WP Rocket Black Friday 2019 – Best 35% OFF

Hold on and we will enlighten you with every single bit of information about the WP Rocket Black Friday 2019. However, before heading over to that, let us first make you well acquainted with some important features and aspects of this amazing WordPress plugin.

There is nothing like a fast loading website for good growth and almost every website owners are pretty much aware of it. This is where WP Rocket plugin comes in handy and there can't be a better time than WP Rocket Black Friday to get one for your website. I am sure a lot of you are already aware of it and are wondering as to what it brings for you this year. 

WP Rocket Black Friday 2019

It is not hard to imagine the kind of excitement you have relating to the WP Rocket Black Friday deal and if you are wondering as to what’s the deal all about this year, your waiting ends right here.

WP Rocket Black Friday and Cyber Monday will run from 20 November to 27 November and it brings you an excellent chance to enjoy 35% OFF on purchase of new WP Rocket license. This will certainly get the WP Rocket price lower than the actual price. 

If you miss such a brilliant chance, you will have to wait for one full year to have such an opportunity again. Buying the Infinite plan can be the wisest thing to do to capitalize the most out of this WP Rocket Black Friday Deal.

Why WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin used to boost the speed of WordPress websites and is pretty popular among webmasters. What really makes it a brilliant caching plugin is the fact that it offers a very user-friendly interface and even a beginner should be able to use it with the greatest ease in just a few minutes. As you enable and configure this plugin, it will minify the HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

Apart from that, it will also compress the image sizes. This eventually accelerates the site's speed. Over the years, it has helped many users in maintaining a good speed for their websites and this is the reason that it is ranked among the best WordPress caching plugins.


Are you aware of all the important features of WP Rocket? If not, get yourself fully aware of it before the WP Rocket Black Friday deals go live.  As a matter of fact, WP Rocket has some easy to use yet advanced features to help your website load at a lightning-fast speed.

Unlike other caching plugins, WP Rocket has no complex settings and can be launched in no time. As you launch WP Rocket, page caching is at once activated and you can experience a stunning improvement in the page loading speed which is certainly a very important factor for better SEO and conversions.

Most importantly, it largely improves the search engine indexing with cache preloading as WP Rocket crawler can simulate a visit to preload the cache. Another salient feature of this plugin is the static file compression wherein it minifies the HTML, CSS, and Javascript files to make them lighter and help the website load faster.

Images on request are an amazing feature that it offers wherein images will be only loaded as visitors scroll down the page and this drastically improves the page loading speed. This technique is used by some major platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, and more.


Pricing is another important aspect to consider and comprehend before you purchase a plan on this WP Rocket Black Friday as this will help you find the right plan for your purpose.

As far as the WP Rocket pricing goes, you have 3 options to choose from. Single is available for $49 with 1 year of support and updates for 1 website. Plus is available for $99 and Infinite is available for $249 and includes 1 year of support and updates for unlimited websites. 

Most importantly, all the plans come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and you have no reason to worry even if you go wrong with your choice ever.

If you want to make the best savings this WP Rocket Black Friday 2019, it is wise to choose Infinite as it offers you support for unlimited sites and getting this plan is certainly like making the most out of this chance.

For years now, WP Rocket Support has been doing a brilliant job and the response is usually pretty fast in all sense with documentation and support via tickets in English and French. 


With the WP Rocket WordPress plugin, you can definitely have your website load at a blazing fast speed. Most importantly, the plugin offers brilliant ease of use. It can be equally used by all categories of users. As far as the features are concerned, they are pretty advanced. One of the most advanced features happens to be Images on Request. 

As far as choosing the right plan on the WP Rocket Black Friday is concerned, it is solely based on your purpose. 35% OFF can certainly make a huge difference and if you miss this golden chance, you will have to wait for one more year until such an offer is available again. However, if you can, buying the plan, Infinite, can be most profitable for you. 

I'm using WP Rocket on this site which got hosted on FastComet.

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