List of WP Rocket Alternatives

Best WP Rocket Alternative 2023 – Which One is Best?

WP Rocket empowers you to increase your website's performance by allowing caching. The plugin is designed to be extremely simple to use, even for individuals who do not have extensive coding knowledge.

If that doesn't work out for you, there is also a vast selection of WP Rocket alternatives that you can also check out.

The Best WP Rocket Alternatives are

1. NitroPack

In my opinion, NitroPack, a cloud-based service, is the best WP Rocket Alternative to improve the performance of your website. Nitropack is a cross-platform service with many plugins for popular content management and e-commerce systems.

Best WP Rocket Alternative 2023 - Which One is Best? 1

NitroPack is designed to help anyone who wants to boost the speed of their web page. Moreover, because online performance requirements are continually improving, the company is constantly upgrading its services.


  • Advanced Caching Mechanism. Its advanced features, such as smart cache invalidation, automatic cache warmup, device cookie-aware caching, browser, and session-aware caching, ensure that NitroPack has a high cache hit ratio.
  • Complete Image Optimization Stack. All image optimization factors (such as compression, Lazy loading, image scaling, WebP conversion, and image compression) are handled by NitroPack. These features assist in determining the appropriate image size for the user's device, depending on their present condition.
  • Code optimization. When it comes to loading websites, many files are loaded, like JavaScript files, CSS files, etc. The NitroPack software offers excellent tools to reduce the size of many files.
  • CDN (fast page speeds). Amazon CloudFront CDN comes with a complimentary NitroPack; it's now the quickest CDN you can get your hands on. 
  • Smart caching. NitroPack has built-in caching functions (such as Browser aware Caching, Cookie-aware Caching, Device-aware Caching, and Session-aware Caching).


Fortunately, NitroPack offers a free membership plan, including a NitroPack badge. It is perfect for testing, and no card is needed. Moreover, there are also paid NitroPack membership plans to enjoy premium features and extended support.

When you sign up with our NitroPack Coupon, a 5% recurring discount will automatically apply to your billing.

You can also check out the latest comparison of NitroPack vs WP Rocket here.

  • 50,000 Pageviews – $17.50 per month
  • 200,000 Pageviews – $42.50 per month
  • 1,000,000 Pageviews – 146.67 per month


At NitroPack, you'll get immediate solutions and help with any of your questions. There are no time-consuming audit procedures to get several plugins to function together. Get in touch with specialists who can help with site speed issues when needed. You can also check their help center and browse their knowledge base section. Make progress today.

Check out the Nitropack review here.

2. Swift Performance

Swift performance is another WP Rocket Alternative plugin to improve the load time of your website. Many features in Swift Performance do not require coding knowledge, so beginners would not have to worry.

Best WP Rocket Alternative 2023 - Which One is Best? 2

Moreover, this caching module optimizes cache CSS and JavaScript. Swift Performance also maximizes the media files, speeding up uploading even more.


  • Intelligent Caching. A capable, cutting-edge caching mechanism can be found with Swift Performance. Cached AJAX requests, dynamic pages, and exception support are included (URL, page, or content-based rules).
  • Image Optimization. It is necessary to optimize your images to attain the best performance. Swift Performance offers an Image Optimizer that is very customizable and has an endless number of optimizations.
  • Database Optimization. Ensuring the cleanliness of your database is critical for performance. Swift Performance includes a built-in DB Optimizer that helps you keep your WordPress database in good shape.
  • CSS & JS Optimization. Optimizing the delivery of static resources is one of the most essential things you can do to improve performance. Faster performance is achieved by combining and minifying CSS files and automatically generating the Critical CSS for each page.
  • Plugin Organizer. Plugin Organizer allows you to disable plugins on specific pages and only will enable plugins to function in situations where they are essential.


  • Single – $19.99 per year
  • Multi – $49.99 per year
  • Developer – $99.99 per year


Innovative, all-in-one WordPress site optimization and speedup are offered by Swift Performance.

To enhance the overall user experience, they focused on improving the site's SEO, visits, and overall business. Swift performance customers' demands and feedback help guide the ongoing development of the plugin.

You can reach out to them via their support center. Read through its knowledge base section or submit a ticket to them!

3. FlyingPress

The next popular WP Rocket Alternative I have tried is FlyingPress. It is a robust WordPress solution designed to handle any demand. The pages cache, while CDN and image optimization also apply. FlyingPress is built for starters and for prof.

Best WP Rocket Alternative 2023 - Which One is Best? 3


  • Optimize CSS. The CSS you generate can be either critical or used. Asynchronously load unused CSS to prevent stalling browsers. Also,  you can lazy render HTML elements.
  • Font Optimization. Use inline Google Fonts with a self-hosted WordPress site. Additionally, you can include fallback fonts during loading (display swap) and preload fonts provided.
  • Page Caching. Generates all static HTML, preloads the cache, and configures Nginx/Apache/LiteSpeed to serve the cache. Furthermore, it includes varnish integration.
  • Image Optimization. You can specify missing height and width characteristics and preload critical images.
  • Defer JavaScript. Remove render-blocking JavaScripts, delay script until user interaction, and fix render-blocking jQuery scripts.
  • Database Cleaner. Removing extraneous data entries, as well as optimizing tables,


  • Personal (1 website) – $60 per year
  • Developer (5 websites) – $150 per year
  • Professional (50 websites) – $250 per year
  • Agency (500 websites) – $500 per year


FlyingPress support offers an excellent community by providing helpful articles and a Facebook group where you can ask for help. Also, reach out to them by submitting a ticket, and they will respond to you as soon as possible. 

4. 10Web Booster

The 10Web Booster is a WordPress speed optimization plugin that performs automated speed optimization for WordPress sites hosted on any hosting service, be it shared or VPS hosting. The major USP of 10Web Booster is Core Web Vitals optimization.

The complete list of features is as follows:

Caching: 10Web Booster uses page caching to cache everything from pages to feeds to 301-redirects on subdomains, decreasing load time.

Image Optimization: 10Web Booster employs lossy compression to reduce image file size and ensures that images fit their containers through its container-specific image resizing. All images are also converted to WebP, reducing image size, while the original format is backed up to safeguard smooth operation within browsers that don't support WebP.

Images, Videos, and iFrames: Lazy Loading Lazy-loading mean loading images, videos, and iFrames in real time. Images, videos, and iFrames are loaded only when about to be in the view of website visitors, helping websites obtain a better LCP value.

Defer JS and CSS Execution: This WP Rocket alternative also postpones the loading of non-critical resources and activates them once it detects user interaction. Above-the-fold content is made visible immediately through file load optimization via prioritization of important styles and scripts in a non-blocking way.

CSS and HTML Minification and Compression: The minification and merger of CSS and HTML, executed by the Booster, means reducing file size, saving valuable resources, and boosting load time.

Critical CSS Generation: 10Web Booster uses Critical CSS generation for every page and layout to improve the actual and perceived performance of the website. It separates CSS into critical and uncritical, loading those critical first, saving priceless seconds while avoiding unacceptable Cumulative Layout Shifts.

Other Web Efficiency Features: Lastly, a font swap is used, which reduces and optimizes how web fonts load, giving websites an extra speed boost.

Backend Optimization: 10Web Booster Pro provides backend optimization to improve website speed and performance. Backend optimization begins with a one-click automated migration to 10Web hosting on Google Cloud.

10Web Booster Pro uses Google Cloud Premium Tier Network to deliver GCP traffic over Google's well-provisioned, low latency, highly reliable global network. It also includes the newest MySQL version for a faster database and provides database optimization to maximize the speed and efficiency with which data returns.

The newest version of MySQL also secures fast website speed and strong security and performance. The backend optimization also uses the TTFB metric to measure the time from a web page's initial request to the first byte of data returned and ensures a TTFB faster than 200ms, ​​improving overall server response time, user experience, and SEO.

Its latest PHP Version improves code execution performance and speed, while 10Web hosting and following features speed up WP Admin and dynamic pages, minimizing wait time and improving the overall experience.

Best WP Rocket Alternative 2023 - Which One is Best? 4

The 10Web Booster Pro has even better features, like different speed optimization modes. The sites can achieve a 90+ PageSpeed score with their speed optimization modes, eventually improving the Core Web Vitals score. You can get started with the free version of 10Web Booster and then upgrade to the pro plan based on the requirement.

5. WP Fastest Cache

In my list, I would like to list WP Fastest Cache as the next WP Rocket Alternative. WP Fastest Cache is a WordPress caching plugin that is well-regarded. The free version is also available.

Best WP Rocket Alternative 2023 - Which One is Best? 5

It indeed does an incredible job and has gained thousands of trusted customers. 


  • Caching. The cache option is enabled or disabled for mobile devices and logged-in users. With the help of the Short Code, you can limit the cache for a specific page or post.
  • Minify Html and CSS. Reducing the size of the page and CSS files can both be done.
  • Leverage browser caching. Reduce page load times to improve the browsing experience for returning visitors.
  • Optimize Images. To optimize photos, optimize them by making sure they load quickly. 
  • Lazy Load. Defer images that have not yet been loaded on the screen. Lazy-load all images offscreen and hidden once all crucial resources have finished loading.


Be a part of WP Fastest Cache with only a one-time fee package guaranteed and trusted by 50 thousand users.

  • Bronze (1 License) – $49.99
  • Silver (3 Licenses) – $125
  • Gold (5 Licenses) – $175


You can ask for help with WP Fastest Cache through their support center. You can visit their support forums or view knowledge bases about resolved topics for faster solutions.

6. LiteSpeed Cache For WordPress

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) is my last but not the least sort of WP Rocket Alternative. LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is an all-in-one WordPress site acceleration plugin with a custom caching system and a range of other optimization capabilities.

Best WP Rocket Alternative 2023 - Which One is Best? 6


  • Caching. Better speed of websites is possible thanks to the launch of automated page caching to significantly enhance performance. 
  • Automatic Purge. When certain conditions are met, related pages are automatically purged. They also offer the ability to schedule a complete URL purge for selected locations.
  • WordPress CLI. WP-CLI is the command-line interface for WordPress. With this plugin, you can conduct several operations in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Easy Integration. Easy-to-understand interface. Caching integration is easier via an API.
  • HTTP/3 & QUIC Support. With HTTP/3, QUIC takes the Head of Line Blocking (HoL) out of the equation. All TCP-based protocols, including HTTP/2, are susceptible to HoL blocking.


LSCWP is free to use, open-source, and integrates all of the functionality of every other acceleration plugin into one centralized location. Moreover, they also provide paid membership plans for more advanced features.

  • Site Owner – $10.00 per month
  • Site Owner Plus –  $16.00 per month


You can visit their support forums or read the Knowledge Base articles about subjects that have already been solved, or you can attend weekly meetings to address any concerns.

Which is the Best WP Rocket Alternative for you?

In short, the overall best WP Rocket Alternative, in my opinion, is Nitropack. You can go ahead with Swift Performance if you need a cost-effective plugin. If you want the free version from WP Rocket Alternative, choose WP Fastest Cache.

Investing in a premium cache plugin could be out of your budget, but WP Rocket is worth the cost. Likewise, there are free plugins and many affordable plans for users seeking alternatives. Consider the ones we especially handpicked for you and get started.

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