware checks to protect against online threats, and debugging to solve speed issues. Templ offers 24/7 support by WordPress experts with a 5-15 minutes response time.

The price starts at $29/month for 1 site, 1 GB RAM, 2 core CPUs, 10 GB storage. 


7 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Services in 2022 4

Getting simplified WordPress hosting is what many crave. And Cloudways comes in handy, for that matter, so you only have to focus on business growth.

Get high-speed performance in a dedicated environment and 3x faster SSDs that reduce load times. Cloudways offers advanced caches, including Nginx, Redis, Memcached, and Varnish for better response. 

Cloudways offers technologies like PHP 7, powerful CloudwaysCDN, auto-healing cloud servers, free cache plugin -Breeze for WordPress, and Redis for optimizing the database. You also get Full Page Cache for WordPress completely free, PHP-FPM, and HTTP/2 servers to increase the communication speed between the clients and web servers.  

For Security, Cloudways offers dedicated firewalls to filter malicious online intent, a free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt, IP allows listing, regular security updates to prevent vulnerabilities, and 2-factor authentication to keep your account safe. 

Templ facilitates better usability by allowing you to choose your preferred IaaS providers from Google, DigitalOcean, Amazon, Vultr, and Linode. You can extend server storage capacity and resources like CPU and RAM. 

Launch 10+ applications with 1-click, use MySQL or MariaDB, choose your preferred data center from 60+ global locations, and there’s no long-term contract to restrict you. Templ promotes team collaboration and workflow through Git deployment, SFTP and SSH access, server and application cloning, staging options, server transfer, and Cloudways Migrator plugin for WordPress. 

Take complete control of your site with a 1-click restore and backup, Cron job manager, pre-installed WP-CLI, app disabling, queue manager, changing app webroot, and more. Templ supports add-ons like Rackspace, app upgrades, and support. Integrate with RESTful API and use CloudwaysBot for Slack, HipChat, etc. 

Stay updated with 24/7 site monitoring, Relic integration, and CloudwaysBot notifications. Templ offers live chat 24/7, online ticketing, SLAs, and phone support as an add-on. 

The price starts at $10/month for 1GB RAM, 1 CPU, 1TB bandwidth, and 25GB storage. 

Liquid Web

7 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Services in 2022 5

Liquid Web offers managed WordPress cloud hosting through its applications cloud – Nexcess. Advanced technologies including PHP 7, Nginx, image compression, and more are included for a power-packed performance.

The hosting plan includes automatic plugin updates, free site migration with automation tools, and white-glove service. You get complete server and database access without restrictions, upgrades when you want, daily automatic backups, and a staging site. There are no traffic limits, metered pageviews, or overage fees.

With Liquid Web, you have the freedom of choosing your data center. It offers an automatic SSL certificate, reducing the need for configuration. Developer tools given are Git, WP-CLI, and SSH, and you also get unlimited email accounts, iThemes Sync & Security Pro, and Beaver Builder Lite. 

Liquid Web offers 24-hour support via phone, chat, and email at no extra cost. 

The price starts at $19/month for 1 site, 2TB bandwidth, 15GB storage, 30-day backups. 


7 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Services in 2022 6

Keep growing your business and let SiteGround manage your WordPress cloud hosting. It allows you to scale your site any time you want with just a click to increase your RAM and CPU capacity.  

SiteGround also offers an auto-scaling option that automatically adds additional resources during heavy traffic spikes and prevents downtime or traffic loss. With a user-friendly control panel, you can manage your account effortlessly and create multiple hosting accounts for your clients. 

Get efficient developer tools like Git, WP-CLI, along staging tools. High performance provides dynamic caching with the SiteGround Optimizer plugin and other optimizations like Nginx direct delivery, SuperCacher, and Memcached. 

7 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Services in 2022 7

The same tool offers HTTPS setups, the latest PHP version, automatic image optimization, GZIP compression, image loading, HTML & CSS minimizing, etc. You get powerful tools like SFTP, SSH, dedicated IP, free Cloudflare CDN, free SSL by Let’s Encrypt, daily backups, and collaboration tools like Whitelabel reselling client management, and more.  

The customer support of SiteGround is excellent, with 24/7 expert professionals available to help you with your queries. If you are confused SiteGround with Kinsta as both use Google Cloud servers, check the comparison I wrote, linked above.

The price starts at $80/month for 2 CPUs, 40GB SSD, 4GB memory, and 5TB data transfer.  


7 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Services in 2022 8

Looking for affordable yet efficient WordPress cloud hosting?

FastComet is a reliable option!

Leverage the fully managed service with easy deployments to get started smoothly. FastComet provides you with a cPanel that promotes easy account management, SSD-based cloud for 300% faster file and database access along with complete root access. 

They perform automatic backups daily and weekly, while you can also request data snapshots for free. With a scalable architecture, you have the option to resize the server at any time. For security, you get FastGuard server protection with account isolation, free SSL, Bruteforce protection, daily backups for 30 days. 

FastGuard also offers application firewalls, DDoS detection and prevention, malware detection, botnet filters, and more. FastComet offers RocketBooster for speed optimization, Observer monitoring for real-time site monitoring.

FastComet has 9 datacenters and 200 CDNs globally. It provides fast technical support 24/7 and free site transfer and configuration. You can also upgrade to premium support for additional help. 

The price starts at $47.95/month for 2GB RAM, 50GB disk space, 2TB bandwidth.