Evolution of WordPress Trends To Watch in 2018

WordPress has long been heralded as one of the top CMS options for use when getting any kind of website produced. The outstanding layout of WordPress and the variety of themes and plugins that can be used make it a popular system.

But like with anything else in the online world, there are often times when WordPress evolves and comes with some new features that are a little different from what you might expect.

There are a few important trends in WordPress 2018 that you will need to look into if you are new to blogging. These trends show that WordPress is always changing and that many new things are being done as a means of making it all the more effective and useful for any intention you may have.


Many of these relate heavily to some of the more intriguing technical features that are being introduced on the market today although the functionality of a site on WordPress in general can vary based on what is being used at a certain moment.

WordPress Trends 2018

1. A Single Page Layout

One big trend to notice in WordPress entails working to produce a single page layout. This would entail producing a site where all the content is on one browser page without the user having to scroll. It is a simplified approach that is not too hard to follow.

One option worth considering as well entails the use of a layout where each section of a site can be viewed with just one page involved. That is, when the user scrolls down it automatically moves to where an entire page length is fully scrolled down at a time. This is a beneficial and useful option that adds a convenient layout for displaying content.

2.Parallax Produces Nice Images

The Parallax effect is one point to see when working with WordPress. It is a relatively recent development that is expected to become even more popular as developers start to see what makes it so outstanding.

There are lots of StudioPress Genesis Child Themes that offers parallax effects.

With this, the background moves at a slower rate than what is on the foreground. This produces a three-dimensional effect that makes the page look a little deeper. This produces a more professional appearance on a site and makes the content a little more memorable. This in turn produces a quality layout that you will want to apply onto your site.

3.Drag and Drop Helps

The process of entering in content has long been a challenge as people would have to go to particular links and clients to enter in information on what they want to add onto a site and how that data will be organized.

But today the drag and drop interface is expected to become a big deal for use.

Thrive Architect offers excellent drag and drop based WordPress page builder and in fact this page too designed with the help of Architect plugin.

Apart from Thrive Plugins, Elegant Themes also offers drag and drop Divi Builder and soon WordPress coming with its own drag and drop builder named Gutenberg.

With a drag and drop setup, you can get a widget ready on your WordPress site to help you with simply organizing the videos, pictures and other bits of content you want to add.

You can work with a plugin to drag items on your computer and drop the onto different spaces to make them easier to apply. This means you do not have to struggle with the regular interface that WordPress produces. You could potentially spend less time with getting your website produced right thanks to this special point.

4.Image Support

Although WordPress does make it easy for you to add text onto any post you wish to add onto your site, it might be best to stick with images.

Pictures often say more than other things because these can assist with showing things in a clearer way without having to deal with an extensive explanation for it all.

WordPress sites are expected to use more pictures in the future because of how simple they can be and how they offer a better and cleaner explanation for things.

But people will still need to ensure they fill out the proper picture title names and tags for what they are uploading while ensuring these can load up properly and with ease. This is to allow a site to be a little more visible on a search engine’s results page.

If you read a WordPress hosting reviews then you might notice that great sites on a server can work with images that take up less time to load. 

WordPress is updating itself to offer extra image support and to produce a convenient setup that is not hard to follow or utilize. This is to ensure that images can be hosted well on a site regardless of the web host one uses WordPress with.

5.Focus on Mobile

When you look at WordPress websites these days, you might notice that they are becoming more dependent on mobile users. This comes as sites start to offer more refined looks that are simple in their layouts and include more menus that might drop down when clicked on.

This is a sign of how WordPress site developers like Happy Themes, MyThemeShop, are looking more into mobile functions than ever before. With more people using mobile connections for various intentions, it becomes clear that mobile support is required to produce a good site.

6.Added Security

The challenges that come with trying to add extra WordPress security features on a site can be tough for some to bear with. But with the added security support that comes from WordPress, it can become easier for a site to be produced with only the best standards in mind.

WordPress is working with more encryption programs than ever before. Many WordPress hosting providers like offering security certificates for WordPress sites to make them easy to follow.

7.Adding Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an intriguing aspect of the online world that has been growing in traction in recent time. This comes as people are looking to find special ways to produce outstanding websites that incorporate VR support.

With VR support, you can get panoramic images or 360-degree views produced in many forms. This adds an outstanding layout that lets your site be more dynamic.

You would have to find proper plugins for this to work though. The overall competition for such plugins is expected to expand as the technology becomes more commonplace and inviting to a larger number of people.

8.Microinteractions Are Vital

It used to be that people who went to particular WordPress websites would have to watch a still image of a page while waiting for it to load up. But today microinteractions are becoming more interesting and valuable.

Microinteractions are animations that can be produced on a website. This is an effect that shows when something is happening on your site. This lets the user know what is happening on your page to give you a good idea of what is going on as something loads up.

More importantly, the risk of bounce rates going up will be minimal when microinteractions are used properly. This is vital as bounce rates can be high when a site does not work with the proper data in mind.

It is critical for anyone developing a blog or site to see how such interactions may be used and that they will be plentiful on spots that need to be loaded up right.

9.Video Headers

The last of the interesting trends to see entails the use of video headers. These are headers that work with intriguing visuals that produce a quality layout.

A video header can be applied to automatically load up a moving image of something interesting on your site. This adds a convenient and unique visual display that adds something outstanding and interesting for your use.

But this works best when a video header is loaded up on the top of a page with a smaller file size and that you are cautious when getting it planned well enough.

What's Up Next?

Each of these trends are valuable ones to see if you plan on working with WordPress at any time in the future.

There are similar competitors like Squarespace comes out often but still WordPress with an market share of 32% stand top of all.

Whether you need a site that is ideal for hosting needs or you want something not too hard to utilize or maintain, you will find something you are bound to enjoy working with as you utilize WordPress to your advantage.

If you have your own ideas, WordPress team always welcomes it. Head over WordPress idea page and share your ideas or upvote if your idea is already getting ready.

  • Updated October 22, 2018
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